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The Law of Attraction works, plain and simple

Well, its been a few weeks since I posted, but so much has happend in that time.

My goal was to start at Portland State University on June 22nd. As of June 10th, I was no closer to my goal. While I was accepted and registered for school, I was lacking the resources. But - I chose to believe that the money would come. A few days previous, I had chosen the date of June 11th as the day the money would need to come through by so I could move to Portland and get settled before school started.

On June 11th, the money came through. The next week was insanely busy. I got moved into my new apartment June 18th and had a couple days to walk around the city before school started.

Here I sit, on June 28th, strong in the knowledge of one thing - the Law of Attraction works. It works in amazing and wonderful ways. We just need to know our goals will come to pass - we need to know against current circumstance that things will work out. I kept saying "I choose to know that the money I need to move t…

Hope ~ Dreaming the Impossible Dream

As we all go for goals that are bigger than we are, some so big they feel more like dreams, the question of how can I keep hoping when there are no hints in front of me.

I have found small ways to combat it, but last night a story brought home just how hope and determination can do anything & everything.

Have you seen the movie Apollo 13? Apollo 13 is about the Apollo 13 space mission. The fact that NASA gave it the number 13 was quite prophetic. The number 13 is associated with bad things happening, and lets face it - nothing but bad things happened to that ship.

First, part of their ship blew off. They lost most of their oxygen and most of their power. They had to use a LEM (Lunar Excursion Module) as a life-raft for their trip around the moon and back. They had to turn off the LEM engines so as to have power for the end of their trip. They had too much carbon dioxide at one point that had to be dealt with. They came in too shallow and had the possibility of skiffing off the atmosp…

What does success mean to you?

I am sure we all have different answers to that question. So much that Noah St. John has created a contest called Success Goes Viral.

In the contest, you can submit a 2 minute video, telling Noah what success means to you. There are tremendous prizes, both for the subject and the filmmaker.

So go over to, sign up, and tell Noah and his audience what Success means to you. You will clarify it for yourself, and hey - you might win some amazing prizes at the same time!

The Guru Insidiousness

In anything, and especially right now with the surge of new age material, Gurus appear. Gurus are not necessarily bad. They say they have incredible information that can help us with out lives. As wonderful as we find them, as amazing as they might be, don't completely rely on any Guru's promises.

As my readers know, I have been investigating several law of attraction programs over the last year. Last June I went through Louise L Hay's "You Can Heal Your Life". I have now been in the Boundless Living Challenge for 11 months now. I took part in Bob Proctor's 10-week Intensive Coaching program. Also, during this time, I purchased the "Missing Secret" program from Joe Vitale and "The Secret Code of Success" by Noah St. John. There are also a few things I won't mention here, but may get their own post in the future.

Every one of these is considered a Guru in their area; but there is the problem - if you choose to believe in only one of them,…