Reaching a Baseline #metaphysics #LifeImprovement

In my path to knowing myself, I have had a few occurrences of what I would call reaching a new level of complete understanding. It's reaching a new ledge where my baseline is much higher than it was. It's always an incredibly affirming moment.

So, what is a baseline?

We all have emotional upheavals, left turns, right turns, and sometimes we feel like we're upside down. Baselines are where our 'normal' is. So if we are at the lowest rung, our baseline could possibly be pretty negative. Or numb. Or not understanding anything. We might start feeling good, but then something dislodges us and we go under the baseline and after we get out of it, are back to how we felt before.

At the beginning, that baseline doesn't necessarily feel 'good', but it's better than the horrible feelings we had.

However, if we are on a path of becoming a better 'me', at some point we will transition to a new baseline. With me, I've known it each time it happened. It's filled with universal love and happiness and incredible joy. And with it came the knowledge that this was my new 'normal' or baseline. This doesn't mean I won't have bad moments, but from past experiences I know those bad moments won't have the same hold on me as they have had in the past.

Example: About 6 months ago, I had a bit of a breakdown in spirit. I was frustrated because my three largest goals had still not come to pass after years and years. But what really annoyed me more than that was the fact I had a hard time getting as upset as I used to. It did not compute, so I built up like a thunderstorm and exploded. (My poor stuffed animal really took a beating). After the blow up, I did what I had done in the distant past. I curled up in my bed and expected to be there and depressed for hours. *snort* I had gone through 2 or 3 baseline changes before that. My new ledge was too positive to allow me to wallow. Instead I felt rather stupid and kind of embarrassed. Ten minutes later I was up and doing stuff that made me feel good.

Now, let me add a warning: Baselines are wonderful things and unless we are focused on breaking them, they will remain our new baseline until we reach the next one. However - you can break that baseline if you put your mind to it. While logic states that would be the silliest thing a person could do, logic and human actions don't go hand-in-hand as often as we would like. How do you go to a lower baseline? Keep up a bad mood. Keep up negativity. That will do it. So don't do that. Let your new baseline give you encouragement. Keep striving to go up. Don't go down.

This is what many call the Path to Enlightenment, I suppose. I think every ledge we reach is enlightenment. With each one we learn something new, with each one we're brought to a closer understanding of the universe and where we belong in it. And with each new baseline, we learn new levels of lessons we thought we already knew.

Understand, there are no finite numbers of baselines. This is no staircase where everyone at Baseline 1 is at the same level. Never compare your baseline to another. For one thing, that's purely ego talking. For another, you can't compare your ledge to another because no two people are EVER on the same baseline. We all have different life experiences (some multiple lives, some brand new), different challenges, and different emotional states.

One of the things I find is that you can't go for reaching a new level like a horse race. For one thing, you don't know where the next ledge is or what it means. But mainly? Reaching a new level comes easiest when you aren't trying at all. You're learning, you're growing, you're expanding. And then in one glorious moment, you know you've hit that new baseline.

With that baseline comes an incredible amount of love and power. It also comes with relief. While you know there will be ups and downs, you know that your new 'normal'--your new baseline--is so much higher than it used to be.

New knowledge is coming. New experiences are emerging. And you've just achieved a new level wherein you'll experience everything in a whole new way.

It's an exciting time to be.



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