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A shield for good feelings

You know 'those people'. They're the ones that rub you the wrong way and as you grow in knowledge and understand how that kind of emotion can affect you're life, it pisses you off even more when they piss you off.

Last night I was dealing with that and remembered all the tales about wishing the best on the other person and in doing that, they fade away and you are left with good feelings. Well, it isn't the easiest to do - especially if that person has harmed you in the past, but I created a rhyme in my head that I repeated as a mantra all the way into sleep. I woke up feeling uber fantastic this morning and plan to keep it up whenever I have to deal with anyone who causes negative reactions within me.

Just think of the person and repeat the following over and over. Depending on how deep the annoyance/anger, or general ugh feelings you have about the person, it will take from 1 repetition to 50 to realize you just don't harbor those feelings anymore. It's a…