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Such a powerful phrase. Have you ever thought about how powerful that phrase actually is?

Say the words

I am happy.

Now say:

I am tired.

Now say:

I am filled with energy.

Did you feel it? The energy change in your body as you said those words? I could. I am is an incredibly powerful phrase that our brain taps into readily. So when we say "I am [input word here]" it has a huge affect on us.

Do you realize what that means? That just by saying the words I am... that we are changing our core energy.

I know what you are saying... "but what if I am dead broke and I say I am a millionaire? All I hear is laughter in my head and guilt and depression in my gut." Been there, done that.

There are three ways (that I know of) to get past that. And it depends on what you are trying to do and what you think will work for you.

#1 The 25x a day method. This I learned 16 years ago from Susie Orman. She was focused on money, but the fact is you can use this method for anything. I…

Intention Cards Supply List

Excited to make your intention cards? Here is a list of items you will need to have on hand.

12 5"x8" or 6"x9" pieces of:

medium-weight cardboardclapboardheavy-duty art paperWhatever you use needs to be able to stand up to the weight you will be adding to it and they need to be the same size.
Glue: Glue sticks + FinishModge PodgeThe glue you use needs to affix the images to the background as well as go over the top to create a nice smooth finish. So you can use something like Glue Sticks and finish with a spray OR Modge Podge works well. DO NOT use regular Elmer's glue. Your images will wrinkle hideously.
You will want a box of images, as many as you can find in magazines, newspapers, etc on hand. Next weekend I will post instructions on putting Intention Cards together and you will see why you want a ton already torn out.
See you next week!

Happy New Year

Wishing everyone a very happy 2013 and beyond! May all your dreams come true in the most amazing way possible.