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Creating that Trigger dynamically for you

I just did a 2 part post on living in the present, but when I went to bed last night, I knew it wasn't done. The explanation I had for the trigger did not give enough information. So, for those who want to know more about creating that trigger organically, this is for you.

So, you want to create that trigger for something huge that you really want. And not just creating a trigger, but one that really does the of putting you in the right vibration. How do you do it?

In the second Living in the present post, I gave you the end result, but how do you get there?

This is how I got there:

I started inside of my meditative state with an imagined scene that would take place after my dream/goal had come to fruition. But then that moved to non-meditative time as well. I think it started one day when I was really down. I lay in bed and brought up the scene I had been imagining in meditation. It was a wonderful scene and quite ornate. I could smell the ocean and feel the sand between my toes.…

Living in the Present, Part II

Yesterday, I told you how it is to live in the present. Today, I'm going to discuss HOW to do it.

Every metaphysician does their 'thing' a little differently. I agree with Neville Goddard that you meditate on it for a certain amount of time and once that 'thing' is seeded in the universe, you don't have to think on it anymore. Because it is done.

But what about when the doubts come in? Or every day life drags you down a little?

Have you heard of triggers? You can set them for yourself. And what they do is set up an emotional trigger for an act. And that act can be physical or mental.

For instance: Your dream is to go to Paris. Maybe in your meditative state you walked up to the Eiffel Tower and placed your hand on it. And every time you go to that state, you place your hand on the Eiffel Tower. After awhile, you can feel the cool metal, the angles, the divets. Until you realize that when you place your hand on the Eiffel Tower in your mind, you relax. Your musc…

Living in the present, Part I

I've been on an upward slide for 18 years now and a student of metaphysics for ten of those. One of the questions that always plagued me was this:

If we are supposed to keep our dreams fully affixed in our heads and yet be truly present in the now, wasn't that a bit of an oxymoron?

Turns out, it's not. I've heard too many people discuss it who don't seem to understand it and I'm just finally grasping it, so let me see if I can explain so it makes sense.

It all has to do with energy.

If we live in the past, our energy is low.

If we live in the future, always waiting for it to come, our energy is frantic.

If we live in the NOW, knowing our dreams have come true, we are at peace and our energy is where it needs to be for having those dreams.

It all comes down to vibration, doesn't it? In everything. What are you vibrating right now?

Are you vibrating in the 'yesterday' vibe about all the things that happened then? Guess what, yesterday will return if y…


Sometimes you see something that resonates  with you so intensely that you can't let it go.
Watch for those times because you never know when you might need it. This morning, I saw a little sticker with the following saying:
When life's not fair, change the rules. 
I thought it was cute, hummed a little tune to it and let it go.
7 hours later, I needed it. I was angry and frustrated and looked for something to break the pattern I was in. I opened up my armoire and as my eyes landed on my Unicorn Angel Card Deck, the phrase came back. I chanted it for a good thirty minutes. Within 1 minute, my frequency had zapped up to where I love it to be. Within 30, I felt higher than a kite. 
Find the things that resonate within and use them.

Join me in being in the Now

If you've dealt with metaphysics at all, you've probably heard the phrase "be in the now". Now, considering the fact that they also say to live 'in the end', I will admit, I get confused as to the concept.

I figured out six months ago that, at the time, it meant thinking in a completely different way to the way I was thinking before, and as always happens in the study of anything, the deeper you go, the more our knowledge of said definitions change.

I've been thinking a lot about being in the now today and I am thinking, at my current level of knowledge, that there is a depth there that I am ready to grasp.

As such, I am focused in July to being 'in the now', to take 15 minutes a day and just be. No thinking of other things, no imagining the end, no going over plot lines in my head (which is my biggest mind filler). Just take those fifteen minutes to be aware.

Aware of what? Good question. I know there is so much we don't 'see' with ou…

Is your path your own?

Too often we walk a path that is not our own. Either our parents set it out for us or a religious individual. (i have unfortunately been on paths caused by both in my past.) These people may or may not have our interests at heart - but that doesn't matter. You should be the only one who creates and runs your path. And, by the way, that most definitely includes fear. If you are doing something because you are afraid if you don't do it something bad will happen? You are not on the right path.

Just remember:

If the path you are on is based on fear, get off.

If the path you are on is controlled by others, get off.

The only person controlling your path should be you.

It's a piece of cake

Hey, all :) How's your 2015 going? Hopefully swimmingly. So, let me tell you what that title means.

I'm sure everyone has heard how 'easy' it is to get things to work for you. Easy is all relative. If you are a naturally positive person, I could see it as being much easier than if you're not. Plus, easy to whom? People who have been doing it for years and who have gained the majority of what they truly wanted? In hindsight things look easier, don't they?

But that doesn't mean they have to be hard. In fact, they could be a piece of cake.

What do I mean?

Have you tried getting the little things? Or, even having the little things come through without trying? For me, they are a wonderful, happy reminder of how this universe works. I don't try anymore to see if they work, they just do. Last Friday, I was on my way home from the gym and I thought, "Oh, I'd like a piece of cake." I even knew exactly what bakery it would be from and how it would t…

A shield for good feelings

You know 'those people'. They're the ones that rub you the wrong way and as you grow in knowledge and understand how that kind of emotion can affect you're life, it pisses you off even more when they piss you off.

Last night I was dealing with that and remembered all the tales about wishing the best on the other person and in doing that, they fade away and you are left with good feelings. Well, it isn't the easiest to do - especially if that person has harmed you in the past, but I created a rhyme in my head that I repeated as a mantra all the way into sleep. I woke up feeling uber fantastic this morning and plan to keep it up whenever I have to deal with anyone who causes negative reactions within me.

Just think of the person and repeat the following over and over. Depending on how deep the annoyance/anger, or general ugh feelings you have about the person, it will take from 1 repetition to 50 to realize you just don't harbor those feelings anymore. It's a…