Good things happen to those who feel abundant

This is just a quickie post.

A week ago my friend Betsy was telling me about this 17-second rule that Abraham-Hicks speaks about. I looked it up on You-Tube and it sounded great, but I wasn't sure how to put it into practice to bring in the money I needed. So, I asked her how she did it as her abundance has been picking up by leaps and bounds lately.

She said she would say "I am abundant" over and over until she was in that intense feeling and try to keep it up for 17 seconds.

Obviously it was working for her, and other things I have used from Abraham-Hicks have worked, so I gave it a whirl. Now, keep in mind, I started staying "I am abundant" to get that calm and yet rushy feeling of knowing that I was indeed full of abundance last Friday (Today is Thursday). Also, keep in mind I have been doing this for a few years and have seen the truth of how these things work, so this worked faster or slower than you may experience... time just is. We can't control time, all we can do is live within joy.

Yesterday I received a birthday box from a family member. Inside was a stuffed animal, a nice $1000 check to spend on anything I want AND, a note that she had paid a large chunk of money on my school loan.

Can you say "I am abundant"? Cause I sure can, and I intend to keep doing it, because damn! What an amazing way to present itself!

Come on everyone! Get in that groove of your goal! Whether its happiness, abundance, a life partner... whatever your goal is, get in that mindframe! Do it! (Then share the how with the world!)


  1. Your story was really informative, tnakhs!


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