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At what point do you throw in the towel?

This is not going to be the most positive of posts - sometimes reality is not positive. When I began this blog, I said it would be an overview of my ride with positive affirmations and with the Law of Attraction (LOA). Sometimes that ride is not pleasant.

I started grasping at the positive pull of life 17 years ago. It was 6 years ago that I began studying LOA and 5 years ago that my life truly changed me into the life-affirming person I am today.

Now - don't get me wrong. I am VERY glad I am so positive and that I am happy and I owe that to things like affirmations and the tiny results I have seen of LOA working.

But I must ask - at what point might one ask - is this all a bunch of bunk?

What do I mean?

Well, I see that the LOA works - both in positive and negative ways. Obviously the law is just working, but still the outcome is either positive or negative.

I have now been working toward 2 very important goals for 5 years within that positive LOA frame of mind. 5 years. And I fe…

Making Intention Cards

Hello, my friends!

I know - I fuddled on this one. Real life took over and all of this took a backseat. But I have kept thinking - I need to tell them how to do Intention Cards!
So, here I am:)
Okay, so do you have the items I had listed in theIntention Cards Supply List? You will want to have them on hand as you do these.
Now - first and foremost - do only one at a time. If you want to do several in a day, take a break between, go for a walk, watch a TV show, read a book... you get the idea. You will be putting yourself, your hopes, your dreams into these cards. And you want each one to reflect that specified intent.
The reason I told you to get 12 of them is that  A: It is a nice round number. B: If you wish to create your own Tarot Deck, this is a good start. C: I tend to work in twelves – I don’t know why.
But, we are here to talk about intentions.
So... away we go.