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Ah, the plateau

Sitting this morning, looking out the window as the rain drizzled through our walnut tree, I realized something.

I have now been working on myself consistently for almost 5 months. 5-6 months is usually a plateau point for me where things level off, I get bored, and go off in search of something to keep my mind occupied. This has happened in every job I have ever had. 2 years ago when I really started working on the law of attraction (though I didn't understand the resistance thing then), it was at 5 months that I got a new job, and was so busy with that, that I dropped my work on myself and my future.

I can definitely see the pattern. I have always known that I had a 6 month threshold, but now I think I understand a little more about it - that it affects everything, ~ its not just a job thing~. So, I am going to work on this to get through it. I know I am on the right path and am not about to let a lifetime worth of zig-zags throw me off.

I will work, using the tools I have learned …

Clean Your Home is online!

Its been a few days since i posted, but I have been so busy!

Vastly excited!

My booklets were completed by the printer on Friday and I finished the website - so now I can officially start selling my booklet! YAY!

I kept the price very low, due to the fact that I think this is very important information for people to have. Even I, when I started out into green cleaning, had no idea what actually was in all those store-bought household cleaners - ick! I knew I hated the stench and didn't want to touch them with my bare hands, but I had no idea how toxic they truly are..

I hope this booklet will help others to clean their homes cleaner. I tend to think big - and I just can't help but think that if everyone would use these cleaners, rather than the ones they can buy right off the shelf, that there would be such an upsurge in good health.

Anyway, I don't want to make this a sales pitch (as I don't think that is what this space is for), but if you want to take a look, you can buy…

Something Silly for those who are as tired of this election as I am!

On the First Day of election, the politicians gave to me:
John McCain sittin in a tree.

On the Second Day of election, the politicians gave to me:
Two Barak Obamas
and John McCain sittin in a tree.

Just a quick blog . . .

Just a quick blog this morning . . .

I am busy, busy, busy today. I had written all the recipes for my cleaning pamphlet and gotten the information together. I am putting it together in readable form today. I've been working at it for over an hour and needed a break.

On Oct 18th there is a wellness / new age fair where I live and I am going to talk to the coordinator today about how much it will cost for a table to have my pamphlet at. Or, (as I know him), if he would be willing to carry it at his booth.

Ya know, the more I have researched for my pamphlet, the more I am appalled at what the cleaning industry has done to us. We ingest a huge amounts of chemicals daily, either through our skin or our nose. As I was researching the chemicals they use in laundry detergents I was sickened to find that Sodium Tripolyphosphate is a prominent chemical they use and it is absorbed through the skin from our clothes! YUCH! Many chemicals they use affect us hormonally - no wonder there are so man…

Back on the Blog again / / / / /

Well, I'm back from WOTS. I'm tired from all the walking I did and all the information that I tried to cram into my head.

With WOTS behind me, I get to concentrate on 2 things: My book getting into print form and moving to Portland.

Today, I got my copyright app done and the ISBN created for the print copy. So, as the book is ready, the only thing I have to wait for is the Library of Congress # which should be here in a week or so. Until that time, I will be focusing on money and Portland.

I am almost complete with the cleaning pamphlet. Its a small pamphlet that will list several "recipes" for simple, clean cleaning supplies. When I complete it, I will have one printed up to figure out price. I am hoping to sell if for the price of everything involved (including shipping for those in the US). Probably $2-$3.

Oct 2 - busy day

Hello, all:)

It's been a busy day. I found a company who could print up my biz cards quickly (and they were also the cheapest in town for a 2-sided card) and I picked them up today. WOW _ they look so good! I mean, I loved the design that I created, but when I had printed them out on my inkjet = all I could think was ewww. But these - They look AMAZING!

Being a trekkie, I jumped on a listing this morning that I found locally on a Mr. Spock plate. It was in perfect, never used condition, still in the original box - how could I resist for $20? So, I have added it to my Star Trek Stuff (can you say star trek geek>) and hope to auction them next Spring when the new movie comes out:)

I have been cleaning my house with natural products I make myself and am thinking about producing one of them as it works so well, and is so safe for humans, their houses, their pets and the environment. Not quite sure how to get there and welcome any ideas anyone has:)

I am mostly ready for the trip tomor…

Happy Oct 1!

Ah, first day of the challenge! Well, my challenge is to move to Portland (as written on My Page), but I am also working on getting my book printed and going to WOTS this weekend.

yesterday I spent most of the day refining my biz/ad card. Now I just need to get it printed. I also got my car stuff done; lube oil/new washers, etc.

Today I will get the card printed (I will find a printer who has time!).

I also need to get a mailbox in Portland and register my Print Name. I need to find out if there are any publishers with this name, but Books In Print won't allow me in without a membership, but I can't register as a publisher till I have my name. Quite the unending circle:)

Tomorrow is probably going to be filled with a lot of "What do I need to take with me?" questions.


Ah I love this!

New Challenge!

As some of you know, I had started a new challenge right after the old one ended. Some odd things were happening in the weeks that followed and I finally asked for some help and through that help came to realize that I was on the wrong path.

So, I have decided to scrap that one - I still love the idea and plan to make it a reality later, but not right now. Many reasons, but one is that most of my speakers were too busy for Fall, plus I think that Jan/Feb would be a better time for this kind of teleconference. I am just not sure if I am going to attack this myself, or work at getting partners to do it.

I was going to wait until Oct 1 to announce my new goal, but no time like the present!

I have wanted to move to Portland, OR for awhile now, and it kept being this "dream" that I was no closer to getting to. Its been on my attraction list since I started writing my 10-10 lists in early August.

So, my goal for the Oct 1 Challenge is to move to Portland! I am very excited. There are …