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Saying no is actually saying yes

Okay, no, I am not being esoterically bizarre.

I promise.

If you are like me, saying no is not an easy thing to do. In fact, it is incredibly difficult. There is a lot of guilt/shame built into it. Anything from "If I say no, they won't like me" to the fact I love to help people and saying 'no' rattles me.

I've figured something out, though.

Saying no to others is, in fact, saying yes to me.

I'm on a path. A path of enlightenment, a path of consciously creating my reality, a path of my own truth.

If I say 'yes' to someone when it goes against the path I am on, it actually puts a block in my way and stops me from being the me I know I am. On the other hand, if I say no, I am saying yes to my path and reinforcing to myself that I am worth investing in.

Now, when I say no, I am not doing it viciously or with any kind of negative emotion. It is said clearly after thinking about me, what path I am on, and how doing what the other person is asking would…

Mystery, power and growth

If you have been reading this blog lately, you have read my post on what spiders taught me about alternate realities. And I have been playing with that lately to some interesting results.

They were absent for awhile and are now back consistently. This morning, I decided to look up the meaning for spiders to see what else I might need to glean from my little friends.

Whats-your-sign gives the following information about the meanings for spiders:

The Spider is an ancient symbol of mystery, power and growth.

We take our first lesson from the ancient symbol of the Spider by contemplating its web.

Just as the Spider weaves a web, so too must we weave our own lives. The Spider symbol meaning here serves as a reminder that our choices construct our lives. 

Not only do Spiders and their webs draw attention to our life choices, they also give us an overview of how we can manipulate our thinking in order to construct the life we wish to live.

Spiders do this by calling our awareness to the amazing co…

That which you desire to be

When one starts on the road to their fulfillment by spiritual and mental changes, it is a strange and unique journey. I have been through several 'teachers'. I didn't leave their 'teachings' because I disagreed with them. In fact, I am thankful for those teachers and what they taught me. But any good teacher will tell you that what they teach is only there to help you move on to greater learning.

Currently I am working with The Law as taught by Neville Goddard (albeit I do it without most of the jesus/god references).

His teaching that nothing is without, but everything is within makes sense to me. That our entire outer picture is created by what we think, what we focus on, and what we believe.

I am grateful for all the teachers who I had before that prepared me for this journey. In fact, I am in agreeance with the phrase "when the student is ready, the teacher will appear." Neville taught this great Law starting in the late 1930s. And yet, I only found i…

Change of sight can be scary

Change is very difficult overall for the human race. I read once that people were more scared of change than of dying. Which sounds stupid until you realize that death tends to come quickly for most of us. Change? Not so much.

In all actuality, if we would allow it, change can be instantaneous. The problem is, we don't allow it. And even when we do allow it, the new way of seeing things may not seem right-it might be so far different than what we are used to that we cannot handle it. So what do we do? We retreat...turn back...convince ourselves the 'us' previous to change wasn't so bad. Because the momentary fear or discomfort is not something we can look past.

And yes, it is momentary.

As I mentioned in another post, I have been working with Neville Goddard's The Law and I can see the changes. Some of them have been instantaneous, some have taken a few days. Some are still ruminating until my mind releases its resistance to the change required.

But what makes me t…

Finding The Law

All truths are true. The thing you need to realize is that there are levels of truth. And each person focuses on the level of truth they are prepared to believe in, in that moment.

And unless you wish to remain stagnant, you need to continue to keep growing, keep learning, and keep reaching for more knowledge.

A month ago, through a friend, I came across knowledge that has been around for decades. And I never knew it. I can only assume that I was not ready for this particular knowledge until that point. But now that I have it, my mind is expanding at an incredible rate. If you read my past post about what spiders taught me about parallel dimensions, that event happened a couple weeks after I began studying "The Law".

What is The Law? To say it sounds simple, but the depths of which this law goes are incredible. The law basically states that that which we focus on becomes our reality. Sounds like the law of attraction, doesn't it? And is so much more. It will tur…

What spiders taught me about parallel dimensions

What spiders taught me about parallel dimensions

(I do not like creepy crawlies. In any shape of form. So yes - this story will have a squished spider.)

This article is going to sound strange - even stranger than the title. All I ask is that you keep an open mind. If you are dead set against the idea of corresponding realities or parallel dimensions, then this will mean nothing to you and I send you on your way in peace.

Now, for the rest of you. This is what happened:

At 2:45 this morning I was awake. You know. That kind of awake where you know you are not just going to be able to fall back to sleep and you might as well do 'something'. My something was to turn on my Samsung tablet and read one of my Kindle books. All the lights were off, but the light from my tablet shown brightly on the ceiling of my bedroom where, after fifteen minutes or so, my eye caught movement and I turned my head, my eyes latching on a big, ugly spider.

Instinctively I froze in panic for a moment. I …

This is not a good vs evil world

For some reason, humanity loves to be caught between the concepts of GOOD vs EVIL. Which in some becomes an US vs THEM scenario. What is worse? Me vs ME.

And that is what everything comes down to. For there is no overwhelming good or evil. There is just us; how we think, feel, and how we act on those thoughts and feelings.

This brings to mind that little thing we did as girls. You know what I'm talking about. First we would pick up a pretty flower, then we would mutilate it while we said the following:

He loves me.
He loves me not.
He loves me.
He loves me not.

All the while hoping for the first and fearing the latter would come true. And what usually happened? He loves me not. And if, by chance it came out He loves me? We would do it again, assuring our own destiny by working until the He loves me not appeared.

Knowing about the law of attraction and seeing how it works, and with each step seeing more and more how it truly does create our reality, can you see how this is the WORS…

Peace instead of chaos

If we could change the world, how would we do it?

Love and acceptance. Strength. Peace.

With those four things overriding everything else, how could the future not be rosy?

The path toward change

They say that change is the single most terrifying thing for a human, even above speaking in front of people or dying. But I find that the change itself is not the scary part - it is getting there.

Who am I? Who will I be? Can I do this? Am I going in the right direction?

Breathe, focus on your emotions and the outcome. That is our only job. Let the universe do the rest.

Be an example

I have some more thoughts I have put to images I have that my mother took. I hope they lighten your day.

The world is our mirror - we see our own reflection. So, want to make a real change in this world? Be an EXAMPLE of what you want to see!

Don't give up

I found this a few days ago and it resonated with me incredibly. Though, maybe not in the way they expect. For me, the beginning always seems easiest. I am pumped up with energy and excitement and it just seems easier to get through those bumps and oddities that come up.
What I find the hardest is staying the course. 
When I have worked so hard for a goal for so long and don't see any kind of result, that is when I find myself faltering.
And getting angry at myself.
And angry at the universe for not doing...
Of course, that all comes back to emotion and vibration and all sorts of other natural things we as humans tend to fight against.
So, if it were me, instead of 
Don't give up the beginning is always the hardest
I might say
Don't give up as long as something is flowing, you are doing something right
So just remember. As long as everything feels easy - and that does not mean no hard work, necessarily - it just means that things feel easy, effortless. Many times, when I …

At what point do you throw in the towel?

This is not going to be the most positive of posts - sometimes reality is not positive. When I began this blog, I said it would be an overview of my ride with positive affirmations and with the Law of Attraction (LOA). Sometimes that ride is not pleasant.

I started grasping at the positive pull of life 17 years ago. It was 6 years ago that I began studying LOA and 5 years ago that my life truly changed me into the life-affirming person I am today.

Now - don't get me wrong. I am VERY glad I am so positive and that I am happy and I owe that to things like affirmations and the tiny results I have seen of LOA working.

But I must ask - at what point might one ask - is this all a bunch of bunk?

What do I mean?

Well, I see that the LOA works - both in positive and negative ways. Obviously the law is just working, but still the outcome is either positive or negative.

I have now been working toward 2 very important goals for 5 years within that positive LOA frame of mind. 5 years. And I fe…

Making Intention Cards

Hello, my friends!

I know - I fuddled on this one. Real life took over and all of this took a backseat. But I have kept thinking - I need to tell them how to do Intention Cards!
So, here I am:)
Okay, so do you have the items I had listed in theIntention Cards Supply List? You will want to have them on hand as you do these.
Now - first and foremost - do only one at a time. If you want to do several in a day, take a break between, go for a walk, watch a TV show, read a book... you get the idea. You will be putting yourself, your hopes, your dreams into these cards. And you want each one to reflect that specified intent.
The reason I told you to get 12 of them is that  A: It is a nice round number. B: If you wish to create your own Tarot Deck, this is a good start. C: I tend to work in twelves – I don’t know why.
But, we are here to talk about intentions.
So... away we go.



Such a powerful phrase. Have you ever thought about how powerful that phrase actually is?

Say the words

I am happy.

Now say:

I am tired.

Now say:

I am filled with energy.

Did you feel it? The energy change in your body as you said those words? I could. I am is an incredibly powerful phrase that our brain taps into readily. So when we say "I am [input word here]" it has a huge affect on us.

Do you realize what that means? That just by saying the words I am... that we are changing our core energy.

I know what you are saying... "but what if I am dead broke and I say I am a millionaire? All I hear is laughter in my head and guilt and depression in my gut." Been there, done that.

There are three ways (that I know of) to get past that. And it depends on what you are trying to do and what you think will work for you.

#1 The 25x a day method. This I learned 16 years ago from Susie Orman. She was focused on money, but the fact is you can use this method for anything. I…

Intention Cards Supply List

Excited to make your intention cards? Here is a list of items you will need to have on hand.

12 5"x8" or 6"x9" pieces of:

medium-weight cardboardclapboardheavy-duty art paperWhatever you use needs to be able to stand up to the weight you will be adding to it and they need to be the same size.
Glue: Glue sticks + FinishModge PodgeThe glue you use needs to affix the images to the background as well as go over the top to create a nice smooth finish. So you can use something like Glue Sticks and finish with a spray OR Modge Podge works well. DO NOT use regular Elmer's glue. Your images will wrinkle hideously.
You will want a box of images, as many as you can find in magazines, newspapers, etc on hand. Next weekend I will post instructions on putting Intention Cards together and you will see why you want a ton already torn out.
See you next week!

Happy New Year

Wishing everyone a very happy 2013 and beyond! May all your dreams come true in the most amazing way possible.