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Dreams Don't Die

Sometimes, we bemoan dreams we had that have never come to pass - the strange thing is while bemoaning this fact, we never pause to think "would this dream even fit the person I am today?" Nor do people (as a group) tend to realize some dreams you should let go of and look for new ones.
Some dreams come and go, some stay for the duration. If a dream no longer serves you, let it die - let it get recycled and someone else can use it. Create your own dreams, your own past, present, and future. 
Don't dream safe - for in safety there is no thrill. Dream about what you really want, not that which someone else tells you that you should want. 
See it. Imagine it. Feel yourself having it. 
And then let yourself have it and create a new, fantastic dream.
A great affirmation for this is "I only desire that which is part of my divine design." If you affirm that, sooner or later, your desires will change. Just let those that slide away, slide away. And let the new,…

Don't you love this time of year?

I'll admit it. I love Autumn. The leaves are falling from the trees and each morning wakes up with that wonderful crispness that says that snow is coming soon.

I know I haven't done a lot here since the Summer of Change ended. I've been uber busy. How uber busy? Well, let's put it this way - I have 4 pseudonyms and I write in many different genres. 2 of my pseudonyms have huge book launches this month and I've been working on them for the last 6 weeks.

The one just launched today, but I'm really excited about the book that launches Oct 20th. It's the first in an inspirational romance series I've written under the name Bree Cariad. Taking place in the fictional town of Hyacinth, Washington, this contemporary town lives by very traditional values. From the courting of the girls at the age of 18 to the fact that words like trust, honor, and discipline are more than just words. These novellas are clean, hopeful, and as several people have told me "so c…