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Living in the Now

If you aren’t a newbie to the metaphysical world, you’ve heard the phrase “Living in the Now” many times. The question is: do you know what it means?

My ‘meaning’ of it has changed several times as I come to a new level of understanding. For a long time it was difficult to get in the realm of “living in the now”. Some gurus make it sound like you just have to give up what you want. That’s not true. (And it caused me a major headache for a long time.)

But how do you live in the now without losing what you want?

Good question. And I will endeavor to explain, but I do think this is one of those things that you won’t know until you know. Sorry about that - it's true.

So, living in the now.

First off, this is assuming you have asked the universe for what you want, solidified it outside time and space in the 4th dimension, and no longer need to concentrate on it.

That’s right. Part of Living in the Now is no longer concentrating on what you want. For one thing, You need to FEEL as if yo…