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Goal in . .

Ah, I can't  believe that March is almost over. This month has just flown by! My March goal has hit and now I am starting to work on my April goal. It may have to be re-worked abit, but at this time, this is how it reads:
April 30, 2009

I am so happy and grateful now that I am a confident, professional Research Consultant. I dress impeccably and act with integrity at all times.

Join the Boundless Living Challenge

OK - if you have been keeping up with my posts, you have heard me mention the Boundless Living Challenge - oh, I'd say at least once per posting! LOL

It is an amazing way to reach your goals in a short period of time.

The Boundless Living Challenge is a free (yep, its free!), creation from Bob Doyle, who was in the Secret. His company also produces Wealth Beyond Reason, a great program to help you achieve everything you want in life.

The BLC is hosted on Ning, a social network. Currently there are almost 10,000 members as of the time I write this. The basis is 45 days to reach your goal. The site has been running since July 21st, 2008 and is about to start its 3rd official challenge. Those of us who have been here since the beginning are starting are 4th, 5th or 6th challenge. That is the great thing about the BLC, there is so much support, and so much energy with all these people working toward their goals.

Want to reach a high-level of vibration with the Universe? Have a goal you ha…

The Frustration Point

Sitting here, I have hit upon a realization.

We all go toward our dreams/goals with passion and purpose. We hit many obstacles along the way, some are easy to cross, others more difficult. Then we come to what I have decided to call "The Frustration Point". This point comes ever closer to our actual goal. We have placed the goal firmly in our mind. We can see it, we can taste it - In our minds we are living it.

The only problem is: the spiritual goal has not yet manifested in the physical form.

Sitting here, I recognize this within myself. I see where I am at. I am ready to live this - I am ready for it all to be in its physical state. Mentally I have been there for awhile. Now, I find myself thinking - what more do I need to do? Ordinarily this would cause extreme frustration, then anger and then the tossing out of my goals.

As James Ray said in the Secret. We plant the seed and expect it to grow and we watch it daily. Then, just before it bursts through into the light, we give…

Re-energize those goals

All right - Spring has sprung - its a great time to re=energixe those goals. I have been working steadily for 2 weeks toward a very important goal, but noticed yesterday I was slipping. So, today I re-dedicate myself to my goals.

To Do List:

Find new Marketing idea and act on it
Read from Editing Book for 30-60 minutes
Write for an hour
Watch 60 minutes of You Were Born Rich DVD
Go to Gym - 30 minutes Cardio, 30 minutes weights
Work on websites
Meditate for 30 minutes

OK - Now on to the list!

to be eco-friendly

I found this video today which I think is a GREAT way to be eco-friendly!

Furoshiki gift wrapping from RecycleNow on Vimeo

First I was twittering, now I am Blipping. ACK

I now have a DJ page at Blip -

Its really interesting all of the Social Networking opportunities there are - and I think every day there is a new one popping up!

Feel the pain . . .

Ya know - before I got into exercise a few years ago, whenever I would hear someone say "Feel The pain" when they were talking about exercise, I would think "Yeah, right!"

Well, now I am such a person. I love that burn. I have been doing an affirmation on being in perfect health and being a size 6, and for the last 6 months have been doing cardio, but to no avail (or at least it seemed it). I started weight-training again yesterday (first time in 7 years - yikes!) and found out a few things - I am feeling the burn again, YAY; I wake up sore again, YAY, and I also had my body-fat percentage measured and found that all that cardio had made a difference, I may have stayed the exact same weight, but I was burning off 7% of my body fat! YIPPEE!~

Added to that - my perfect health mantra must be working. I find all the foods I used to love either tasteless, or even worse, gross. Now I am starting to look at trying to eat Lettuce (GASP!~). Yeah, I have never been a fan of th…

On track, in track, or something . . .

Ah, what a wonderful day - the sun is shining and I feel great!

Got asked about doing a TV spot yesterday for my book Green Cleaning: Save Your Money, Save Your Health, Save The Earth. (That's for those who only see text not html) Its exciting what the Universe can do, once you get your sub-consious in gear!

I have started following John Kremer on Twitter - He does alot with Book Marketing - very interested to hear what he has to say.

Need a boost in my exercise routine, so I have my first workout with a new trainer today. Lets hope I am sore tomorrow!

Now say after me: I choose to listen with my Inductive mind, not my deductive mind.

Each day a new day . . .

Wow - Every day I am deeply amazed at how far I have come from where I was. I am so much happier, I see things working the way I want them to, and I actually see myself achieving my goals.

For those who really want to go for it - there are so many helps. On the right side are two programs that really get you going. (The Missing Secret and Secret Code of Success) But, if you want to see how to succeed; if you really are ready to grab ahold of that prize - I honestly cannot suggest anything better than Bob Proctor's coaching program. All I can say is WOW>!!!!! I am currently taking the 10-week intensive and I see my life changing before my very eyes. As I watch the DVD's and listen to the CD's, little light bulbs keep going on above my head!

There is a 13 month program and this new 10-week intensive. And they are TRULY worth every penny!

To sign up got to Bob Proctor Coaching!

To Twitter or not to Twitter

Hello everyone,

I just signed up with Twitter this morning and I must say, its the most bizarre thing I have ever seen~! And yet - it keeps your interest. If you want to see what I am twittering, go for it~

...very interesting...

Now that I have my goals written down and have strategies to do them, I am amazed at all the stuff that is showing up!

Today I found 3 books I have written but didn't have the self-esteem to get published. Well, guess where they are going?

I am going to go through them, make sure everything reads and looks right, and as long as I still like what I wrote, they are going into print!

This is so cool.

Plus - I finished the script for my first podcast - YAY. As soon as my voice is back to normal, I will record it - until then, I am writing a script-a-day so that I can get several podcasts going.

happy . . . happy . . . . happy

The little blue index card . . .

Who knew that a 3x5 blue index card could have such power?

I carry with me a 3x5 index card that lists a date (March 31, 2009) and my goal as I have achieved it. Every time I touch the card, look at the card, see the card; it settles any unsettled emotions. It reminds me what I am working for. I can see it, I can touch it - and in my mind I can also see and touch the money coming from my goal!

I suggest you all get a 3 x 5 index card, write down a date (the date you want the goal by), and then write "I am so happy and grateful now that " and fill in your goal. Always have it with you. I have mine in my pocket, so every time I reach for my phone I feel it, when I go to the gym I take it out and look at it often while I am exercising. I have ideas coming out of nowhere to get me to this goal. I am energized (even while sick!) and am working hard at making this goal a reality.

Onward and Upward!~

Insurance contacts???

Hello everyone!

This may sound like an odd request, but does anyone have an insurance contact that I could use? Or is anyone in the insurance industry here?

The reason I am asking is I want to get in touch with some insurance execs. I truly think my Green Cleaning booklet would be very advantageous to them and would like to have the chance to explain why.

If anyone has a contact, I would be very grateful! Send me a note here.

Green In . . . Clean Out . . .

OK - for those of you not in the know, I am sure that subject was quite bizarre.

But -I am excited to announce that my new revised copy of Clean Your Home . . . without all those nasty chemicals is called Green Cleaning and it is now available!

Although I loved the fact that I got Clean Your Home to print, and was very proud of what was inside it, I always felt somewhat bothered by how it looked. That is now gone!

Green Cleaning, Save Your Money, Save Your Health, Save The Earth is officially available! Not only does it look professional - and I am very excited about it, it also includes some changes to the former information, plus some new additions.

I am so excited about this - plus, it has allowed me to "open the doors" so to speak, to other authors who want to be published but don't know how.

Also, as I am working on Marketing plans for it, I came across someone today that is out speaking against the chemicals they place in makeup and facial cleaners. I am working at gett…

. . .and out of nowhere . . .

OK - Im back! LOL

I have been so busy, that I didn't realize it has been so long!

What have I been busy with? Watching what I want come into my life, basically. Some of the things have been almost instantaneous. Its been amazing.

So, what am I up to now? I just re-wrote my cleaning booklet. I have renamed it Green Cleaning and it will be available soon on

Also, I have come across 2 amazing products that I would suggest for anyone trying to make a better life for themself.

1. The Missing Secret is by Joe Vitale. He takes The Secret and shows you how to actually make it work. Its an amazing CD.

2. The Secret Code to Success by Noah St. John. The most amazing thing I can say about this book is WOW!. 7 small, and yet amazing secrets to unlocking everything you have every wanted - in every area of your life!

As things go along, I am going to be reviewing more and more LOA and life-changing products and reviewing them. Currently I am taking part in two coaching programs. When I am …