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What does an angel really look like?

Every day it seems like I come across a spiritual individual who tells me what an angel looks like. Or a fairy. Or a dragon. Or a unicorn. I listen to their description and then go on with the knowledge that it's a wonderful thing in our giving universe that every single person can see energy beings in a different way.

So what do they look like? Whatever you think they should look like. It's that simple. Energy beings are just that - energy. Energy has no form. It's just light. The human mind, unable to handle something it doesn't understand, does what it can to shape the energy form into something it understands.

It's why so many people describe angels as being pale skinned with golden hair and white fluffy wings - they were raised with that concept so when they 'see' an angel, that is what they see. And don't for one moment think that's wrong. It's not. It's very right because they see what they recognize as a loving angel. And they put a…