That moment when... you realize you're on the wrong track

Life is good. And I've felt empowered for awhile now. I've got all the indicators that my goals are in the bag and I need to 'stay the course.'

That's the hard part for me. And probably not for the reason you think.

I have some bad experiences with man-made religion and one of it's tenants is always "no matter what, keep doing what we tell you to do. Even if life throws hell at you, just keep going."

My reaction? An emphatic 'F*ck that."

The differences in religion's look at the concept and the universal look at the concept is both similar and different, but when I'm in that spot, it is difficult to keep on, keeping on.

Emotional wise, I've got it going on. I'm a happy person and love life.

However, when you work on your passion 16-20 hours a day and it feels good and it flows - and while it isn't always easy, it is something I find fulfilling to do - and YET - I'm supposed to keep on, keeping on. I'm supposed to stay the course.

However, I can't afford rent or food or anything.

So, I figured - Okay, I'll keep up my writing, but I'll also look into web work where I can pull in some ready cash. I was a web developer for over a decade and I do all my own websites, so easy cha-ching, right? I've been on this concept for a week now. It's just hit me this feels like swimming against the tide. I haven't made any strides into the knowledge I was seeking -each thing I looked into fell short and I was left feeling like I was reading Arabic instead of code - and I'm constantly testy and have a headache.

I'm going in the wrong direction.

Archangel Michael has been trying to tell me, but I've just rubbed away the warnings.

So, okay, I will walk away from that direction. And trust that the universe puts my goals into my path because I believe in the universe and that things are coming my way - all my hopes and dreams. But every time I ask for help and intuition to recognize something I need to do, the guidance I get is 'Keep doing what you're doing".

In the meantime, when you can't get the basics covered, it does make one scramble.

I don't know in which direction the universe will send me in next. I'm keeping my eyes open and trying to figure it out.

In the meantime, I will keep asking and looking for intuition.

Come on, universal force!


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