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It's time to banish fear

Fear originally was a very good thing.
There’s a mountain falling down. Run!
There’s a saber-tooth tiger coming your way. Run faster than the guy next to you!
Unfortunately, over the centuries and millennia, fear has become something else.
Fear is a tool. It’s a tool of control. The easiest way for someone to control you is to get you to fear something and tell you that they are the only one who can save you from it.
Politicians use it. “If you vote for X, the world will be destroyed. You’d best vote for me because I can protect your interests.” Usually combined with a smarmy smile.
Religious leaders use it. “If you don’t follow our rules and pay us tithing, you’re going to hell. If you don’t obey our god, our way, you’re going to hell.”
Corporations, advertising companies, and doctors use it. “Use our product or nobody will ever want anything to do with you. Follow us on Facebook because only ‘we’ tell the truth. Use our product or you’ll die.”
Fear has become the most powerful t…

What is your relationship with time?

Special Relativity
E=MC2 - Energy = mass x the speed of light squared

Creating My own life

In special relativity (I used to think the way people talked about it that it was called Spatial Relativity), Einstein found that mass is formed by kinetic energy divided by twice the speed of light.

What Einstein may or may not have realized is this wasn't a formula just for science. It's the formula for life.
E (Energy) is the rate at which something vibrates - its V (Vibration)
M (Mass) is the end result of what we wish for G (Goal)
C (Speed of light), which at the time was the fastest speed he could imagine and he squared it, making it infinity - it's T (Time it takes for said goal to arrive)

So E=MC2 can be written as M=E/C2 = the mass is the end result of the energy expunged divided by the time required to create said energy.

Or V=GT2 can be written as G=V/T2 = the end result becomes physically present when the vibration is suitably achieved, divided by the time it takes …