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Two little princesses dancing in a row . . .

"Two little princesses dancing in a row, spinning fast and free, on their little toes . . .:"

Know where that is from? No>? You need Search Strategies to Save You Time! You would have quickly found out its from Tin Man - a rather dark, but very interesting "sequel" to The Wizard of Oz.

Have you seen Tin Man? Its a great movie - vastly different from the original Hollywood happiness, but well worth seeing.

yay - My newest book is available!

I wrote a book for my mother on how to find what she was searching for on the web and realized there were a lot of people like her who might want the same help!

So, enter Search Strategies to Save You Time . This book will show you how to maximize your online search strategies. You will learn:

What the results actually mean
What you should be looking for
How to word your search query

Also included are over 100 resources to help you get the results you are looking for. Don't wait another minute! Access those strategies now!

Spring has definitely sprung

March went out like a nice little lamb, and April is shaping up to be beautiful~

It is most definitely Spring Cleaning time. I am actually looking forward to it this year. Before I wanted to clean everything, but hated all the caustic cleaners. I would usually talk myself out of some of it.

This year, I don't have to do that! I have natural, non-toxic cleaners at my beck-and-call!

Green Cleaning has to be one of the best things I have ever found. That is why I created the book! So that others could clean easier and without damaging consequences.

So, say after me - I no longer fear to clean!~