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Psychic Attack is real--and not fun--but you can protect against it

What is a Psychic Attack?

If a person is empathic in any way or has psychic abilities, you will feel the emotions, both positive and negative, from people. That is NOT psychic attack. It is you pulling in the energy around you. You can protect yourself from external energies and learn to recognize them. But again, it is NOT a psychic attack.

A psychic attack is not just feeling negative energy. It is having negative energy sent AT us by someone else. It's a purposeful attack, even if the person didn't mean do it on purpose. A 'on purpose' psychic attack would be someone who purposefully deals with dark energy, dark spell casting, etc. They produce a psychic spell to attack you. Again - very 'on purpose'. "Off purpose" psychic attacks are from people who might be jealous of you or hold a grudge against you for some reason. They may mentally send you hateful thoughts, but they most likely do not have any idea that those hateful thoughts are a psychic at…

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I had an epiphany the other night, along with a huge increase in knowledge. This came from that moment.

Reaching a Baseline #metaphysics #LifeImprovement

In my path to knowing myself, I have had a few occurrences of what I would call reaching a new level of complete understanding. It's reaching a new ledge where my baseline is much higher than it was. It's always an incredibly affirming moment.

So, what is a baseline?

We all have emotional upheavals, left turns, right turns, and sometimes we feel like we're upside down. Baselines are where our 'normal' is. So if we are at the lowest rung, our baseline could possibly be pretty negative. Or numb. Or not understanding anything. We might start feeling good, but then something dislodges us and we go under the baseline and after we get out of it, are back to how we felt before.

At the beginning, that baseline doesn't necessarily feel 'good', but it's better than the horrible feelings we had.

However, if we are on a path of becoming a better 'me', at some point we will transition to a new baseline. With me, I've known it each time it happened. I…

Slight change of course ~ Living in the #Now

This year, I decided to challenge myself and release 1 novel per month. I've done so. This summer I've seen a few things and with some of the knowledge my guides have brought me, my life is changing.

For instance, I won't be releasing anything after the trilogy I'm re-releasing on Sept 14th. I need the time to write, get caught up, and work on the biggest change I'm focused on. (Plus, releasing one book a month is insane. I couldn't focus on marketing any of my books because I was too busy getting the next book ready for release. I became so burnt out that I can barely write, let alone anything else.)

Neville Goddard spoke oft about living in the present. Living in the Now. Not in the future, not in the past, because the only time we truly have is Now.

It wasn't until recently that I recognized and admitted to my fear of living in said "Now". Not that I didn't want to - and consciously I didn't realize what I was doing. Or perhaps, I just …