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Up That Vibration starts tomorrow!

Okay, so today is Nov 30th which means tomorrow starts 31 days of positive messages, encouragement and good vibrations.

Are you ready?

Each day will have a few words, plus an image I created to go along with it. Feel free to save the image to your computer or even post it on another website. The only thing I ask is you do not alter the image in any way.

Let's build the vibration, people!

Each day if you create a similar kind of blog post - anything positive to up the "vibrational escrow" (as Abraham likes to say), comment on that day's post and I will tweet your link AND will list it on a new page just for Thoughts Become Things.

Have a fantastic December everyone!

Thoughts Become Things

Yep, we've all heard it. Thoughts become things. But, once you get down and dirty with the Law of Attraction, you realize it is actually the vibration you are on that causes change - not just thinking it.

Try it. Think "I have a million dollars." If you DON'T actually have a million dollars, you probably don't believe it. In fact, there is probably a part of your body that twinged or ached, or a negative thought just took its place like "Yeah, right!" or "that'll be the day".

So, let's change that vibration we are on!

For the entire month of December, I am going to Blog & Tweet positive thoughts. It will help me stay in the right vibration and hopefully will help you as well.

Want to join in? Blog a wonderful, happy, uplifting, or otherwise wonderfully high vibration thought a day in December. Comment with your link and I will tweet it as well! Let's raise the vibes and start 2013 with a bang!

Happy November

It has been awhile since I posted to This Thought Counts, but since I took time this week to transfer it from webpress to blogger, it re-energized me to update.

So, where am I? Well, not quite where I want to be, but I am getting there. (Hmm, not quite the right vibration to be on. Let me change that - I am exactly where I want to be!)

This year, I self-published my novel L'Amore Perfetto, a romance/modern-day fairytale, in eFormat. I am currently working to get it into print as well. My goal is to have it available in print by the end of November for Xmas sales, crossing my fingers on that one.

I also launched a whole bunch of eBooks under a completely different genre under a pseudonym. And no, I am not ready to reveal that yet.

Right now, I am working on a Young Adult story that has been humming in my brain for over a year. I hope I can do it justice.

My goals for the next year?
Sell enough of my books that I do not have to work another job to get by.
Find the love of my life.