Who's Reality are you Buying Into?

Before we are aware that we are the masters of our own universe and that we control our own vibration, we are but a leaf in a storm, being flicked about at its whim. Without the strength to find out own way, we are ripped from our  branch and sent out into the world without anything to hold onto except for the fact we have no control.

In some ways, I think people cling to that concept - after all, it is easier to blame others than to recognize that you are at fault for what comes to you.

The opposite is in fact true - when you recognize just how much of what happens to or comes to you is from you, it gives you a better bargaining chip. Because if something comes your way you don't want, you change the vibration you put out so you get a different response instead.

However, that doesn't mean we don't have knee-jerk reactions. Right now, there are tons of those going on in Washington DC. I keep away from the news because quite frankly, it's sole purpose is to drag the lowest vibration across our minds. As I prefer to stay at a high vibration, I stay away from that.

Unfortunately, a couple days ago, I got dragged down by a plenthora of this junk coming across my field of vision. When I realized what it was doing, I shut down.

I used to think it was a good thing. It's not. Because even though shutting down emotionally blocks the bad stuff from getting in, it ALSO blocks the good stuff too. And I don't want to block the good stuff.

Those knee-jerk reactions are, in effect, giving in to someone else's reality. Buying into what they are selling and to be honest: The majority of people do seem to peddle low vibrations as if they are a drug they can't quite get enough of.

However, as horrible as it feels when we get a taste of that sludge, part of the reason for our horror is the fact we have been living in our own reality and have just been thrust into someone else's. Into mass consciousness's reality.

Mass consciousness is NOT where we want to be unless it is a mass consciousness who is on the same path we are. And since we are all on our own journeys, those are few and far between. Going to new age spirituality retreats is the closest I can think of,  but even then, the goals of the people attending are not the same. The exact vibration is not the same. But most of them are at a higher vibration and if that's what you're looking for, go. However if you are already at a high vibration, just keep on your journey.

Giving into anyone else's reality is giving away your power. I'm talking about anyone else. A religious leader, a new age guru, a spiritualist, your neighbor down the street, the military, the government, the individual who has a sign up on the street corner telling you they know when the last day of the world is - all of those people are trying to push their reality into the mass consciousness. Because if they can do that - it can push their vibration far enough ahead that they get their goal on a wider vibration. Which might sound good, but usually is not.

Where does that leave you? Their journey is NOT your own. And yet you've given over your reality to them. Step away. Remember who you are and what you see. Remember what you want. Remember where you are going.

Stop following the masses. Stop listening to others. LIVE YOUR TRUE LIFE. Support your own universe.


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