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Taking offense is a choice - and a sign

As we work at clearing out negative energies and becoming our true selves, we're human and will still find ourselves reacting to certain things. And that is both good and bad. The bad is that it darkens our energy and takes us away from our path and our goals. However, there is a good side - it helps us to look inside and recognize resistance.

For instance - how often do you take offense? I'm not saying that whatever offends you isn't wrong - it might be. However I believe that 90% of what offends us is not intentional. And the 10% that is? If we can choose not to be offended and let it float by, that individual will go find someone else to offend as what they are looking for is a reaction.

So let's talk about the 90%. Someone says something and you instantly bite back. Or at least you want to.

Stop. Think. Why did it send such anger/discomfort coursing through your system? Do you really want to feel that way? No. You don't.

However, that instant offense reaction d…

Don't give your power away

Even when someone has been working on creating the life they want as long as I have, we can slip up. Lately, I've been feeling powerless. I didn't want to feel that way - I didn't recognize that I was feeling that way. But I was.

See, a former set of contracts hasn't paid me for sales since December 2015. Not only have I been floundering due to lack of funds, but the fact is the owner is not a good business person and I didn't want to deal with her. But I did the letter of the law via the contract and as of today, I should be feeling great because technically all 21 books are now mine.

But guess what? I spent last night in a huge amount of stress and I woke up stressed this morning with horrible thoughts in my head.

But then I realized what I had done - I gave her the power. I let her make me feel powerless. And when that happens, yes, folks - she had the power. But guess what? She doesn't anymore. Because I took my power back.

How? By realizing what was happen…

Clear messages from the universe - Live YOUR True Life

I've spent most of my life thinking the universe wasn't speaking to me. It's only been in the last few years that I realized it wasn't that it wasn't speaking to me. It was that I didn't know how to listen.

The universe, God, all that is'ness, whatever you want to call it, doesn't always communicate like we expect it to. I was raised in a conservative Christian religion where I was told that god would answer me when I prayed. And they always shared stories that those answers came in words.


The fact is, the universe communicates in many ways, but those words I was expecting in my head? That isn't how the universe communicates. At least not to me. When I hear that, it's my angels and guides talking to me. And the universe is such a wonderful, giving wonder, that if you don't ask, it won't answer.

And that includes your angels & guides. They don't interfere or answer unless we specifically ask.

But they aren't the only …

Just a quick update

Hi all :)

I know it's been a couple months since I've posted, but so much has happened spiritually in that time I haven't been able to slow down enough to jot it down. I'll be telling more soon as I'm developing a new program from me! Yikes.

That sounds both scary and exciting, but yes, I'm working on my own program to help you enjoy the best life.

There will be blog posts and youtube videos and I'm not sure of what else, but I wanted to drop in and let you know before I go back to the planning stages.

I hope you are creating the best life ever.

See you soon!


Don't stare at the sun...

This morning I was at the gym reading a book on Astrology for Writers - basically how to do story and character creation using astrology archetypes as your guide. Just before I left, something hit me and it took a few minutes to percolate before I realized what was tugging at my brain.

So I had to create an image to encapsulate it. Essentially, everyone tells us "Don't look at the sun or you'll go blind." But there are more ways to go blind than just by physical sight. To go spiritually blind or blind to one's own good nature is far worse in my opinion.

So if you take the Sun as the hero aspect - intrinsically good, strong, heroic, always on the side of right, etc, and you stare at such an individual constantly, you'll always focus and intensify certain parts of who they are:

Wow, look at how built he is.She's so smart.He can do anything.She won the local marathon.

Those kinds of thoughts are made up by our egos. And we start to compare their 'goodness…

Raising the vibration and other nifty tweaks

I don't know about you, but in the past whenever I've heard someone like Neville Goddard say things like "I do not dream of having sex with my wife" - as in when he's working on a goal that isn't one of the things he did (and the one time I heard him say it, well, he sounded disgusted by the concept) - well, I figured he was being a stick in the mud.

As a woman who is proud to say "I enjoy sex and all the accouterments that go along with it" I tended to just go "Fine. You can be a stick in the mud." So in some of my scenes I've imagined with my man, erotic scenes have been a part of them.

But guess what I just learned? The electromagnetic signature put off by the brain in lust mode is earth bound and much, MUCH lower than I want it to be for my dreams to be made real.

Which means when I indulged in erotic dreams about my man, they did not rise high enough to put them in the realm of where I needed to be.

Now, I will admit…

Day 40 of #40days of meditation

Wow. Day 40. So much has happened in the last 40 days, I am amazed. So much growth in a period of 40 days just because I wanted to get back into the habit of meditating.

First off, I will continue daily to meditate because of all the amazing things that have occurred.

I found love.I re-opened my chakras.I became love.I saw a miracle happen right in front of my eyes - my 2nd reality shift I was aware of.I recognized some of my limiting beliefs and have cast them off.I've met and interacted with several angels and guides. I'm recognizing intuition.I have a much better relationship with the divine.I was given a rose by my guides.Last night I was shown a beautiful vision from my guides.
And so many more I cannot think of in this moment - but that was only in 40 days. Let me repeat - all those amazing things occurred since I started my 40 days of daily meditating practice. I changed the kinds of meditation I used and the times as I found what worked for me and what didn't.

This …

Day 37 of #40days of meditation

Well, Day 36 was interesting.

All day long I felt uneasy and malcontent. Late afternoon, I realized I hadn't felt the tingling in my third eye all day. So I tried to meditate, using my grounding+chakra balancing guided meditation, but it wasn't working. So I did a few other things and went back to do it again. I still had difficulty. I could feel the slight tingle but it wasn't nearly as strong as I've gotten used to over the last week or so.

I guess my being uneasy & overwrought all day exploded mid-talk with my angel. See, yesterday morning I was beginning to read a book by Dr. Joe Dispenza. And he made a comment about how we make the internal changes so that our external world changes and that there's no other reason to do it. And that kept pecking at me all day. I kept thinking - I feel better. I have an open heart. I'm happier. I'm more joyful. And yet.... Where are my big goals?

And suddenly a huge wash of shame and guilt and "I'm not wor…

Day 32 of #40days of meditation

They gave me a rose. It's going to take some time to figure out all the permutations of that sentence. For now, just take it as is. My amazing angels and guides gave me a rose.

I started out this post and have now deleted most of it as it ended up turning into a rant which I did not want to do - shows me I've still got some anger toward organized religion.

So I'm going to focus instead on my rose. It's beautiful in its spiritual state. A gorgeous peach color and when it's in full bloom, it is as wide as my lap. And the best part? It's thornless. And the lesson included with that is so intense, so mind-altering, so life changing it is going to take awhile to have it all soak in. I got it last night during my nighttime meditation, but expressing it? Will take some time.


Day 30 of #40days of meditation

Wow! It's day 30. I've been meditating for a full month. That's exciting. And except for a few days in the beginning where I showed some resistance to it, it hasn't once been a chore. It's the most peaceful time of my day.

The New Moon energy has struck. I can feel it in my muscles, my bones, my aches, pains, and my thoughts and fears.

I'm about 1% away of finishing A Return to Love and I've come to a couple conclusions. I am looking forward to studying A Course in Miracles because the lessons are about self improvement and because from what I've been told, there is not this overwhelming emphasis on god as an individual. That 'god' is universe or all that is'ness or whatever I term it to be.

Every teacher is going to take A Course in Miracles and their religious or spiritual beliefs are going to combine with it and become a major focal point. The author of A Return to Love is religious and her beliefs on God are, well, sometimes it feels lik…

Day 29 of #40Days of Meditation

Well, I can definitely tell you that meditation brings about all sorts of amazing changes. It brought a long-lost friend back into my life. It brought about my focus on I Am Love. It has reawakened my chakras (most of them) and aligned them. And it's brought about a calmer, less New Moon addled person.

So last night, I decided since I now know what it feels like to have my Ajna chakra open, that while meditating I would check on my other chakras and see how open they are. I was pleasantly surprised and thrilled to realize that of the 7 main chakras, 5 are open and active and 1 is partially open. The one that is not open and feels blank when I work with it is the Anahata, the heart chakra.

This doesn't surprise me at all. As a child, to protect myelf from hurt, I shut it down - obviously not consciously, but the result is the same. My entire adult life I've struggled with even the concept of "love" at times. In my twenties, I thought love was the world's worst…

The Third Eye Awakes - Day 28 of #40days of meditation

Ajna or the Third-Eye Chakra has opened
Last night as I was meditating before I went to sleep, a strange feeling came in the middle of my forehead. It kind of tingled, kind of itched. And I knew exactly what it was as I had felt it once before but rejected it at the time as annoying. When I realized later on what it was, I could have kicked myself.

I've been doing a lot of chakra opening work as my grounding exercises when I prepare to speak to my angels - it's also a wonderfully calming meditation.

But as I felt these feelings I felt such warmth, knowing that once again my 3rd eye is open.

It's a wonderful feeling as one of the things I've been asking for is to get in better touch with my intuition and guess what the Third-eye is for?

Ajna is involved with wisdom, intellect, clairvoyance, acting on ideas, insight, understanding, intuitive reasoning - can you see why this is amazing?

When the third-eye is out of alignment, it can cause headaches, eyestrain, depression,…

Day 27 of #40days of meditation

So much has changed since I started my #40days of meditation. Not only have I felt more peace, I've also found things within that I needed to get rid of, old patterns or blocks that needed to be routed. But I've also begun to meet and have discourse with my angels. I'll admit, I'm still in so much awe of the love in the space when I talk to them that most everything drops out of my head when I do and I forget anything I mean to ask.

But not always. For instance, I asked for an angel who could help me with a problem I'm having and a new one I hadn't met yet came forth and is now helping me.

Of course, that brings me to where I am now... in search of colored sharpies. See, I've been putting off something for weeks because I have major resistance to it. (Those fiction authors among you will know what I'm talking about when I mention the words: Full Manuscript Rewrite.) And today I asked my angels to help me change my attitude and thought patterns on produc…

Day 25 of #40days of meditation

Good morning!

Wow. 25 days. It's zoomed by. When I first started, doing 20 minutes was difficult and I needed a guided meditation to keep me from fidgeting for that amount of time.

Now I'm going between some guided and some music because I'm doing much longer meditations. 1 hour can fly by and I just feel amazing when I come out of it.

I'm also about to start A Course in Miracles with a friend of mine. I know one of my challenges going into the ACIM course is my resistance to thinking of one god - as an individual life force. To me, the universe, the all that is'ness is a collective intelligence and vibration of all the beings in the universe. And from what I gather, ACIM refers to 'God' being whatever the person imagines 'God' to be. But I've got mind blocks just like everyone else - that's one I will work through because ACIM sounds like it has some amazing lessons.

Last night I felt compelled to bring out my crystals.I haven't worked …

Day 23 of #40days of Meditation

Aftermath of a huge blockage released
When I went for my Reiki attunements in 2009, 2011, and 2013, I was warned that the attunements open up energy centers that have blocks in them and when that happens, the energy will flow better and faster. And may wipe me for a few days. And it did. In all three levels, Reiki I, Reiki II, and Reiki Master/Trainer, I would spend the next few days in bed. Just getting up to go to the bathroom would wear me out. It only lasted 2-3 days, but wow.

I have the feeling I’m suffering from a similar dilemma now. Yesterday, I was working on clearing some blocks and one of them, which I knew of but had no idea of how big it actually was (nor that it was blocking my energy – I thought it was protective, not destructive), blew up. I’m talking metric tons of horrible, negative emotion. And then I dealt with anger from realizing I’d been carrying that emotion and blockage for over four decades as it originated when I was a child.

The permutations of what I dump…

A big BOOM on Day 22 of #40days of meditation

Whoa. It's been quite a day. So I've been using grounding meditations the last couple days as I decided it was way past time I learned to communicate with the external beings who keep trying to contact me.
They've been ringing in my ears for two years - for the first year and a half, I thought some strange things about it. Since the ringing happened often when I was writing Highlander Romances, and stopped the moment I stopped writing them, I figured someone was trying to tell me I shouldn't write those. Don't laugh ;) Every time for weeks when I would work on an HR, within moments the ringing started and the moment I stopped, the noise stopped. So I put all my Highland romances away and stopped writing them entirely.
Then the sound came up again while I was doing nothing. And then again when I was doing something different. Then, about 7 months ago, I was going nutso because it started and wouldn't stop. For three days I did not get much sleep because of the noi…

Day 20 of #40days of meditation and all sorts of surprises

Day 20 of my 40 days of meditation and I've had a few mind blowing moments over the last couple days. davidji said that the thing about meditation is that it quiets your mind and lets you receive inspiration easier when you are not in a meditative state.

I can attest to that.

I'll also say that I had a tussle with myself on whether or not to write this post. The experiences I've had over the last few days have been intense and affirming. But then doubt came in. "Will they think I'm gloating if I write down what happened?" "Will they tsk and tell me it couldn't have happened?"

And then I realized I was letting doubt and fear cloud the amazing things that happened. So, here is a small look into the last few days.

1: A little over a week ago, I saw a few free videos from Dr. Wayne Dyer. In one of them he talked about how we are, at our core, light. Now, I have been widdling down my affirmations to one that I use if I get emotionally out of sync and…

Day 9 of #40Days of Meditation

Day 9. Time goes fast when you're having fun, right? :)

So I've switched my meditations. While the guided ones were easiest to do, I knew I wanted to get back to being able to meditate on my own without another person's voice around. So I switched to music I've used in my Reiki practice and Steve Halpern's Chakra meditation music. Both allow me to sink into awareness and yet don't have much to knock me out of the meditative state.

I have come across a conundrum though that I will need to figure out. They all say we need to be "in the now". At one time I thought I had it figured out that being 'in the now' was acting from the goal - as in knowing it already happened, so I was acting as such. Then when I started getting back into meditation, both davidji and Dr. Wayne Dyer said that being "in the now" was about being now. Not thinking of the past. Not thinking of the future. Because all we had was now. Of kicking out spare thoughts and…

5th day of #40days of meditation

Hello everyone :)

Okay, I'm on day 5 of my 40 days of meditation and I'm starting to notice some interesting things. Such as I am far more aware of how much clutter is in my head at any given time.

Is it any wonder I've struggled for so long with getting intuition? My brain's been too clogged up to hear anything. It is like standing in the middle of a screaming crowd of fans and trying to make myself heard above the band and the yelling without a microphone.

Plus, there is something very unique to the quietude that is created within the meditation. To have nothing on my mind. Yes, my thoughts zoom in and I pull my mind back to either my breath or to the guided meditation speaker's voice or to the chant if there's one going on. But the fact is, it's like going from a loud room into a huge warehouse where there is complete silence.

It's one of those moments where you can't help but notice how odd it is. How loud the silence is. And how infinitely larg…

3rd day in #40days

So, on my third day of meditation. I'm enjoying doing two different guided meditations daily by davidji. The universe even helped out on Saturday by sending a Fly to remind me to be in the now. It pushed me into meditating that day when I'd kind of been putting it off because I had other things to do.

It's definitely helping already in a few ways.

First, I'm sleeping better and deeper. No more toss, turn, toss, turn. And even if it didn't do all sorts of other good, that would be a reason in and of itself.

Second, I'm more conscious of my thoughts - and there are so damned many. But in this, I'm training my egoic brain to stop filling my mind with static. Because that is what 99% of our thoughts are. Pure and utter static. Just words and the feelings they engender that muck up our thoughts and vibration. And with all that static, is it any wonder I had a hard time hearing the universe as often as I would like? I tended to catch the warnings, but was missing…

40 Days to a more centered being #40days

I've always known meditation was a good thing, but getting into a practice of doing it daily has been difficult. I did it daily for months when I first read Neville Goddard's works and got into manifesting my life full time. But then I got caught up in the 'doing it right.' In several of my groups on Facebook, people were telling that the 'only' way to meditate was their way. I got so confused, I stopped.


As long as you meditate - and there are so many ways to choose from - daily, you lower your heart rate, rewrite your brain patterns, shore up your ability to resist disease, and increase your ability to make decisions and hear when the universe talks to you. Plus, it makes you focus on the NOW, which is important to anyone trying to manifest.

Pretty strong YES in the column of 'should I meditate?'

So I looked into different meditation techniques over the last few days and know I will be focusing on wave p…

Learning the language of the universe

Have you ever wondered just how the universe communicates? Sure, sometimes we'll receive information in whatever language we speak, but 99.99 times out of 100, the universe communicates with us through symbols.

Which makes sense if you think about it. The language we speak is particular to this planet and whatever family/country we were born into. The universe doesn't communicate like that. It's an entirely different form of language. It was one we knew before we came here and one we will once again understand when we move on from Earth, but for now - we have to relearn it.

NEW Language arts in our world are mostly words, phrases, and in a few cases symbols. But the universe almost exclusively communicates in symbols, pictures, and coincidences. So how do we hear what it's trying to say?

Well, first off, realize the universe is doing all it can to try and teach you its language. I mean it bends over backwards. The problem is, usually we aren't looking in the right …

Resolving past blocks simply and easily

I know what you're thinking. It sounds too easy right? How can one resolve past blocks simply and easily?

Well, first let's discuss what past blocks are. The body is energy and when it flows freely we are at one with the universe and we receive when we ask. We aren't bogged down in negative emotion or physical issues. However, when something occurs that puts a block in a part of our energy, we begin to have issues. They may pop up instantly (like a sudden lack of cash flow), or they may take years to develop (such as in the case of a dis-ease like cancer). The thing is to get rid of that energy block so that the natural energy of the universe can flow freely again.

Over our life time(s), we have garnered many such energy blocks. They can come from anything. A person saying something rude about it. Getting angry at someone. And let's be clear: We are the creators of our own reality. (Though that does not mean another might not affect us - more on that in a later post.) …

Living in the Now

If you aren’t a newbie to the metaphysical world, you’ve heard the phrase “Living in the Now” many times. The question is: do you know what it means?

My ‘meaning’ of it has changed several times as I come to a new level of understanding. For a long time it was difficult to get in the realm of “living in the now”. Some gurus make it sound like you just have to give up what you want. That’s not true. (And it caused me a major headache for a long time.)

But how do you live in the now without losing what you want?

Good question. And I will endeavor to explain, but I do think this is one of those things that you won’t know until you know. Sorry about that - it's true.

So, living in the now.

First off, this is assuming you have asked the universe for what you want, solidified it outside time and space in the 4th dimension, and no longer need to concentrate on it.

That’s right. Part of Living in the Now is no longer concentrating on what you want. For one thing, You need to FEEL as if yo…