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What spiders taught me about parallel dimensions

What spiders taught me about parallel dimensions

(I do not like creepy crawlies. In any shape of form. So yes - this story will have a squished spider.)

This article is going to sound strange - even stranger than the title. All I ask is that you keep an open mind. If you are dead set against the idea of corresponding realities or parallel dimensions, then this will mean nothing to you and I send you on your way in peace.

Now, for the rest of you. This is what happened:

At 2:45 this morning I was awake. You know. That kind of awake where you know you are not just going to be able to fall back to sleep and you might as well do 'something'. My something was to turn on my Samsung tablet and read one of my Kindle books. All the lights were off, but the light from my tablet shown brightly on the ceiling of my bedroom where, after fifteen minutes or so, my eye caught movement and I turned my head, my eyes latching on a big, ugly spider.

Instinctively I froze in panic for a moment. I …