Taking offense is a choice - and a sign

As we work at clearing out negative energies and becoming our true selves, we're human and will still find ourselves reacting to certain things. And that is both good and bad. The bad is that it darkens our energy and takes us away from our path and our goals. However, there is a good side - it helps us to look inside and recognize resistance.

For instance - how often do you take offense? I'm not saying that whatever offends you isn't wrong - it might be. However I believe that 90% of what offends us is not intentional. And the 10% that is? If we can choose not to be offended and let it float by, that individual will go find someone else to offend as what they are looking for is a reaction.

So let's talk about the 90%. Someone says something and you instantly bite back. Or at least you want to.

Stop. Think. Why did it send such anger/discomfort coursing through your system? Do you really want to feel that way? No. You don't.

However, that instant offense reaction does tell you there is some sort of negative energy trapped within you that needs releasing. And knowing that is a very good thing - because once you've released it, you are a lot less likely to react in the future. And when you don't react, you stop putting out negative energy about it. And when you stop putting out negative energy about it, you stop attracting things that would cause that offended reaction.

Being offended is NOT about what someone said or did. It is about your feelings and your energy blocks. Release them. Make the conscious choice to not be offended. And when those feelings come up, use your favored way to release the energy (EFT is really good for times like that as its works best when you are feeling the negative emotion) and let it go.

The next time something offends you, you will find it will offend you less. So you rid the energy until you are no longer offended by what others do or say.

And in that, there is freedom and your energy is flying high.

And after all, that's what we should be focused on. The only reality we can control is our own. We don't have the right to try to control someone else's reality.


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