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Soar - #positive

Okay, so you have done everything you can do.

Enjoyed the simple things
Laughed and Loved - for the pure joy of it
Learned that Beauty is Everywhere
Laughed just because you can
Accepted that it is okay to be Imperfectly Perfect
Smiled just for the fun of it
Opened your heart
Thrown out your self-imposed limits
Let go and just enjoy life
Accepted who you are and found others just as wonderfully weird as you
Chosen to change
Laughed like a little child
Focused on your goal
Found your peace
Expressed your gratitude
Turned off the TV
Learned to sluff off the fast running water just like the rocks
Let your imagination soar
Found others to encourage you
Turned your thoughts upside down
Accepted that only you can write your future
Taken that first step forward and started
Changed your perspective
Done something silly
Looked at things through a different lens
Looked for the light, and found it
Embraced your own flower
Chosen a color
Relaxed and just flowed

Now, the only thing left to…

Just Go With It - #positive

Have you ever just watched animals? Without humans to screw them up, they just are. They don't worry about what will happen tomorrow, or worry about their taxes coming due, or if they will pass next week's test. 
They just are.
We need to become more like animals in that result. They know the tides ebb and flow and that when a certain energy in the air occurs to take cover. But they don't sweat over it.
Now, how do we as humans do that? Just go with it. Instead of tensing every time something negative passes by you, just learn to let it slide off your back. Turn your head instead and see yourself reaching your goal, sailing the seas of your dreams, basking in the sunlight off the shore of...
Well, you get the picture.
So just go with it. Enjoy your life and your future. Cause it's a good one if you let it.

Focus - #positive

Ever find yourself losing sight of your goal?
Just two days ago you felt you had it. But today? You can't quite remember everything about it. One of the problems is that before we put out goal out to the universe to be fulfilled, we haven't experienced it yet. 
So how do we experience it without actually experiencing it? 
There is a reason people put up images of their end result - so they can SEE IT and constantly be REMINDED of it. The human brain is an interesting mechanism. It does not know if something is real or imagined. Quite frankly, it doesn't care. 
So, if you can convince your brain that said goal is real, that it has happened and that it is right in front of  you, it is quite happy to believe, relax, and send out the right vibration into the universe. 
So, focus, get a picture of your end results - Photoshop it, go to the car dealer and have a pic taken of you in your dream vehicle. Take a picture of your head and paste it over the body of someone vacat…

Choose a Color - #positive

Choose a color.
Ever looked into a box of colored pencils or crayons and your eyes lit upon just the right one for what you were doing? Well, ideas and dreams are like that. 
Grab one.
Color your dreams with it.
See your dreams take shape.
After all, it is your life. Design it any way you want.

Embrace Your Flower - #positive

Ever had something that you just knew was a great idea. You knew you could do it and you were so excited. And then you told someone; a family member or close friend.
And they said something akin to: That will never work.
Deflated you let the dream wallow, didn't water it and let it die. Only to find out that someone else states or countries away from you watered and fed that idea and launched it, making it exactly what you knew it would be.
For ideas are like flowers in a way. What to one person is a weed, to another is a beautiful flower just waiting to be plucked.
Don't let anyone call your flower a weed. Love it. Make it yours. Water it. Feed it. Give it plenty of light. Watch it grow. 
Make your dream live. Embrace your flower.

Want to make your own Intention Cards?

I learned how to make Intention Cards at a Women's Study class at Portland State University. It is a great way to make cards that reflect the real you back. They can also be used as a personal tarot deck if you are into that.

In January, I will be telling you how to make them. And even more importantly - how to use them to make a better life for yourself.

If you are interested, do the following.

Go through your magazines. Anything that jumps out at you - an add, word, picture; tear it out and put it in a box.

Go to a craft store or framing place and get yourself a set of 12 (or 24) 5x8 carboard pieces (tan or black is best). If they don't have that size, ask them to cut it. You really do want that exact size for every one of your cards. (Another thing that will work is heavy-weight artist paper.)

Also, get a ton of glue sticks. And some sort of fixative to cover the finished project with (needs to be either a spray or a glue that will not rumple the finished project.)

On Janua…

Look for the Light - #positive

You know how they always say it is darkest before the dawn? Well, unfortunately, the same goes for emotions. Sometimes we feel about as low as we can get before we make some sort of breakthrough.
So next time things seem overwhelming and you think you are drowning, look for the light. It could be anything. A laugh from a friend, a dog sunning itself, even a pretty flower. Or, it could be getting that book you have been wanting for months.
Embrace that light. Hold it tight. Remember it. Take a picture if you need to, so that when the darkness encroaches again, you have a clear beam to make it go away.
Look for the light.

Look at things through a different lens - #positive

Having a hard time seeing the forest for the trees? Change your focus. Stop noticing what can't  happen and instead look at what can. 
Enjoy the differences, the new colors, the possibilities.
Look at things through a different lense. 
Peace and joy to you.

Do Something Silly - #positive

Ever get the feeling you are taking things far too seriously? Stop and do something silly. Stupid. Snort out loud funny. For no other reason than it makes you laugh. 
Laughter releases really good feelings that raise our vibration. So go on. Add chili pepper lights to your wreath and every time you look it it, snicker, because you know why it's there.
Go on. Do something silly. You know you wanna...

Change Your Perspective - #positive

Having a hard time seeing things as they are rather than how you want them to be? Change your perspective. 
Sometimes beauty is just an eye-full away.

Just Start - #positive

We all have goals. Some so large they seem almost impossible. We look into the future and all we see is obstacle after obstacle. 
Just take that first step. Start. Take a step forward and see how the world changes. 
Do it. Just start.

The Future is not Written - #positive

Today is very simple.
The Future is not written. So write it.

Turn your thoughts upside down - #positive

Nothing appearing too clearly? Look at your thoughts in a different light. You know the saying, everything looks different in the light of day. Well, that same argument can be used for your thought process.
If things look bad now, look in a different direction, see it from another person's perspective. Stand on your head and look at everything upside down.
Do what you can to get out of your bad headspace. Once a tiny sliver of light comes in, it can light the whole place up!

Find Encouragement - #positive

On any road, we are going to hit bumps.
On the road to a clearer, happier, healthier, more fulfilling life, we hit ones we might not expect.
Our family and best friends might not be the people we want to share our hopes and dreams with. Why? Because if they are not on the same path, in order to help 'shield' you from pain, they might discourage or even flat out squash your dream.
Find others of like mind. Form friendships around positive thinking and a positive future. Encourage them in their dreams and let them encourage you in yours.
Now go. Find them. We are everywhere. Live your highest life.

Let Your Imagination Soar - #positive

Everything is possible. Everything.
Dream big. Never tell yourself that 'something' could never happen. There are enough 'well-meaning' people around you that will unfortunately do that for you. Ignore them. Anything and everything is possible. 
What do you think people's reactions were to Wilbur and Orville Wright? "You want to build something that will fly above the ground? Never gonna happen. People were not meant to fly."
How about the space program? "You want to launch humans into space? Are you crazy?"
There was a man who had a dream to build a theme park dedicated to a mouse. He couldn't get a single investor. If he had given up on his dream, Disneyland never would have gotten off the ground. Instead, he just let his imagination soar and turned to his employees. Somehow I bet those original investors kicked themselves at some point. 
Dream YOUR dream, not anyone else's. Go after your goals, no matter how crazy they seem. Come on.…

Be like the rocks - #positive

Be like a what?
Watch a stream. The large rocks sit there and just let the water flow by. Negativity will hit us. It comes from other people and occurrences all the time. But we do NOT have to take it in or let it move us.
When a negative thought comes , let it flow by and just change your mind to something else... like turning a television station. I'm not saying it is easy. It takes awhile to realize that fighting the negative thought, getting upset by it, trying to push it away is actually a fruitless endeavor  Remember, whatever we give our focus to gives it more power.
When something negative comes to mind, just let it float by while you turn your mind to something else. I find positive affirmations are good to have prepared for times like these. Until you get good at letting the negativity float by without paying it any attention, repeating a positive mantra in your head can help dispel the negative energy.
Now, go and let the negativity flow by. Just don't take it in.

Turn it Off - #positive

Yep, that's right. Turn off the television.
The television is a box that contains 90% negative programming. Think about it. Murder shows, news, commentaries with negative spins. Even the so-called comedies are negative. Plus, sitting and watching the television does not make you think. The box does the thinking for you.
So, turn off the television. Read a book. Go for a walk. Don't turn into a couch potato.

Be Grateful - #positive

Yep, I can hear you now... what if I have nothing to be grateful for?
I used to think that. Then I found a little miracle called the 10-10 list. What is the 10-10 list? Every day you write down 10 things you are grateful for and ten goals.
At first it is difficult to come up with 10 things if you are down in the dumps and for awhile you may find yourself writing the same 10 things every day. But guess what? At some point, you will look back and go WOW! How did I change so fast?
Years ago when I started, I was a negative person. I would say I was about 98% negativity and 2% neutral. Yes, it was that bad. I did the 10-10 list and guess what? 30 days later I was positive - ACTUALLY positive 70% of the time. THe other 30^ was split between neutral and negative. 
If you don't think that isn't a huge shift... The world was different. I was different. And it all goes down to gratitude! Whenever I start getting into the dumps too much, I remember that and start my 10-10 lists again. 

Find Your Peace - #positive

Find Your Peace
Everyone has it - that place, person, or thing that brings them back to peace. My mother likes to go walk in nature. I find that depending on the stress level, meditation, Reiki, or writing brings me back to that place. 
You know the place I am talking about. The one where you can think again, where the stress or negative attitudes of others no longer reaches us.
You have it... you might not recognize it because usually it is very simple.
So go. Find your peace. Where it may be.

Focus on Your Goal - #positive

It sound so simple doesn't it? Focus on your goal. And yet, how do you do that and keep the right vibration?

Well, the first thing is to not get manic about it. Abraham says if you can focus on one thought for 17 seconds without another thought taking its place, then that 17 second is tantamount to 2000 action hours. If you can do that, when another positive thought joins it nad you reach 34 seconds of focus, then it is tantamount to 20,000 action hours.

What does that mean? You don't have to keep your mind on your goal 24/7. Set a time of the day where you can see yourself having achieved your goal, know you have it, feel it, rejoice in it and then go about your day.

I sometimes forget to do that in my topsy-turvy day, so this is a good reminder for me:)

This is another image of my Chihuahua who was very good at this. He knew what he wanted - food. And he knew if he concentrated on it, that it would come to him. Everything else faded into nothingness - the world could have im…

Laugh Like a Little Child - #positive

"At the height of laughter, the universe is flung into a kaleidoscope of new possibilities."  ~ Jean Houston
Yes, you have seen laughter a few times, but guess what? Laughter is truly the best way to get yourself into a high vibration. It is vastly difficult to stay angry or upset when laughing, plus, as you laugh, you feel better which just raises your vibration. 
Have you ever watched a child who laughs just for the pure joy of it? Could be from watching a cloud overhead or from seeing a silly frog statue. Either way - you can feel their joy. So do it - Laugh like a little child. Let the joy fill you up!

Choose to Change - #positive

Things do not change, we change.                                    ~ Henry David Thoreau
The hardest thing for human beings is change. We fear it, want it and put so many road blocks in front of ourselves, many times we do not achieve it.
But guess what? Fear doesn't have to win.
Choose to change! You won't change overnight, so don't expect yourself to. Tiny steps, baby steps and next thing you know you will be further along than you expected to be.
One helpful hint I learned a few years ago was to create a list every day that reminded myself of where I was going. It is called a 10-10 list. Every day write 10 things you are grateful for now (NOT what you wished you could be grateful for)  and 10 things you wish to achieve in the present tense as if you had already achieved it. Start - at first you might find yourself writing the same ten things to be grateful for over and over, but in no time, you will start noticing even more!
There is no time like the present. Choose to …

Be Weird - #positive

Embrace your weirdness.
Sound strange? Well, the fact is, most of us spend far too much time thinking about how we 'appear' to others. Whether it's 'Keeping up with the Joneses' or trying to act like we think others expect us to act or just trying to be 'normal'. 
What is normal anyway?
There is a quote that fits very well here:
"We are all a little weird and life's a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love."  ~ Dr. Seuss
So, embrace your weirdness. For when you do, you will start to notice others that embrace their weirdness as well. And just remember. You might be weird, but so am I! So, let's be weird together.  

Let Go - Just Enjoy Life - #positive

Let Go. Oh how those two words used to rankle me. But the fact is - they are full of wisdom.
How can you raise your vibration and open yourself up to all the new joys out there if you are still holding on to the old baggage?
Just enjoy your life. Let Go. 

Limits? Nope, not me! - #positive

Limits are for those who don't believe in the universe.
You know you do it. You set a limit on what you are going for. I want $10. You set it at $10 because you don't want to seem greedy, or you are afraid to ask for too much, or your mother told you never to ask for more than you needed or... 
You get the picture. So, how do we stop the limit while not scaring all the old patterns that are ready to converge upon us if we ask for $11? Joe Vitale says there are two simple words you can add that open up that limit and allow the universe to give you more than you asked for. 
What are those two words? And More.
So, next time you mentally want $10, put it in the present tense and say "I have $10 or more". Release the limits, accept the universe is boundless and without end. Open yourself up to all your deserve.

Open up your heart - #positive

The flowers do it, so why can't  you?
Not as simple as it sounds sometimes, but opening your heart can release a lot of negative emotion and allow you to focus on some very positive emotions. Positive emotions = a better vibration. And what does a better vibration equal? 
Yep, you got it - moving closer and closer to your dreams until you are basking in them. 
Come on. You can do it - Open up your heart!

Smile - You'll Feel Better - #positive

Yep, it's true. Smile - You'll Feel Better.
Ooh! You laughed - well, that included a smile too. 
Have you ever walked around in a sullen mood and nothing looks bright and you just want to go kick something? Or probably somebody? Then for some bizarre reason, something brings a smile to your face which makes you feel lighter. And someone sees that smile and smiles back, which makes you feel even lighter. And another smile.
And another.
And another....
Next thing you know, your are on top of the world. It is a perfect day and you can not imagine a better one. So, do it. Come on. Do it! Smile. You'll feel better!

Imperfectly Perfect - #positive

Guess what? You don't have to get it right the first time.
All right. Pick yourself up off the ground. It's true! You not only DON'T have to get it right, only a fool would expect you to. *cough* Yep. You. I am too - I am a bit of a perfectionist and have to be reminded constantly that I don't have to be - gah! That is hard to say. 
And yet, if we expect perfection, it just isn't possible - and the fear and stress as we try to stay on top of things and make 'it' go off without a hitch? Vibration killer. Don't do that to yourself. Remember all those other hints I've been giving? Yep. Laugh at your mistakes. Smile when you see one. Grin when not everything goes right, knowing that was how it was supposed to be and you are amazing anyway!
Be Imperfectly Perfect. Be you. Be happy. And stop stressing over it! 

Have fun! Laugh because you can - #positive

Have fun! Laugh because you can.
What? When was the last time you went out and had fun? Sure, sure, I know there is a lot going on right now. You have that deadline coming up and the holidays are coming and there are so many things on your list that you just cannot take the time off to have fun. Right?
Wrong! We all need fun in our lives; times to laugh, joke, tease, ride a crazy roller coaster that makes us feel queasy by the time we get off and yet we cannot wait to get back on, go out for coffee with a friend you adore who makes you laugh...
Do it. I dare you. Go have fun! And definitely laugh until it hurts - because guess what? That is a GREAT vibration!

Beauty is Everywhere - Look for it - #positive

Beauty is everywhere. Look for it.
When was the last time you looked around just to find the beauty that surrounds you? The ripe orange on a tree, the cat sunning herself on a ledge, the clouds as they float by, the beautiful smile on the 4 year old's face where she is missing both of her front teeth.
Beauty is everywhere. Sometimes you just have to look past the surface stuff - the dust on the counter, the D you just got on your test, the fact your husband or wife once again did not do what you asked - and once you get past that - WOW! Look at that. Beauty is everywhere. Now, go look for it!

Laugh and Love - For the pure joy of it - #positive

Laugh & Love For the pure joy of it
Do you ever find yourself so busy that you cannot remember the last time you had a good  belly laugh? Where you loved freely without pain or excuses?
Take a few minutes to laugh and love. Pay no attention to the stress or the screaming kids or your deadline. For right this very moment - just let yourself feel the positive vibration flow through you. Laugh and Love - just for the absolute pure joy.

Enjoy the Simple Things - #positive

Enjoy the simple things.
One of the things that causes our vibration to go wonky and not get us where we want to be is stress. We need to learn to rest and relax - like my Chihuahua who was happily napping at my side when this was taken.
So take a lesson from our canine friends - relax and enjoy the simple things.