What spiders taught me about parallel dimensions

What spiders taught me about parallel dimensions

(I do not like creepy crawlies. In any shape of form. So yes - this story will have a squished spider.)

This article is going to sound strange - even stranger than the title. All I ask is that you keep an open mind. If you are dead set against the idea of corresponding realities or parallel dimensions, then this will mean nothing to you and I send you on your way in peace.

Now, for the rest of you. This is what happened:

At 2:45 this morning I was awake. You know. That kind of awake where you know you are not just going to be able to fall back to sleep and you might as well do 'something'. My something was to turn on my Samsung tablet and read one of my Kindle books. All the lights were off, but the light from my tablet shown brightly on the ceiling of my bedroom where, after fifteen minutes or so, my eye caught movement and I turned my head, my eyes latching on a big, ugly spider.

Instinctively I froze in panic for a moment. I REALLY dislike spiders and this horrid creature was standing on my ceiling above my bed. After turning on my beside lamp, I put my tablet down and watched it. There was a brief moment of - "if it moves its gonna drop on my bed", but mostly I was thinking "If I could just get it to crawl over to the wall and down a bit, I could squish it and go to sleep."

It decided with all the light to just stay still. From past experience, I knew that spiders hate lavender essential oil and it was the sure way to get them moving (or dropping from the ceiling). So, I got up, turned on the overhead light and picked up my bottle of lavender oil. Just in case the thing dropped, I put a white towel on my bed so I could see it easily. Then I sprayed right at it.

What happens next will sound unbelievable. To be honest, I didn't believe it at first. The spider dropped but within an inch of falling, he disappeared. Poof! I looked down at the towel. No spider. I knew he could not have hit the floor because these suckers make a 'thunk' when they hit the floor (yes, they are big). And there was no sound. I checked anyway. Nope, no spider in need of medical attention.

I looked everywhere. Under the bed. I stripped and remade the bed. I even checked a nearby shelf. Nope. No brokeback spider. Confused, with the image of the poof'ing spider in my head, I stood back and out of the corner of my eye I saw him. Twenty feet away on the wall. Yes, it was the same spider. There had not been a spider over there just a few seconds before and now, there he was.

After staring at him in shock and wondering for a second how the hell he got from falling from my ceiling to the all all the way over there, I grabbed my lavender oil and squirted him. Instantly he dropped to the floor behind a bucket. I left him there, turned off the light, and went back to bed. Where two seconds later in the dim light of my bedside lamp I saw a shape crawling up the wall.

This time he was in reach so I jumped out of bed, grabbed my shoe and smooshed him.

Now, it took awhile for my brain to recognize what it saw, but quite honestly there is no other explanation for what happened. He was not the flying-kind of spider. I wished that he could be on the wall so I could squish him and go back to sleep. He dropped from the ceiling, Poof'd into thin air, and reappeared twenty feet away on the wall.

I do not know if I switched realities to one where he was on a wall so I could get at him or if it is the parallel dimensions theory that says that all actions have a consequence and a new dimension begins with each decision you make. All I know is that I moved from one thing (call it reality or parallel dimension) into another in an instant.

An instant. Think about it. I had a thought, sprayed the spider and Poof! switched.

Now, think of it in a wider context.

You want a new outfit. Poof! New reality, new parallel dimension, new outfit.

You want a wonderful partner? Poof! New reality, new parallel dimension, new amazing partner.

You want $1 million? Poof! New reality, new parallel dimension, $1 million.

If our thoughts create our reality, there need be no time between wanting and receiving (and believe me, I have seen proof of that in so many ways). Maybe our thought process is wrong.

Instead of 1. Think of something we want. 2. Believe it will happen. 3. Receive it.

Maybe we need to change that to: 1. Believe our thoughts make our reality. 2. Think of what we want. 3. See we have already received it.

I AM blissful. Thank you, universe!


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    1. Thanks, Jessica. It was difficult to describe as I know it would sound unbelievable to some. But it truly happened. :)


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