When will it happen?

When one starts out on the path to 'making their own life', one rather normal question is "When will it happen?"

We are 'time-based' people. What I mean by that is we were raised in a culture where time is constant and everything is based upon it.

Well first - I have news for you. Time is not only NOT constant, it doesn't truly exist. Time is a human-construct, created as a means to make sense of our reality. Because through millenias that is what we have struggled to do. Make sense of our reality.

The problem with that is our wrong belief that what we see is actual reality. We judge everything by what is in front of us. So, if we stub our toe on the way out of the door in the morning and hop around like an idiot on one foot for ten seconds swearing like a banshee, we might make the comment "This is going to be an awful day!" And then when the day just gets worse and worse, we pat ourselves on the back for being pre-cognizant for recognizing the kind of day it was going to be.

Well, the fact of the matter is, we created that day. If, instead, we had hopped around like an idiot for five to ten seconds swearing like a banshee, then calmed down, laughed and thought "This is a great day! The best day of my life so far!" The day would have turned out a LOT different.

So, when will 'it' happen? When it happens. For each person, each goal, each dream, each situation, it is going to be different. What happens for one person in 0.1 seconds might take two months for another. Some may discuss all the reasons therein, but I think it comes down to one simple process:


When Neville Goddard discusses the allegory of 6 days of work before the day of rest, he said this had nothing to do with 6-24 hour spans of time (once again human-construct thinking) before taking 1-24 hour span off. No, this is the unknown time it takes to plant the seed, water it, fertilize it, and then knowing you have done all you can do, relax knowing the seed has sprouted.

So, while you are groaning because once again, someone hasn't given you a specific answer to your question, let me ask you one.

What are you willing to give up to get there?

For instance, one of my favorite passtimes every night is to read about 2 hours before I go to bed. I used to read fiction at that time. My decision, looking at my goals and how much I truly wanted them, was that I was willing to give that up, to instead read more of Neville's works and to meditate in those two hours, thus setting my mind of up for sleep.

Do you realize what happens when we fall asleep? The conscious brain falls asleep and the sub-conscious brain wakes up. As it is the sub-conscious brain which does the work of turning our goals and dreams into reality, what you impart onto it the last 15 minutes before you fall asleep is the most important thing you can do ALL DAY LONG. Now, that isn't to say you can think mean and evil, or disparaging thoughts the rest of the day and then try and be positive those last 15 minutes. Our brains don't work that way. If you think negatively all day long - trying to be positive for those last 15 minutes as you fall asleep will be the hardest thing you could do. And anything that is mentally 'hard' is not what you want.

A dream will not be realized until it feels natural. So, how will you feel when it arrives? Feel it now. Learn to meditate and don't expect it to come quickly. It takes daily practice to learn to tune out the world and tune into yourself. Your dream may take a day, a month, a year to come to fruition, but if you keep on an upward journey as you go toward it knowing it is here? It cannot help but be manifest in your physical world.

And what looks frustrating at the outset - the waiting part - ends up being anything but when you KNOW it has been seeded and is germinating in the sabbath of your mind. Your mind is opened and your learning jumps forward into new things and new ideas. The pleasure of finding new things in yourself and understand that "I AM the creator."


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