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Who's Reality are you Buying Into?

Before we are aware that we are the masters of our own universe and that we control our own vibration, we are but a leaf in a storm, being flicked about at its whim. Without the strength to find out own way, we are ripped from our  branch and sent out into the world without anything to hold onto except for the fact we have no control.

In some ways, I think people cling to that concept - after all, it is easier to blame others than to recognize that you are at fault for what comes to you.

The opposite is in fact true - when you recognize just how much of what happens to or comes to you is from you, it gives you a better bargaining chip. Because if something comes your way you don't want, you change the vibration you put out so you get a different response instead.

However, that doesn't mean we don't have knee-jerk reactions. Right now, there are tons of those going on in Washington DC. I keep away from the news because quite frankly, it's sole purpose is to drag the lo…

Dumping Energy Blocks

There are a lot of gurus out there. Tons. Possibly millions. And guess what? They are all probably right. For them. And possibly a few of them have the right path for you to follow.

However, there is something that may be holding you back.

It doesn't matter which of the paths you take. Whether its following Neville Goddard or Abraham-Hicks, the masters of The Secret or the spiritualist down at your local New Age store. If this one thing is holding you back, none of their work will get you where you want to be.

Now, don't screech and fall over. Let me explain.

We're all energy, right? And everything we're talking about deals with energy. So if you have an energy block against whatever it is you're going for and you don't take care of it? You can try and try and try and try and try as much as you can. You can even succeed. However, if you haven't cleared that energy block, your success is likely to turn on its head and leave you wondering what happened.

Case …