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Unburden your dreams #metaphysics #loa

You know those moments where you have a-ha moments and it's like everything comes together? I had one of those today. This A-ha moment came with sparkles and happiness galore. I'm going to tell you what I found out, and then explain it. Don't be shocked.
Have you ever realized what a burden dreams can be?
I'd hand over a pillow for you to fall down upon, but hopefully you were sitting down when you read that. Yes, dreams can be heavy burdens, but I didn't really get that until today. What do I mean? Well, let me explain how I figured it out.
There are several dreams I've been working on for a long time. Since I found Neville Goddard's and Florence Scovel Shinn's teachings, they have been a major focus of what I desire most in my life. For the past 14 months, I've lived, eaten, and breathed these dreams. 
Only one problem - while I've glimpsed them and felt them in the 4th dimension, so far they have not taken physical form. You must admit - that…

Give the logical mind a rest

I'm going to talk today about the logical mind. Now - not in terms of left/right brain, that is something entirely different. What I want to discuss is the side of your brain that wants to make sense of things.

You know the section: it says things like "Why doesn't this work for me?" and "I don't get it."

We've all heard that from ourselves, and 99 times out of 100, we think we are logically thinking things out so we can find the answer, thus fixing our problem.

But guess what? Thinking those kinds of thoughts and feeling the emotions that come with them actually attract the opposite to what you want.

For instance, saying: "I don't get it" over and over will do nothing except make sure you never get it.

I'm an inquisitive sort and when something doesn't happen the way I expect it to, I want to investigate as to why. But guess what? That is the antithesis to getting what I want. If my premise is "Why doesn't this work?&…

Dreams Don't Die

Sometimes, we bemoan dreams we had that have never come to pass - the strange thing is while bemoaning this fact, we never pause to think "would this dream even fit the person I am today?" Nor do people (as a group) tend to realize some dreams you should let go of and look for new ones.
Some dreams come and go, some stay for the duration. If a dream no longer serves you, let it die - let it get recycled and someone else can use it. Create your own dreams, your own past, present, and future. 
Don't dream safe - for in safety there is no thrill. Dream about what you really want, not that which someone else tells you that you should want. 
See it. Imagine it. Feel yourself having it. 
And then let yourself have it and create a new, fantastic dream.
A great affirmation for this is "I only desire that which is part of my divine design." If you affirm that, sooner or later, your desires will change. Just let those that slide away, slide away. And let the new,…

Don't you love this time of year?

I'll admit it. I love Autumn. The leaves are falling from the trees and each morning wakes up with that wonderful crispness that says that snow is coming soon.

I know I haven't done a lot here since the Summer of Change ended. I've been uber busy. How uber busy? Well, let's put it this way - I have 4 pseudonyms and I write in many different genres. 2 of my pseudonyms have huge book launches this month and I've been working on them for the last 6 weeks.

The one just launched today, but I'm really excited about the book that launches Oct 20th. It's the first in an inspirational romance series I've written under the name Bree Cariad. Taking place in the fictional town of Hyacinth, Washington, this contemporary town lives by very traditional values. From the courting of the girls at the age of 18 to the fact that words like trust, honor, and discipline are more than just words. These novellas are clean, hopeful, and as several people have told me "so c…

Summer of Change: A few final thoughts

Well, my friends. The Summer of Change is now over, but I do hope that you have embraced at least a part of what I've shared with you. Taken it into your heart and mind and tested it out, finding what works for you and what doesn't.

I've used all the hints I have given you. I studied Neville Goddard and Florence Scovel Shinn. I took what worked and cast off what didn't. And I'm now living the life I wished for.

To use a quote from one of my favorite TV shows of all time.

Live Long and Prosper


Since some of you have asked, I have compiled the entire Summer of Change into a book you can have on your eReader at all times if you'd like.

It is available from:
Barnes and Noble

Summer of Change #25: Stop looking for problems

When we start down the path of enlightenment, we get on a roll. Every issue from our past that we fix, we see a direct and positive change in our future. We go “wow!” look at that. And don’t get me wrong. That’s a GOOD thing.

Unfortunately, many get into the trap of thinking they need to have everything ‘fixed’ before their goal/dream/imagination comes true. So, they start looking for things to fix. “Well, my dream hasn’t shown up, so I must have other issues I need to deal with. I’ll deal with those first.”

This does two things:
It changes our focus from our dreams to our problems, which is the exact opposite to what we should be focused on.It tells the universe we want more problems to fix.
And the universe, in all its nicety says, “Okay, if that’s what you want…” And hands us more problems, more issues, more nightmares to fix.

So stop looking. If something comes up? If intuition says “cough! You need to let that go” then listen and let ‘that’ go. But don’t go searching for trouble.…

Summer of Change, Extra #7: Be your own guru

And now the time has come. The Summer of Change is almost up, but your change has just begun.

You have read and studied the gurus and worked at raising your vibration so that you are in more alignment with what you want and who you want to be. Now it is time to become your own guru.

It’s a simple and easy thing to do.

First off, you must understand that teachers are only telling you that which works for them. They come from different backgrounds, have had different experiences from you. So what works for them, may or may not work for you. And you may find by tweaking their suggestions that you can get them to really work for you.

Listen to your intuition. Let it guide you. If something doesn’t work? Either move on to something else, or tweak it until it does.

This is, in essence, becoming your own guru.

Trusting in you to know what you need. Nobody else knows as much as you (And the I AM’ness inside) what you need. So it is time to take charge of your own life. Make decisions that wo…

Summer of Change #24: De-clutter

All right. Today’s the day. Break out the baskets, garbage pails, and gloves. It’s time to de-clutter.

Why de-clutter? Because our physical lives do tend to mirror our emotional ones. If our physical space is cluttered, it shows how much our emotional space is muddled as well.

Plus, if you are trying to attract some ‘thing’ and there is some other ‘thing’ sitting where the new one will go…how will it ever arrive? Clear out a spot for it.

Now, the general rule of thumb is to look at everything and think “Have I used this in the last year?” If not? It goes. Stuff in good shape can go to the library, hospital, good will, church bazaar… Stuff in bad shape goes into the garbage pail.

Do it fast. Don’t try and feel. If you feel, memories come back and then…it’s a case of “Oh, I can’t get rid of this now!” I have issues with dumping stuffed animals. They’ve been in boxes for years, haven’t seen the light of day in who knows how long, but I open up those tubs and it’s like “ooh! I remember h…

Summer of Change #23: Love your partner

Today is the day to love your partner. Or child. Or parent. Or…well, choose one.

Now, I’m not talking about loving them the way you think they should be loved, as in “I feel loved when someone puts the bloody toilet seat down so he had better do so.” That isn’t loving. That’s controlling.

What’s loving? Ask the person what makes them feel loved. Do they want you to go with them to a local basketball game? Go fishing with them? Head out for a 2-day campout? Walk hand-in-hand with them around the mall for no apparent reason? Try a new sexual position? Find out what you can do to give them that feeling. And then figure out a way to do it.

Not grudgingly, not with an attitude. But just doing it because you want them to feel loved. You want to truly love your partner and by doing it in the way they need, it can bring you incredibly close together. And yes, this is a two-way street. Sit down with this person, ask them what makes them feel loved. Do said item. (if said item is truly beyond …

Summer of Change #22: Let it go

Let it go. Stop obsessing. Stop worrying. It wasn’t yours in the first place.

As humans, we tend to worry or stress about a lot of inconsequential things that we have absolutely no control over. Well, the fact is, we do have some control, we just don’t know how to wield it. And our control is not over the circumstance as much as the end result. And our worries, obsessions and other harmful emotions just push our goals further away from us.

If you worry you'll get sick? Chances are you will.

If you worry your significant other will leave you? Chances are you will push them away.

So let it go. It no longer matters that your neighbor gossiped about you and said some nasty things. Stop thinking about it, let the anger go. As long as you concentrate on it, you will just attract more of that kind of negativity into your life. The more you let it go, the less you’ll see.

Stop obsessing. No. Obsessing just brings out the kind of vibration you truly do not want. Because if we obsess on so…

Summer of Change, Extra #6: Pamper Yourself

Today I want you to do something for you. Just for you. To help reenergize that amazing body and mind you have.

Take a walk. Read a book. Relax in a bubble bath. As the spouse/partner to watch the kids while you go out with the girls or guys. (as long as that isn’t something you do all the time.) This isn't about escapism. This is about filling yourself up with what you need.

Remember this is about rebuilding your spent reserves.

MeditatePrayChannelPlay with a puppyGet a facialGet your nails doneResearch vacations and see yourself taking one.Get waxed (yes, that is a pampering thing)Buy a new lipstickGet your hair cut
…and the options are endless.

The main thing is you want to do something that makes you come out feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and excited for the next event in your life.

Never forget to pamper yourself from time to time.

Summer of Change #21: Kill time

Time is a human construct. It doesn’t actually exist. As a human that is one of the hardest things to grasp. We learned linear time from the time we were children. We know there are 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour, 24 hours in a day and so forth.

And yet…time doesn’t actually exist. We made it up. We believe in it, so in a way it exists for as long as we believe it is true, it will appear to be so. But when we step out of time, refusing it to run out lives, and realize the universe does not work in a timely manner because there is no time ‘out there’, it opens up a whole new avenue of possibilities.

For instance, there is no waiting. Since time does not exist, if we ask for something, the universe could give it to us literally within moments of asking. (I’ve had this happen before.) Of course, that always is the worst part when you have to wait for something to come to pass. But it isn’t that the universe needs the ‘time’ to prepare your goal. More than likely, the univ…

Summer of Change #20: Do something nice for a stranger

Now that you’ve practiced helping someone you know, it’s time to test out this good samaritanism on a stranger.

Let someone change lanes in front of you. Allow the person standing behind you at the checkout line to go in front of you because they only have three items and you have twenty. Or how about purchasing a few carnations, having them wrapped in paper and handing them out throughout your day?

As always, follow your intuition. It will point you in the direction of the person who could get the most from your kindness.

And soak and revel in that joy. Yes, it is okay to feel good for doing something nice. It is absolutely all right. The only time to stop is if ego steps in and starts strutting around.

Summer of Change #19: Do something nice for a friend

Let’s step out of ego today and do something for another. It’s always easier to do so for someone you know. So give a friend a ride to the doctor’s office. Send a neighbor a carnation just because. Help someone you know move into their new apartment.
Only you can know what your friend, co-workers, neighbors, or family need. Step out and make someone’s day today. And don’t expect anything back. Just do it because you want to.

Many times the things we do for the least selfish reasons make us feel the best.

Summer of Change #18: Pet a puppy/kitten

Need some unconditional love? Find an animal. They give it back in huge amounts. I find puppies and kittens are the most receptive. They just want to be held and loved. And instantly give that love back.

Don’t have one? Check out the local pet shelter. Spend a few minutes with a new friend. Who knows? Maybe you’ve found a lifetime friend.

Summer of Change, Extra #5: Don't plan the how

Today’s extra is all about the “how”.

So, you have a dream, a goal, and you’ve read and studied from several gurus and you know you are on the right path. You have visualized the attained goal and you're there enjoying it.

But then, your mind whispers, “how’s it gonna happen?”

You don’t mean to think about it, but you can’t quite help it. You imagine how that goal may be achieved. And that isn’t a bad thing. If you do it once.

The problem is, once you start to concentrate on the how, you not only can’t NOT concentrate on it, you began to fill in the details until you’ve mapped out the how in your head. Bad move.

By mapping out the how, by concentrating on it, you have just taken from the universe its plan. You’ve taken control – whether or not you intended to – and have basically said “This is how I see it happening”.

Which has ground everything to a halt.

Now, it may happen like that, or it may not. The universe has ways in which we know not. Better ways. Quicker ways. The main …

Summer of Change #17: It’s Periwinkle-Blue Day

Okay, you’re probably thinking, 'It’s what?' Today is the day to do something you wouldn’t do, or wear something you’ve always wanted to but was ‘out of your comfort zone’. No, I’m not talking about wearing a color will make you look dreadful (for example, I cannot wear yellow. Ugh.). I’m talking about wearing or putting on something you have always wanted to but were afraid of other people’s reaction.

Today’s your day! Wear a hat you like, the bright red blouse your mother would call ‘too ostentatious’, the boots that would make your friend’s mouth drop open. Or how about trying a drink you’ve always wondered about, or a meal that sounds exotic but you’ve been afraid to try.

Time to get out of that comfort zone and do something a little fun and crazy. For me? I think today I will wear my three-inch bright red heels. Yep, pray for my feet ;)

Summer of Change #16: Get to know intuition

For me this was the hardest part. I didn't trust myself. After years of being told my decisions were always wrong, I believed that about myself.

And I kept saying "I don't know if this is intuition or just my brain spewing off whatever..."

Of course, I realized after a certain amount of time that I was writing myself another self-fulfilling prophecy. "I don't understand intuition" so of course, "I didn't understand intuition."

And then one day, I came across a unique point of view. It said there are two ways to deal with intuition in trying to learn and trust it. The first was to meditate about the idea and ask for a strong lead. And believe me, if you do that, the universe/god/I AM/all that is'ness will give you a definitive lead. The second is to follow the feeling you got. It may turn out to just be a strand, a message you were meant to follow for another reason. Or it may lead you to exactly what you were looking for.

Each person …

Summer of Change #15: Stretch your thought

Find yourself stuck? Maybe it’s time to stretch your thoughts. Push those boundaries. See what you are made of.

I’ve been doing that a lot over the last 10 months and the difference it has made has been amazing.

I’ve studied new philosophies and meditation techniques, tried out new writing genres, learned to channel, and went from a size 18 to a size 7 in that time. (With no dieting.)

I’ve communed with people I never would have given notice to before and have learned much from them. I’ve run a project from start to finish and am seeing the fruits of that labor.

And it started with a stretching of my thought process. I was already a student of the Law of Attraction and last summer I bought the book E-Squared. Some of those experiments worked, others didn’t. But I had stretched my mind again. And as it stretched, I found Neville Goddard and I stretched my thought processes even more. Found new ways to make my dreams a reality, some that worked for me, others that didn’t. And then I fo…

Summer of Change #14: Learn something new

When was the last time you learned something new? No, I’m not talking about the new computer program at work that you swear at every three seconds because it doesn’t work like you think it should. I’m talking about learning something for you.

A spiritual path.

Learn to meditate. Do Yoga. Something that helps to calm the soul and opens you up to the divine.

In a very short amount of time, you can learn so much. And there are so many things to learn. More than we could ever take on in our life time.

So what are you waiting for? Choose something you’ve always been interested in and dig in.

Summer of Change, Extra #4: Divine Design

When you hear the term ‘divine design’ what does it bring to mind? Foreordination? Strict lines? No choice because the choice was already made for you?

What if it was something different? I believe divine design is simply this: that we are all meant to have everything there is to offer. We are meant to have health, wealth, happiness, and love. Consider them the four corners of your world.

And each one of us can have that.

There is no lack in the universe. Lack is a human invention. We keep thinking there isn’t enough: Not enough time. Not enough money. Not enough food. Not enough drugs. Not enough…

Get my point?

Much of that is a control issue. Either us trying to control our environment or someone trying to control us.

When the fact is, there has always been and will always be enough. For every human on earth. Every single one of us. Not everyone wants the same thing, true, but our divine design, the plan to bring us those four corners, has already been laid out. The things that wil…

Summer of Change #13: Play the game

Life is a game. And no, I’m not talking about business deals where you have to cheat someone to get what you want. I’m talking about a game. It should be fun. F.U.N.

Life is not supposed to be a chore. It should be filled with so much joy you can hardly stand it. Every morning you should wake up excited to play again.

Feel that something is missing? Turn life back into a game. Figure out what you want, learn how to attract that into your life, and then receive it.

Play the game. It’s worth it.

Summer of Change #12: See through a child’s eyes

Children are overlooked far too often. They see the world through a unique view, one adults the world over need to re-learn.
Anything is possible. Absolutely anything.Ask questions.Laugh and play.Let things go.Cry when you need to, hug a stuffed (or real) animal, and then eat a cookie. Go out and be a child today. Look at everything with awe and wonder. See everything about you with new eyes. I think you’ll be surprised at what you see.

Summer of Change #11: Beauty

Notice the beauty around you. The mountains outside of your bedroom window, the trees in the park on your way to work, the elderly barista who makes coffee slower than anyone but always has a smile for you and adds a dose of love to every latte she makes.
The flowers in bloom?The fresh coat of paint on what used to be an old, rundown building?The cute dog fresh from the groomer rolling in the mud? Yes, you’ve seen all of these, but did you recognize them for the beauty they were.

Stop. Pay attention. Beauty is everywhere. Go indulge in looking at it. Be the beauty.

Summer of Change #10: Smile

Smile. Seriously. Smile. Walk down the street and smile at the next person you see. Smiles are contagious and 99 times out of 100, that smile will be returned, even more vibrant than your own. The one time it doesn’t? It wasn’t you. Probably that person wasn’t even paying attention.

Smiling makes you feel better. It’s hard to think bad thoughts when you have a perma smile on your face.

Smiling takes less muscle-work than frowning. Consider it the ultimate toner for your face. No frowny lines here!

Now that's worth at least two smiles at least!

Summer of Change, Extra #3: Thank the gurus

Today, I want you to thank those who have taught you. Could be your religious leaders, could be the teachers from The Secret, could be Neville Goddard or Florence Scovel Shinn…it could be anyone. But thank them for their amazing contribution in your life.

How? By studying and putting into practice what they taught you. Have you bought one of their books and not read it? Now’s the time. Learned something and not put it into practice? Now’s the time.

Found yourself losing interest in that particular guru’s teachings? Find another. We receive information when we need it and in time may outgrow that particular guru’s lessons. And that is okay. You may find you return to them in twenty years, looking at them with new eyes and learn at an even deeper level. Or you may find you never need to read from that individual again. And that is all okay.

There are so many teachers out there. Find one that interests you, dive in. Read, study, devour, and put their teachings to the test. Do they work …

Summer of Change #9: No Picking On Yourself

All right. Short. Simple. To the point.

Stop picking on yourself. Don’t nitpick your hair, your eyes, or your ability to learn languages. Stop looking at the bad stuff.

Instead, notice the good stuff about you. Compliment yourself. At first it might feel like it's the hardest thing to do, but what you notice will expand and soon you will notice even more positive things about you.

So what are you waiting for?

Summer of Change #8: There are no mistakes (don’t add guilt to injury)

Stop harping on yourself for your mistakes.

Yes, you are trying to lose weight. Yes, you ate that chocolate donut. Guess what? So? One donut does not mean you ‘fell off’ your diet. If you tell yourself you ‘fell off’, all you do is feel guilty, feel like you’ve failed, and once you feel like you’ve failed? You’ve as good as failed, haven’t you? Because the universe just gives us what we expect.

Yes, you are on a new exercise plan. You have every intention of running the half-marathon in six weeks and are training like mad. But this morning? You woke up and threw the alarm across the room and immediately went back to sleep. Again. SO WHAT! One time. One time you did it. That’s nothing. A blip on the radar screen. Instead of blaming yourself, wake up feeling refreshed and have a great day.

Why do I suggest this? Because in the large scheme of things, one thing truly does not matter. And the Law of Resistance says that what we continue to resist expands. What does that mean? If we blame…

Summer of Change #7: Forgive Yourself

We spend so much of our lives degrading ourselves.

‘Why didn’t I do that right?’

‘Dangit! Only on a diet for four days and I already fall off’

‘I screwed up.’

Want to know the difference between positive successful people and depressed people who want to attain their dreams? Okay, yes, there are several answers to that, aren’t there? But one of those is they forgive themselves. They don’t keep residual anger or guilt. They forgive themselves for things they’ve done and move on.

No guilt. No worry. No doubt.

Now if that isn’t a way to live, I don’t know what is. So forgive yourself. If you’ve done something that makes you feel bad, ask the universe to forgive you, make peace with it, and move on.

Summer of Change, Extra #2: Attitude of Gratitude

Yes, you knew I was going to get to this sooner or later. Gratitude is an amazing thing. When you truly feel grateful for something, it sounds out the most amazing vibration into the universe, connecting you to your dreams and to more amazing things than you can imagine.

Now, notice I said ‘truly feel grateful”. No false gratitude here. I put this as an extra, because this is a daily assignment. At least through the rest of the Summer of Change. Hopefully throughout the rest of your life in one way or another.

I want you to pull out a piece of paper. In fact, get a pad of paper and Write on the front: GRATITUDE JOURNAL

Now, I want you to do this by hand if you can. Writing by hand is actually a much deeper connection than typing something. You have to draw each letter, not just hit a button.

Now, for each day, I want you to make a list of ten things you are grateful for in that very moment. Yep. Ten. And remember, only things you are TRULY grateful for. Don’t put down items you think…

Summer of Change #6: Live

Stop planning, stop hoping, stop regretting, stop dreaming for just a second. Today, I want you to live. Ignore yesterday. Tomorrow will take care of itself.

For today, do something just for you. Go to the movies, buy a book you’ve been wanting to get, walk in the park with an ice cream cone and a smile. Learn a magic trick. Live your life today. Don’t just hope it will happen. Live it.

Some of you might be saying, ‘but what I’m working for hasn’t come through yet’.

My answer? Get into that feeling. Remember how it will feel when it arrives? Have that in your head? Now go do something today that drives that feeling home.

Your dream is to be a size 6? Do NOT go to the mall and look at the size sixes as invariably you will then compare them to your current size and that’s just depressing. Instead, be a size 6 in your mind. Feel how amazing you look. Walk around town as a size six. You feel it. You exude it. Wow, you are so tuned into it.

Just for today, live your life. Be your dream. F…

Summer of Change #5: Love

Yep. Today is the day to love yourself. You. You amazing, wonderful person. Hug yourself. Now.

What? Somebody is watching? Make a beeline for the bathroom, lock the stall door and hug yourself.


Harder still.

Pour every ounce of love you can imagine into yourself. For YOU are important. Very important. Know it. Feel it. Hug it into you. If it feels odd and makes you want to run from the room, hug yourself harder! Because you haven’t been loving yourself enough.

You deserve to be loved, so love yourself.

Summer of Change #4: Laugh

Do it. Laugh. Don’t have anything to laugh about? Buy a Victor Borge video. Get a copy of one of the Carol Burnett Show videos. Go and watch children play in the park. Watch the original Muppet Movie. Find something funny and lose yourself in it.

Laughter lifts the spirit, helps our body to return to its natural healthy state, and just makes us feel better.

Just make sure it is positive laughter and not negative laughter. Laughing at someone’s misfortune will not bring about the same results as positive laughter.

So laugh it up!

Summer of Change #3: Commune with Universe

Put away your books, your work, your partner, your children, your boss, your parents, and every issue affecting you here on earth and open up to the divine within. Pray, meditate, channel, however you choose to commune with the universe is your personal choice. For me, meditation and channeling are my current ways to do so.

Take 30 minutes. Lock the bedroom or bathroom door. And let the word wash away as you get in touch with the divine within you.

Talk about a sustaining, positive force.

(Caveat: If you choose to attempt channeling which is open to everyone, learn how to do it the right way. You do NOT – at least I hope not – want to commune with spirits who are out for a lark, for that kind of connection will lead you in the wrong way. There are ways to make sure you channel only with those who are here for your highest good. )

Summer of Change, Extra #1: Cast Your Burden

Florence Scovel Shinn has an interesting take on the phrase ‘Cast your burden’. If you have done any study of the bible, you have heard this phrase. “Cast your burden on the lord so that it may be light”.

What does that mean? Well, it essentially means we are not meant to do this on our own. We are such independent creatures sometimes, or we’ve been taught not to ask, that we don’t even think that our burdens are not ours to bear. Nope. Not one.

If you take as a premise that ‘god’ or ‘christ’ is internal. That the great I AM is actually our own human imagination. Or that we are all tied together with only 5% of our spirit residing in these frail human bodies and the other 95% residing elsewhere amongst the 95%s from everywhere else, this is the premise:

We’re all in this together.

So cast your burden upon those who are ready and willing to bear it, to help take the weight off your shoulders, to make things right. Your job? Be happy.

How might this be done? Let’s say your issue is guil…

Summer of Change #2: Commune with Nature

I’m not much of a nature person – I usually prefer to spend my time communing with what is in the spiritual realm than the physical – but I do understand the beauty of it and how it affects us. Grounding ourselves by being outside, away from man-made life, can be one of the most important things we do. So leave the house. Go for a walk in the nearby woods, jog through the park, sit in your garden and raise your face to the morning sun.
Commune with mother Earth. (Yep, looks like as kids we understood. Maybe it’s time to go play in that sandbox.)

Summer of Change #1: De-Stress

Stress is a killer. It kills bodies, dreams, thought… Everyone has a way to de-stress their mind and body. I suggest you take thirty minutes a day to do so.
ExerciseTake a walk in natureFind people to laugh with (notice I said with, not about – no gossipy talk here or making fun of others)MeditateDrawDo what helps you to de-stress and do it daily.
You Deserve it!

Gettin' ready for the Summer of Change

Summer of Change
The time for change is now. It is never tomorrow. It is never “on Monday”, it is never “when I get the next paycheck”. The time for change is always now.

When we get the intuitive lead for change, the time to act is right at this very moment. Waiting is always a bad idea. Maybe the easiest way to that change is happening right now and if you jump in, it will make itself known. Possibly the universe is making a suggestion and waiting for your wholehearted acceptance before it tosses every available help it has in your direction.

The thing is: Do it Now.

Get the desire to be in better shape? Go for a walk. Sign up at a gym. Take a hike up a nearby mountain. Join a swimming group. Take horse riding lessons.

Want to lose weight? There are two ways to go about that and they both can work.

Research diets, make up menus for the next 30 days and stick to them religiously (there are several issues that go along with this I will mention in a moment).See yourself thin. Know you’…

2 Days until the Summer of Change starts

2 days until the Summer of Change starts. On April 30th, I will post what the Summer of Change is all about, what you can expect, and hopefully kick it off with a bang. Then every five days from May 1 through the end of August, you will receive a new lesson along with 7 extras dotted throughout the summer.

Every lesson is simple, free, and from me to you. There is no sign up, no cost, nothing except lessons that I hope will help you make the this the summer you change your life in an amazing way.

Do the lessons that resonate within you. If some lessons don't pull you, pass them by for now. You can always come back and review them later.

Join our Facebook group to talk with and get to know your fellow Summer of Change participants. Follow the blog to be reminded of when new lessons are posted. And most of all? Have fun! This is meant to be an enjoyable way for you to change your life.

May Summer 2014 be your best summer yet.

4 Days until the Summer of Change starts

4 days until the Summer of Change starts. Are you ready?

32 simple lessons to help you make this the summer where you start living your best life. 32 simple, free lessons from me to you.

Join our Facebook group so that you can interact with your fellow students.

I invite you to join the Summer of Change.

7 days until free Summer of Change blog lessons start

7 days until Summer of Change starts. Are you ready? I am very excited about this. It isn't your normal 'course'. There is no sign-up, no money involved, no giving up of any information. It is my gift to you. Or, more to the point what I felt compelled to share with you.

Every five days starting May 1 through the end of August, a new lesson will post. They are short, simple ways to begin to change your life for the better. There will also be 7 extras throughout the course. If you want to know the exact amount, that's 32 lessons from me to you.

I welcome you to join the Facebook group where you can discuss lessons if you would like and get to know other people who are participating.

Above all, make the goal to make this the summer of change, whether it be through this course or just in your own life. For the time is now to make your life more amazing than anyone ever imagined.

You're human. Give yourself a break

As humans, we expect perfection from ourselves. In my last post I talked about breaking away from stuff that is meant to feel good when it feels bad. Today, I'm just going to simply tell you:

You're human.

You are going to have bad moments every once in awhile. It's going to happen. Don't beat yourself up about it. Recognize your feelings, appreciate them for what they are, and when you are able to - find your belief and travel upward again.

At the beginning, one bad thought isn't going to hurt you. If you persist in negative thoughts, then you are fighting against the wind, but I think it more likely that you may expect yourself to do it perfectly the first time.

And you may find that you did. The first thing you worked for came through quickly and effortlessly just like you read about. But the second? Is a struggle. And you begin to doubt.

Overall, if you continue to doubt and don't replace it with belief and the right thoughts, it will derail you, but one mo…

Why constantly reading the Gurus and hanging out with 'make it' people can actually be a detriment

Okay, I'm going to say something shocking.

Hanging out with all the people who are sharing fantastic stories of how people brought to them their fondest dreams might be sabotaging your goals.

Now, before you scream and run off into the night, let me explain why.

I am part of a few groups on Facebook and elsewhere that I will admit I don't attend very often. Why? Because the energy is good, BUT, people tend to post 1 of 2 things - total disbelief, or stories wherein a person had never heard of this before, put one hint to work, and BAM! Days or less than a month later, they've got their million dollars or their spouse, or their house.

Now, at first when you are trying to learn, that's exciting stuff! And don't get me wrong - that's GOOD! You should hear how people used these teachings to make the lives they've always dreamed of.

BUT, if you've been working on a dream for weeks, months, years, decades...and you are doing everything right and it hasn't…

Can you Expect and Know at the same time?

I don't know about you, but at times I can be a very literal person. If someone tells me to 'know' something has happened, to 'act' like something has happened, I'm on it. And then...someone else ads the word 'expect'.

Anyone else freak out when that happens?

It's taken me a little time to break things down and consider how both of those things can live simultaneously and still bring about one's chosen result.

So, let's start with definitions (I got these from Merriam-Webster): And yes, there are more definitions than these,  but I think these specific definitions help us to understand how both work together to bring about our dreams and goals.

expectation noun \ˌek-ˌspek-ˈtā-shən, ik-\
: a belief that something will happen or is likely to happen
: a feeling or belief about how successful, good, etc., someone or something will be

know verb \ˈnō\
: to understand (something) : to have a clear and complete idea of (something)

So, when we are told…

Summer of Change is coming!

Find yourself desiring a more positive, more 'on track' you? Good for you! Join me this summer for my Summer of Change series. Every five days starting May 1, I will post a small thing you can do to up that positive vibration and work your way closer to who you are inside. Not to mention, gaining the goals you have.

Did I mention it's totally free and on the blog?

Are you with me?

Yay! More information coming April 30th!

The power of the real “L” word

Let’s discuss Love. This is going to be a short post as what can someone actually say about the word Love? I’m sure you are immediately thinking of a whole mess of things that would define the word.
But guess what? That’s your definition. Not one word in any language will mean the exact same thing to two people. Sorry. It’s true. Unless you want to grab Webster’s dictionary and go by the letter of ‘their’ dictionary definition and force everyone to use the same one, you are out of luck on this one.  Because if you then go to Oxford’s definition, you might have to duke it out.
You may still be shaking your head thinking this girl’s off her rocker. Well, you might be right. Then again, maybe not.
To someone who was raised in a wonderful, affirming, self-esteem-building family, love is probably a pretty positive word. To another who was raised in abuse and ‘I love you” SMACK! as they hit them across the face – they probably view love as something dirty and awful. Or, if they believe lov…

And what comes now is even greater, Part IV: Talking with the Divine

Talking with the Divine
If you haven't read the first three parts, you can do so here: Part I Part II Part III
This part of this four-part series is not easy to talk about. Not because it is embarrassing or bad or anything we as humans would not normally talk about. But because it is so good.
Have you ever felt so loved that you burst into tears?
Have you ever been 'home' and I'm not talking about to your house but to the place of never-ending love that resonates around you?
Have you ever talked to the divine?
I am fighting myself on writing this even now. It feels so egocentric to talk about and yet that is not where I'm coming from. My entire reason for writing this series was to share with you the amazing turns my life is taking. This is my journey, not yours, but maybe there is something here that will help you. That is my wish and my reason for sharing.
Yes, I have talked to the divine. No, not a séance. I didn't talk to the recently departed. No. I'm ta…