Don't give your power away

Even when someone has been working on creating the life they want as long as I have, we can slip up. Lately, I've been feeling powerless. I didn't want to feel that way - I didn't recognize that I was feeling that way. But I was.

See, a former set of contracts hasn't paid me for sales since December 2015. Not only have I been floundering due to lack of funds, but the fact is the owner is not a good business person and I didn't want to deal with her. But I did the letter of the law via the contract and as of today, I should be feeling great because technically all 21 books are now mine.

But guess what? I spent last night in a huge amount of stress and I woke up stressed this morning with horrible thoughts in my head.

But then I realized what I had done - I gave her the power. I let her make me feel powerless. And when that happens, yes, folks - she had the power. But guess what? She doesn't anymore. Because I took my power back.

How? By realizing what was happening and saying aloud "I have the power. This is my life. I am the architect and this is how it is." I then stated in clear terms exactly how my life is.

I no longer feel powerless. And I have clearly stated how I have created my life. Now that the energy has shifted, the universe is at my command in a way I want rather than in the way I did not want.


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