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Learning the language of the universe

Have you ever wondered just how the universe communicates? Sure, sometimes we'll receive information in whatever language we speak, but 99.99 times out of 100, the universe communicates with us through symbols.

Which makes sense if you think about it. The language we speak is particular to this planet and whatever family/country we were born into. The universe doesn't communicate like that. It's an entirely different form of language. It was one we knew before we came here and one we will once again understand when we move on from Earth, but for now - we have to relearn it.

NEW Language arts in our world are mostly words, phrases, and in a few cases symbols. But the universe almost exclusively communicates in symbols, pictures, and coincidences. So how do we hear what it's trying to say?

Well, first off, realize the universe is doing all it can to try and teach you its language. I mean it bends over backwards. The problem is, usually we aren't looking in the right …