Slight change of course ~ Living in the #Now

This year, I decided to challenge myself and release 1 novel per month. I've done so. This summer I've seen a few things and with some of the knowledge my guides have brought me, my life is changing.

For instance, I won't be releasing anything after the trilogy I'm re-releasing on Sept 14th. I need the time to write, get caught up, and work on the biggest change I'm focused on. (Plus, releasing one book a month is insane. I couldn't focus on marketing any of my books because I was too busy getting the next book ready for release. I became so burnt out that I can barely write, let alone anything else.)

Neville Goddard spoke oft about living in the present. Living in the Now. Not in the future, not in the past, because the only time we truly have is Now.

It wasn't until recently that I recognized and admitted to my fear of living in said "Now". Not that I didn't want to - and consciously I didn't realize what I was doing. Or perhaps, I just wasn't ready.

I have received the same message from several sources and know I need to work on living in the Now, of being mindful.

My resistance is purely in the fact that a part of me is worried about who I will be when I am no longer who I was. From a logical standpoint, that sounds silly, but it's true nonetheless. My brain is continually running in a million different directions at once. How powerful will I be when I can truly focus?

It's an exciting thought. But looking back, I realize much of my fear and resistance comes from the fact that so many of the men who brought up living in the now, were not who I wanted to be. So why emulate someone who isn't who I want to be?

I've realized that focusing on the Now, on my present, does not mean I'm going to turn out like them. I won't have the same beliefs they do. I won't do the same things they do. I will still be, intrinsically me. I will just be a me who has major intense creative focus.

And that's a me I can get on board with.

I will hopefully be able to post from time to time about what I've found out. But there are so many things I've learned from my guardian angel and my guides this summer that were solely for me and that I cannot share. For no other reason than that the messages were for me, not anyone else.

So here's to living in the now. I'm starting off by taking a Mindfulness Meditation course and I've just today received some information Dr. Deepak Chopra did on living life in focus.

Added to my art courses and finishing out my releases, and the writing i hope to get back to this fall, the future looks amazing. By living in the Now.


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