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Peace instead of chaos

If we could change the world, how would we do it?

Love and acceptance. Strength. Peace.

With those four things overriding everything else, how could the future not be rosy?

The path toward change

They say that change is the single most terrifying thing for a human, even above speaking in front of people or dying. But I find that the change itself is not the scary part - it is getting there.

Who am I? Who will I be? Can I do this? Am I going in the right direction?

Breathe, focus on your emotions and the outcome. That is our only job. Let the universe do the rest.

Be an example

I have some more thoughts I have put to images I have that my mother took. I hope they lighten your day.

The world is our mirror - we see our own reflection. So, want to make a real change in this world? Be an EXAMPLE of what you want to see!

Don't give up

I found this a few days ago and it resonated with me incredibly. Though, maybe not in the way they expect. For me, the beginning always seems easiest. I am pumped up with energy and excitement and it just seems easier to get through those bumps and oddities that come up.
What I find the hardest is staying the course. 
When I have worked so hard for a goal for so long and don't see any kind of result, that is when I find myself faltering.
And getting angry at myself.
And angry at the universe for not doing...
Of course, that all comes back to emotion and vibration and all sorts of other natural things we as humans tend to fight against.
So, if it were me, instead of 
Don't give up the beginning is always the hardest
I might say
Don't give up as long as something is flowing, you are doing something right
So just remember. As long as everything feels easy - and that does not mean no hard work, necessarily - it just means that things feel easy, effortless. Many times, when I …