Give yourself a break

I can see it.

You've been working so hard on yourself.

Keeping up the positive affirmations.

Meditating frequently.

Reminding yourself that you must think from 'the end'.

And now you are as frazzled as a pancake. Because you want your dreams to be true now and so you work so hard at it. Only, this should not feel like work.


When it feels like work, you are doing something wrong.

More than likely? Just trying too hard.

Yes, yes, I know you want your dreams.

I want them for you!

But do me a favor? Give yourself a break!

You need to give your mind and heart a break. Walk away for a moment.


Go ride a roller coaster.

Walk along the beach.

Stop thinking.

Just for a few minutes.



Now, enjoy yourself.

Your dreams are waiting. They can wait another hour.

If you feel frantic, that will just keep them further at bay~!

Remember, imagine your dream until it has taken on the tones of reality and you simply know it exists. Know it has come to pass in your imagination. Then you need to relax, rest, enjoy the feeling of knowing it is there.

And what do you know?

It's on its way.


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