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Its been a few days - but much has happened!

The last couple days have been crazy!

On Tuesday, PA asked me to see my full manuscript. They let me know it would take a couple weeks to review it.

On Thursday, 2 days after I submitted my manuscript, I got my acceptance letter. WOO HOO! I can hardly believe it. Well, actually I can believe it - LOL. I am taking this weekend to go over the contract and make notes. On Monday I hope to have a paralegal go over it for me and explain the legalese.

Once the contract is signed, the book goes into publication! I am so excited. Once that starts, I am going to start my marketing plan. There are a lot of resources on marketing your book, and I want to work hand-in-hand with my publisher to make this a best seller.

The Universe truly has no time constraints - it can make things happen quickly when you are on the right frequency - and I am working on staying on that frequency, though it doesn't feel like work. In fact the 'work' makes me feel fantastic!

Coming to a bookstore near you . . …

Huge step for me

Well, I took a huge step. With all this work I have been doing on getting rid of my resistance and working toward a much larger goal, I have also been inspired to do several things - one of those was to finish a book I have been writing for 5 years.

Its a Sci-Fi novel that I pick up every few months, write some, and then hit a block and put it back on the shelf. Well, I have finished it!

Not only have I finished it, I edited it and put everything in chapters. Whew! Not only that - but I have submitted it for publication through Publish America.

WOW! I feel like I have done months worth of stuff - but only in a few days! Its amazing what can happen when you get in the correct vibration with the Universe.

I will keep this updated with my progress to publication.

Onward and Upward!

Optimism vs Pessimism

I heard a commercial on the radio a couple days ago that has stuck with me.

It is a conversation between Two people

Person 1: "Hey, let's go full time with the business!"

Person 2: "We don't have any clients"

Person 1: "PacificCorp said they want to sign with us"

Person 2: "We don't have an office."

Person 1: "We can work from home and take it off our taxes"

Person 2: "We don't have any employees"

Person 1: "We have our spouses" . .

Question we all need to ask ourselves - Are we Person #1 or Person #2?

Ever since I heard the ad, I have not been able to get it off my mind. I'm not Person #2 anymore - I definitely used to be that years ago. But, I am not sure I am Person #1 yet. I think I am somewhere in between.

What I like about Person #1 is that not only are they positive, but quick witted as well - I would like to be able to do that - Have an idea and be able to spot the positive idea in every challenge. …

EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques

What is EFT?
The official EFT website says that EFT is "an emotional version of acupuncture, except needles are not necessary. Instead, you stimulate well-established energy meridian points on your body by tapping on them with your fingertips."
I had never heard of EFT before I started the Boundless Living Challenge. And yet, I will never be the same because of it. It allows for the releasing of negative energy. It is, in effect, another form of energy healing, like your Chakras or Theta Healing. They say, “The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system.” This is the way to clean out those disruptions.
The actual process of EFT is simple – you tap on certain energy centers of the body while repeating certain negative emotions or memories you have, thus getting rid of the disruptions.
Does it work? Yes.
Is it a bit weird? Yes. LOL At least if done in public. You might feel strange the first couple time you do it, but it becomes second nature after a…

Lucky Day 13:)

Wow - 13th day of the challenge. Must be lucky day 13? Years ago, I got tired of everybody making the number 13 out to be unlucky, so I purposefully focused on it being lucky:)
I got about 2 hours of sleep last night. Not due to anything bad, but due to excitement. I could not shut my brain off. LOL

I got a great idea about 10 pm last night and when I found myself awake at 1am still from thinking about it, I decided I might as well get up. I am going to be looking at it today and making a list of things I need to do on my side to make it a reality. Then leave the rest of it in the Universe's hands.

Whereas 2 days ago I felt spent and worried, today I feel the exact opposite! I am so on fire!

Even my horoscope knew it -

You need to think about the future today -- you're doing a great job of leaving the past behind and your mind is more concerned with planning and ambition than it is with anything else

Spot on, huh?

Well, that is all for now - Onward and upward everyone:)

Day 12 - At peace

( Originally posted July 31, 2008 Boundless Living Challenge )
First let me thank everyone who has offered encouragement and help in my little perfection issue. I was such at an impervious wall, and now I have so many "helps". I feel at peace.

I took Amy Jo's advice and filled out the Radical Worksheet and it was interesting as I went through what I was feeling about those events years ago, and then, for the first time I actually thought of what I knew about her (my grandmother's ) life. I was able to truly look at what her life was like and how she was a product of her own upbringing. I had "forgiven" her years ago, but I don"t think fully. It wasn"t until this time while I was writing about her life that I truly felt sorry for her. She was the product of her time and of her family. She didn"t have the chance like I do to overcome all of it.

The fact that I just called her my grandmother - I haven't called her that for years. She had always…

Day 12 - Found major resistance

( Originally posted July 31, 2008 Boundless Living Challenge )
Well, yesterday (Day 11) I came across some major resistance. It is an issue I have had all my life, and yesterday it hit really hard. I was really tired, and it came up while I was doing EFT.
I have this intense need to be perfect. If I'm not perfect it truly throws me off - actually it destroys me. When I started the tapping, I immediately lost it. You could say that on a scale of 0-10, my reaction was a 20. I tapped 3 times and got it down to a 15. I changed the wording a little bit, but that is where it stayed. I need to get this resistance down, I'm just not sure what words I need to use. After getting the feeling down a tiny bit, I tried some positive tapping to see if that could help, but when I tried to tap "It is ok if I'm not perfect", all I heard was "Oh NO IT'S NOT!"

Now, I know where this issue comes from. I know who started it and why its there. I had this issue crammed into m…

Day 11 - Panic Attack

( Originally posted July 30, 2008 Boundless Living Challenge )
OK day 11 - 1/4 of the way through.

Time to take stock in where I am at. I am keeping up my EFT. I notice I am struggling with forgetting my 10-10 list, but i remember at some point during the day.

Last night I had a setback. I was trying to get to sleep, when suddenly some thoughts entered my head that I didn't want.

There is a job that I sent in a resume for quite awhile ago, that is interested in me. Problem is - I am no longer interested in them. Through EFT I have been able to recognize some of my barrier techniques and one came up like a shot last night. Usually, just when I am about to go after a goal that I truly want, I will kind of freak out and take a job in the web/software development field. It always turns out the same way. Yeah - I make good money, but I end up unhappy and hating the job. I have been in the web/software development field for over 10 years, not because I like it - but because I am good at it …


( Originally posted July 29, 2008 Boundless Living Challenge )
Hopefully this will make sense to someone else reading this, but I had such a revelation last night. I was listening to the MP3 Attracting Abundance through EFT book and it got to one section (don't remember which one at the moment) and suddenly a thought came into my brain that kind of blew me away.

Brief history:

I have tried to go to college several times in my life. I didn't want to go. I find college boring for the most part, and annoying because of the classes you have to take that I can't stand. A straight-A student in high school, my path has always been toward alternative ways of learning. I received a blessing when I was younger saying I would always learn through alternative paths. My horoscope is always saying I will find different ways to learn all my life.

I think I have tried to go to school about 6 times. The first two, I made it through one semester before I pulled out. The others ~ well I made it …

Day 9 - Evening

( Originally posted July 28, 2008 Boundless Living Challenge )
Well, I was right. Today was incredibly busy. LOL
I did so much, and have to remind myself of that, because it doesn't feel as though I have gotten very far. I know that most of what I was learning today was where not to go for what I was looking for. And that is a lesson in and of itself.

Today did rush by though. With everything I was doing combined with a sick lilttle puppy (he was sneezing and couldn't stop - turned out he was allergic to the dust in the backyard - oh goodie), today truly rushed by. I forgot a call I was supposed to make at 6pm tonight due to the pup issue. But then again - was it forgetting - or purposeful blocking out something I don't think is truly worthwhile?

I am looking forward to tomorrow - I have a list of things I want to do and can't wait to get to it:)

Day 9 - Morning

( Originally posted July 28, 2008 Boundless Living Challenge )
Wow - I have so much to do today. Its gonna be full!
Besides working on my challenge and writing, which I feel very inspired to do suddenly, I have been thinking over the past few days about how this kind of thinking could affect teenagers.

I live in an area full of tiny communities: some are wealthy, most are farming. So many of the teenagers don't seem to have goals.

Anyway, for some reason I decided to visit Bob Proctor's website. (Bob Proctor from the secret) He has a site called Goal33 that is specifically aimed at teenagers. I'm going to look through it. I would like to develop some sort of program for the youth in my area to help them to see a positive future.

Well, off to start my day . . . .

Day 8

( Originally posted July 27, 2008 Boundless Living Challenge )
Hello World:)

Today I took things a little easier - gave myself a break before the big push this week. Its been nice, but I am so ready to go to the next step.

I did my 10-10 list this morning and instead of the second list being a "Things I want to attract" list, I titled it the "Things I have attracted list" due to the fact that I am working to assure my vibration says I already have these things rather than that I want them sometime in the future.

I purchased Carol Look's Attracting Abundance using EFTe-Book and MP3s a day or so ago and am listening to them. Its a wonderful way to work through all this, plus it gives some good "games" to help keep me on track. I plan on putting my earphones on in a few minutes and working through a few issues:)

I feel so comfortable with who I am at the moment: this happy, comfortable woman. I'm surprised I am so comfortable. Considering all the work I h…

Day 7

( Originally posted July 26, 2008 Boundless Living Challenge )
Wow - am I sure it has only been one week? I am so different today than I was 7 days ago.
EFT has been an amazing gift and through it I am conquering so many barriers. I am glowingly happy and loving it:) I find myself craving going to the gym again and have gone for 3 days in a row. I am loving it and have gotten up to 45 minutes between the elliptical and the treadmill.

Today I let my mind focus on my vision board. I added a few things to it and feel them coming true. I feel like I already have two of the items on my vision board. Its amazing.

I let myself look at tours online today. I have always wanted to travel to Greece, and it is one of the things on my vision board. I have contacted a couple tour groups asking for more information.

Well, that is about it for today:)

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I feel so GOOD

( Originally posted July 26, 2008 Boundless Living Challenge )
OK - I have now been tapping for 6 days. Some days I struggled as different emotions came up - but one great thing that has come out of this is I actually sleep at night - what a concept! My insomnia seems to be deteriorating.
As I have been going through, I kept thinking of one thing the person who created EFT said, that the emotions we are going through and nullifying can be like a forest. As you get rid of each one, you don't really feel much until suddenly WHAM! the forest collapses and you can really feel the difference.

Tonight I tapped on the subject of sabotage. By the end of the tapping, I had the biggest grin on my face. That was an hour ago, and its still there! LOL I feel so good and so alive.

Life is wonderful!

Day 6

( Originally posted July 25, 2008 Boundless Living Challenge )
Today has been a laid-back day. I did some research (including looking into the domain name(s) I am interested in and finding out that some of them are now considered "premium domain names" and they want to charge an arm and a leg for them - sometimes domain registrars really annoy me).
I did more research into the idea that hit me a couple days ago, trying to figure out what I can do with it. It has promise, I am just trying to figure out where to go from here.

This is much shorter than my other posts, but quite honestly I don't have much to state today:)

Have a great Friday evening:)

When stuff hits you . . .

( Originally posted July 24, 2008 Boundless Living Challenge )
Sometimes what you need is sitting in front of you, but you don't know it because you can't see it. What I am referring to is an answer to a couple questions that have been known to go through my head from time to time about the Law of Attraction. I love "What the Bleep Do We Know?" and "The Secret" because I count those two moves as making a very decisive change in my life. But certain understanding stood just out of reach for me as I have learned more about it - that is until tonight.
I was on a call that Bob Doyle, Rich German, and Marie Diamond did to launch Rich's new book about the Law of Attraction. On it, there were several people who's stories contribute to the book. As they discussed them, some of my answers were answered.

*. I could never figure out how we were supposed to act as though whatever we wanted was here even though it hadn't manifested itself yet. I can see for a s…

Day 5 - Decluttering

Well, I woke up this morning feeling great - at 5 am. Then, by 7am, I was exhausted and went back to sleep until 10:45. But, when I got up I went and exercised for the first time in months. MAN it felt good. I have been steadily losing weight for the last few of weeks, but until now the desire to go to the gym hadn't surfaced. Instead, I just lost interest in snacking (whoa to the Lay's Stax BBQ chips - they used to be my favorite snack food) and instead eat smaller meals.

Last night, before I went to bed, I had an amazing moment of clarity and between 5-7 this morning, I researched my idea. It has some interesting factors I am going to keep looking at. But, I keep saying my goal "I will make more than $1000/day by Sept 4." I don't know quite what opportunity I need to do to reach that goal, but I am acting on ideas that come to me and am very excited to see where they go. I used to want to take on the job of the Universe and do it all, but feel content at the mom…

Day 4

( Originally posted July 23, 2008 Boundless Living Challenge )
I'm tired.
Last night I did not get much sleep due to a sick dog. My mind won't quiet down long enough to get any rest.

I got so frustrated that I stopped doing anything today. I have worked on resistance this afternoon, but it seems that every time I get through one barrier, tons of others enforce themselves. I didn't expect it to be super quick, but I can see why I have never succeeded before. Jeez I have tons of stuff in my sub-conscious.

I am sure that the resistance will be short lived and within a few days I will be back to my vibrant self, but at the moment, it seems interminable.

I started to work on one of my websites this morning and all I felt was frustration and anger.

Sorry for the down post, but I just can't seem to feel "up" at all.

Well, Here I go. . . .

( Originally posted July 22, 2008 Boundless Living Challenge )
OK, I feel as though my body is shaking as I write this. I have my goal. (Can you hear my teeth chatter? LOL)

I have been trying to figure out which goal I wanted to concentrate on, and it was between a few things. This morning, I went to check out a school nearby, with the thought of finally heading toward my degree. But, while I drove there, while talking with the recruiter, and while walking around the campus, I felt nothing, absolutely nothing. I realize it is just not my passion right now. It may be at some point, but not now.

So, I have decided to work on a very specific goal for the next 45 days.

By Sept 4th, I will be making at least $1,000 a day.

I'm a web developer/interactive marketing specialist and have been for over 10 years, but up till now shot myself in the foot every time I tried to gain a foothold online. I've contracted with some major international corporations, but never seemed to get beyond making…

Day 2

( Originally posted July 21, 2008 Boundless Living Challenge )
Well,. its the end of day 2 and much has happened in two days - LOL. I am finding out some amazing things that have blocked me in the past that EFT is slowly getting rid of.

I am still listening to the EFT MP3s and getting through some stuff. I am definitely focusing more on one passion than any other. Tomorrow morning I have an appointment to look more into this "dream","goal", or whatever it might be. If I feel it as strongly tomorrow as I do now, I believe that will become my 45-day challenge.

Well, that is about all for today. Its been a very long one - but productive as well.

What a ride so far!

(originally posted July 20, 2008 Boundless Living Challenge)
So far this has been quite the wild ride - ok so I know the official challenge just started today, but the whole last month has been amazing for me.

I have been doing affirmations for 12 years. I went from being an extremely negative individual who was 99% negative, 1% neutral - to a person who was positive 80% of the time. I learned about the Law of Attraction 1.5 years ago and it was a mind-blowing experience as I realized why I was getting what I did not want. By May of this year, I knew I was ready to take the next step in my evolution, but didn't know where. Eckhart Tolle's book was too droll for me. I tried reading it three times and it kept putting me to sleep.

Then, by accident, I came across Louise Hay's "You Can Heal Your Life". Since then, so much has gone on. While I have been mostly positive, not with the extent to which I have been since I started reading her book. On July 8th, I went into my…

Blog, Blog, Blog

OK, I will admit it - until 2 weeks ago, I had never really blogged. But, I have so much information out there to blog about, and as I am in a 45-day challenge to reach a very large goal, I have found I like blogging:)

Several of the posts here will look like they were all done on the same day. Actually, I have been blogging on a social network and am pasting those into this blog. From now on, I will continue to post here as well as there.

The Law of Attraction truly works. Through my blogs, I am going to show you my experiences, both the good and the bad - from the resistance that comes up when I try for new heights to the interesting helps that abound online to help all of us.  I hope you will enjoy this ride with me.