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Resolving past blocks simply and easily

I know what you're thinking. It sounds too easy right? How can one resolve past blocks simply and easily?

Well, first let's discuss what past blocks are. The body is energy and when it flows freely we are at one with the universe and we receive when we ask. We aren't bogged down in negative emotion or physical issues. However, when something occurs that puts a block in a part of our energy, we begin to have issues. They may pop up instantly (like a sudden lack of cash flow), or they may take years to develop (such as in the case of a dis-ease like cancer). The thing is to get rid of that energy block so that the natural energy of the universe can flow freely again.

Over our life time(s), we have garnered many such energy blocks. They can come from anything. A person saying something rude about it. Getting angry at someone. And let's be clear: We are the creators of our own reality. (Though that does not mean another might not affect us - more on that in a later post.) …