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Join me in being in the Now

If you've dealt with metaphysics at all, you've probably heard the phrase "be in the now". Now, considering the fact that they also say to live 'in the end', I will admit, I get confused as to the concept.

I figured out six months ago that, at the time, it meant thinking in a completely different way to the way I was thinking before, and as always happens in the study of anything, the deeper you go, the more our knowledge of said definitions change.

I've been thinking a lot about being in the now today and I am thinking, at my current level of knowledge, that there is a depth there that I am ready to grasp.

As such, I am focused in July to being 'in the now', to take 15 minutes a day and just be. No thinking of other things, no imagining the end, no going over plot lines in my head (which is my biggest mind filler). Just take those fifteen minutes to be aware.

Aware of what? Good question. I know there is so much we don't 'see' with ou…