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Goodbye 2011

Hello again!

Whew! Pity party over... pleasant seas ahead. Some wonder why I type entries when I am angry or annoyed, or when things don't work out.

It is simple - if people are here to find out how I do things, I think it would be helpful to also know that things don't always work out perfectly. I have bad days - though for the most part they are few and far between. Sure, I could just write it in a journal, but I find it more liberating being honest about how I feel. And hiding it in a journal - isn't honest enough for me. I want to share my gains as well as my losses.

Pity Party: Party of one

It is difficult looking into the mirror when I am dealing with having what I have to call a midlife crisis.

It took so long to get passed my past. I still struggle with some things, but others I have overcome in a large way. So here I sit - I don't feel 43 for the most part, but the hard thing is - I am.  All the things most people are learning in their early 20s, I am dealing with. Now, that would not be bad if I was 21. But I am not 21. I'm 43.

The only single men around me are divorced. Most with children. Great. Just what I wanted. (And yes, that was sarcasm.) Not to mention the fact that I seem to attract men I would never be attracted to, not in a million years. Yeah - definitely putting out the wrong vibration.

I can do it, but should I?

Hello friends!

I am thinking this morning of things we do, but maybe shouldn't. This last weekend I moved myself.

Now, my new place is a mile from my old one. I had a small moving truck reserved and when I went to pick it up, I was informed they didn't have anything smaller than a 20 footer. Can you say melt-down? I took a deep breath... well maybe five or ten... and instead rented a pickup. From 8am till 8:30 pm I was either loading the truck or unloading it.

That's right folks, I moved myself. And the only way I did it was to keep up the mantra "I am moved and am in my new apartment." So, this morning, I sit with aching feet, arms, back, and knees, and blisters on every toe thinking, "Why didn't I just hire movers?"

Good things happen to those who feel abundant

This is just a quickie post.

A week ago my friend Betsy was telling me about this 17-second rule that Abraham-Hicks speaks about. I looked it up on You-Tube and it sounded great, but I wasn't sure how to put it into practice to bring in the money I needed. So, I asked her how she did it as her abundance has been picking up by leaps and bounds lately.

She said she would say "I am abundant" over and over until she was in that intense feeling and try to keep it up for 17 seconds.

Obviously it was working for her, and other things I have used from Abraham-Hicks have worked, so I gave it a whirl. Now, keep in mind, I started staying "I am abundant" to get that calm and yet rushy feeling of knowing that I was indeed full of abundance last Friday (Today is Thursday). Also, keep in mind I have been doing this for a few years and have seen the truth of how these things work, so this worked faster or slower than you may experience... time just is. We can't control time,…

Everything falls in line when you let it flow

I will admit to struggling lately. Tons of stuff happened last Fall and Winter and its like I had shut down to protect myself. As such, I wasn't putting out the correct frequency at all. Instead, I was just pulling worse and worse things to me.

Then, I woke up this last week. I made a decision - a tiny decision, to start visualizing my end result, which I used to do all the time.

Ta-Da! Amazing what happens when you get back on track. The fog cleared and over the last four days, amazing things have happened.

First, for what I did. Last Summer I started writing out my end result, recording it in my voice and putting it on my MP3 player. It has amazing value. I turn it on low at night and just leave it in my ears.

The result:

I am feeling up, on top of the world again. I was able to see what wasn't serving me and dumped it.

I made a move to get the funding I need.

I found several stories I wrote a few years ago that are almost finished. I had forgotten about them and got them into…

Wow, its been awhile

Hello friends!

Its been awhile, I have been so busy with school and work and writing... yeah, I know all excuses, but I am back!

I will start posting at least once a week as I know it helps me and from the comments I get I know it helps others!

Let's make 2011 the most amazing year yet!