What is your relationship with time?

Special Relativity
E=MC2 - Energy = mass x the speed of light squared

Creating My own life

In special relativity (I used to think the way people talked about it that it was called Spatial Relativity), Einstein found that mass is formed by kinetic energy divided by twice the speed of light.

What Einstein may or may not have realized is this wasn't a formula just for science. It's the formula for life.
E (Energy) is the rate at which something vibrates - its V (Vibration)
M (Mass) is the end result of what we wish for G (Goal)
C (Speed of light), which at the time was the fastest speed he could imagine and he squared it, making it infinity - it's T (Time it takes for said goal to arrive)

So E=MC2 can be written as M=E/C2 = the mass is the end result of the energy expunged divided by the time required to create said energy.

Or V=GT2 can be written as G=V/T2 = the end result becomes physically present when the vibration is suitably achieved, divided by the time it takes to get there (squared with itself). What does this mean?

First off - realize that time is not constant. It was man made and doesn't truly exist. So time multiplied by itself doesn't mean much except in the process of infinity (∞). So it could be written as G=V/∞. If you break that down, the vibration required to achieve your goal is a lot less than you think.

So if you're thinking that you have to have V amount of joy, V amount of happiness, and V amount of peace to achieve G, think again. You only need V divided by ∞X∞. That truly is a small, microscopic amount.

I think that while it is true we need to achieve the vibration to achieve our goal, that the human ability to expand that to ultimate levels is incorrect.

We believe that things take TIME and that we have to fully achieve said VIBRATION before our GOAL will appear. Which is silly because that would mean we had to achieve the perfect level of vibration without waffling and... anyone else freaking out at the concept? That kind of thing is rough on a perfectionist like me. It doesn't happen much anymore, but I used to freak out every time I would feel a little less than perfect, afraid I'd pushed my goal further away.

What if human thought is the only thing standing between US and OUR GOAL?

Because the vibration we need, divided by Time multiplied by itself, is microscopic compared to what we think it is.

What does that mean? It means we need to set aside what we used to think and embrace Special Relativity. Time is depending on nothing. It is not relative to Earth or time zones. Instead, embrace spacetime. What is spacetime? It means that 'Events that occur at the same time for one observer can occur at different times for another'. *cough* meaning that time is different for everyone. (No wonder doctors are always running late for some patients and are always on time for others.)

There is no time except for that which we decide. I have had instantaneous reactions between desire/demand and output for rather large things. I am also still waiting for some of my goals to come to fruition. The thing is - to the universe, there is no time. Time does not exist in a all-for-one construct. If it did, waiting at the dentist's office would be the same length of time as waiting for your favorite concert or waiting for summer to begin.

So throw out your beliefs on time. NO goal is more difficult than any other. NONE. Spontaneous healings happen. Spontaneous achievements happen. The ONLY THING THAT CONTROLS THE VARIABLE BETWEEN WANTING SOMETHING AND GETTING IT IS TIME and our relationship with it. And that variable is YOU.

What is your relationship with time?

I know I need to rethink mine. My angels have kept telling me to stop thinking of goals in terms of 'hard' or 'easy'. And I should know that considering I've had spontaneous healing and saw reality change in the blink of an eye.

So all together... Time doesn't exist except for in the belief we have in it. It's time to conquer that variable - because it makes no difference in reaching our goals UNLESS WE COMMAND IT. And yes, if we believe something will take time, that's commanding that something to take time.

So if G=V/∞X∞ then it takes no time at all to reach said goal. So why wait? Make that goal now. Make ∞X∞, NOW.


  1. Wow.... it's altogether a new and simplest demonstration on TIME I have come across so far... Thank you!


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