It's time to banish fear

Fear originally was a very good thing.

There’s a mountain falling down. Run!

There’s a saber-tooth tiger coming your way. Run faster than the guy next to you!

Unfortunately, over the centuries and millennia, fear has become something else.

Fear is a tool. It’s a tool of control. The easiest way for someone to control you is to get you to fear something and tell you that they are the only one who can save you from it.

Politicians use it. “If you vote for X, the world will be destroyed. You’d best vote for me because I can protect your interests.” Usually combined with a smarmy smile.

Religious leaders use it. “If you don’t follow our rules and pay us tithing, you’re going to hell. If you don’t obey our god, our way, you’re going to hell.”

Corporations, advertising companies, and doctors use it. “Use our product or nobody will ever want anything to do with you. Follow us on Facebook because only ‘we’ tell the truth. Use our product or you’ll die.”

Fear has become the most powerful tool to use people for your own purposes. It’s why it’s grade A in the bully’s handbook.

It’s also the biggest way to draw to yourself exactly what you fear. The more you fear something, the more likely it is to come to pass. I personally think that’s why we have the current regime we have. Too many people feared it.

It’s time to squash the fear. It’s time to deny the fear. It’s time, Friends, to stop letting fear control lives. If someone else cannot control you, YOU ARE FREE.

Did you get that? If someone cannot control you, YOU ARE FREE. Of course, there’s also the caveat that you should not be trying to control anyone else either – that makes you one of ‘them’.

Each of us is the only one who can guide our own life. We are the captain of our particular ship. By giving into fear, we allow someone else to run our life, make our own choices, steer us where they want us to be.

Whether you believe the Bible to be the word of an all-knowing god or that it’s just a bunch of lessons that help us figure out how to make the right life for ourselves, look at a small section of the story of Moses. After he went up the mount, he came down to find his people having a grand old party, creating the kind of god they understood--A hateful god, a vengeful god, a controlling, fear-mongering god. He tried to get them to listen to the truth, but they didn’t want the truth – that we are our own god, that we are the reason things happen. We control our destiny. Instead, they wanted someone else to control it, someone else to blame.

In the religion I grew up in, there was the strong belief that there were 2 plans – the plan from Jesus Christ where we would have freedom to make our own choices, and the plan from Lucifer, where we would be forced to follow others’ plans.

I ask you – look at the world. The religions and political leaders are forcing people to follow their plans and their largest weapon is FEAR. They’re following the supposed Lucifer’s plan, whether they know it or not.

Now some will parry that we must have society, that without society and rules and laws, that a lawless state of death and destruction would arise.


If all people were focused on their lives and their futures and happiness and gratitude and all things good, there would be nothing to fear.

Fear is truly the only thing we should fear. Because it’s the fastest way to negative energy.

Cast it off, friends. Toss it aside. Fear harms you. It harms your family, your neighbors, your city, state, country… it harms the world.

If you don’t fear, there’s a whole world of hope and love and gratitude and joy and every good thing.

What’s the opposite of fear? Love. If you feel fear, think of something you’re grateful for. Once you’ve tempered the fear, push out love. Most likely those who can’t control you will go elsewhere once they’ve realized you aren’t worth their time and resources.

Yes, there are places real fear fits – such as falling off a cliff. When your inner voice says “Step back so you don’t fall” Listen to it. However, if someone tells you that you have to do things their way or you’ll fall? Think twice, back up, and think gratitude. Not for them, but for something you’re truly grateful for. Then turn and walk away. You don’t want to hang around people who want to control you, anyway.


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