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Goal achieved!

Okay, I am here to share with you something big that I achieved!

Weight loss. Yep. How many people keep trying to lose weight and can't make it? I've been there, a lot. When I was in my mid-20s, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor and took medication that made me gain a tremendous amount of weight. I have fought for 20 years trying to get rid of it.

But what do we say? What we fight fights back, right?

So I have been a size 16 for years, no matter how much I went to the gym. Sometimes I would drop to a 14 or a 12, but not for long. When I started studying Neville Goddard's teachings in September, I made three huge goals, but I also had several smaller ones. One of my smaller ones was to be a size 7 like I was when I was 21. I affirmed it and then let it go. My focus was on my three larger goals for several months so except for noting that my clothes were becoming awful loose, I didn't really pay attention.

Until I went to the store to buy new sweats and came home with s…

Give yourself a break

I can see it.
You've been working so hard on yourself.
Keeping up the positive affirmations.
Meditating frequently.
Reminding yourself that you must think from 'the end'.
And now you are as frazzled as a pancake. Because you want your dreams to be true now and so you work so hard at it. Only, this should not feel like work.
When it feels like work, you are doing something wrong.
More than likely? Just trying too hard.
Yes, yes, I know you want your dreams.
I want them for you!
But do me a favor? Give yourself a break!
You need to give your mind and heart a break. Walk away for a moment.
Go ride a roller coaster.
Walk along the beach.
Stop thinking.
Just for a few minutes.
Now, enjoy yourself.
Your dreams are waiting. They can wait another hour.
If you feel frantic, that will just keep them further at bay~!
Remember, imagine your dream until it has taken on the tones of reality and you simply know it exists. Know it has come to pass in your ima…

Gratitude Forward!

Pass It On.

This is a short blog post that I hope catches on and becomes a viral positive cyclone within the internet, spreading good feelings and joy everywhere it goes. So what is this?


I am grateful for the following amazing 'people'/ things in my life. Right now, in this moment, this is what I'm most grateful for:

Cat Friske
Warning Spidies
Thianna D
Raya Ezelle
My One
I AM'ness
Opportunity to make things better

Now, I hope that anyone who reads this will write a similar post or note and write what they are grateful for in this one moment. Not what you THINK you should be grateful for, but what makes you tingle with gratitude. Challenge all your readers to do the same.

Hello, Attitude of Gratitude!

Golden Light Meditation

I want to share with you what I call my Golden Light Meditation.

Let me start off by saying I am a Reiki Master and Trainer, so I see light as gold anyway. In fact, before I even got my first Reiki attunements, I always saw clean, healing light as golden. Once I started practicing Reiki, I was able to see that light coming in through the top of my head and out of my hands. Clean, pure, healing energy.

So that is your first thing - Imagine a light, whether it be gold, white, or yellow. One that makes you think warmth and comfort. That is the light you should have in mind when you do this. For me it is gold, but that does not mean it has to be for you. Just as long as it is in the gold,white, yellow spectrum.

Lay or sit somewhere quiet. I prefer to lay down because I can get so comfortable that way. But I know many prefer to sit so that they don't fall asleep. Personally, I think falling asleep is actually helpful with this type of meditation as it carries everything you just medita…

When Spidey's come a'calling

Okay, if you've been reading my blog, you know that spiders are a clear sign to me that I have taken a wrong path or that I need to do something to change my direction. They are also my reality booster. I trust these little suckers, whereas all my life i've hated them. Now, I treasure them for the little sign posts that they are.

For about a month, I haven't seen hair nor hide of a spidey. Knowing that meant I was on the right track, I've been swimming along. It feels good to know you are going in the direction you want to go.

Then, starting two days ago, I had a bit of a scare. Physical output of former thoughts came into my sphere and freaked me out. I meditated and it went away. For a short period of time. But each day the tension and extreme emotion come back and I keep meditating. Meditation makes it go away, so does immersing myself into my strongest Imagination, the one I know is my virtual reality.

Just last night I was telling a friend of mine that I hadn'…

Submissions open for Neville stories

Hey! As you know, if you've been following my blog, I'm loving what Neville Goddard's teachings are doing in my life. And the stories he shares in his books are wonderful. But they were from decades ago. As such, I want to create a book of modern-day success stories.

If you have used Neville's teachings to positively affect your life or that of another, I would love to hear about it. Check out my submission page for more information.

How do I know when I have done enough?

When can we rest from our labors?

No matter what guru you listen to, the question invariably comes up: "How do I know when I have done enough to bring my dream about?"

This is a difficult and yet important question for anyone who has realized and/or is working on creating their best life. How do you know?

The simple, and most honest, answer I can give you is that only you will know that. I know that sounds unhelpful, but it's true. Let me try and explain using Neville's teachings. If you have studied any Neville at all, you know that the bible is not fact, but allegory. It teaches us, in symbols, how to create the best life for us.

In the bible, they tell us we must labor for six days and rest upon the seventh. Now, that does not mean we have to haul ass for 6 sets of 24 hours and then collapse for the next 24. Remember, we are being taught in symbols. "6 days" could be six hours or thirteen days or 24 months or even 7.2 seconds... It isn't based 'i…

How to not to make your brain laugh its frontal lobe off

Okay, here you are.

It's the 5th of January.

You are still riding high on your renewed New Year's Resolution to make all your dreams come true.

Hell, you are still going to the gym with your NYR to lose 5 pounds. Okay, so you don't go every day, but still! You are trying. Right?

So, why when you do as the gurus tell you and tell yourself a lie do you hear your brain laughing itself silly?

For instance - and I am using this one because it is one of the BIGGEST dreams people have.

I AM wealthy.

All right, admit it, if you aren't already wealthy, you heard a snicker or a "yeah, right!" in the back of your head.

Wanna get past that? In fact, sneak your way around it so that your brain is so busy with the good stuff that it doesn't notice until it is ingrained and feels natural? Yeah? Well, I just recently fell into a much easier trick for it. And it doesn't involve repeating the phrase a million times a day or writing it until you have carpel tunnel.

I use…

When will it happen?

When one starts out on the path to 'making their own life', one rather normal question is "When will it happen?"

We are 'time-based' people. What I mean by that is we were raised in a culture where time is constant and everything is based upon it.

Well first - I have news for you. Time is not only NOT constant, it doesn't truly exist. Time is a human-construct, created as a means to make sense of our reality. Because through millenias that is what we have struggled to do. Make sense of our reality.

The problem with that is our wrong belief that what we see is actual reality. We judge everything by what is in front of us. So, if we stub our toe on the way out of the door in the morning and hop around like an idiot on one foot for ten seconds swearing like a banshee, we might make the comment "This is going to be an awful day!" And then when the day just gets worse and worse, we pat ourselves on the back for being pre-cognizant for recognizing the…