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End of one Journey, beginning of a new one

When I started this blog in August 2008, I had no idea where my journey would take me. I only knew it had started the winter before with the watching of What the Bleep Do We Know? And reading The Secret2 months later. I could see how I attracted what I didn’t want. When the Boundless Living Challenge (went defunct in 2013) came up – 45 days to a goal – I jumped in. If you’ve read my first 2-3 months of blog posts, you’ll see how much that changed me.

I mean, I went from mostly negative with a small percentage of blah to being positive at least 50% of the time. That’s tremendous! While I haven’t blogged as much as I did then, I have kept up my journey. I’ve had amazing moments. I’ve had disheartened moments. And I’ve let you travel it along with me because I thought people needed to see that they were okay, that having ups and downs was normal.

The journey that started Winter 2008 ended in Summer 2013. In late Summer/early Fall 2013, I started a new journey – a higher journey expandin…

I was visited by a wolf last night

Ever since my experience with spiders 4 years ago, I've become increasingly aware of all the signs the universe sends us -it's unique form of communication. There are always several meanings that go along with any creature who crosses your path and the one that is the right is the one that instinctively grabs you.

A month or so ago, I had to expand the language I had associated with spiders when they appeared when I was in a very positive frame of mind.

The fact is, when the universe sees that you are listening, it will expand its vocabulary. Not that it doesn't sometimes talk to you. It does. But for one such as me, unless I'm in a focused conversation where I'm speaking with a universal presence, I tend to think those voices in my head are me having a joke.

When I first started looking into the meanings behind the insects, animals, and signs that crossed my path, they were instant. Now that I'm paying attention, finding the meanings behind them have taken a …

Stop letting labels define who you are. There's a better idea

Let’s discuss labels. If you know me, I’m a big fan of dumping labels wholeheartedly, but they are not altogether bad.
For instance, if you get to a place in your life where you feel free or need to proclaim who/what you are, labels are needed for that.
“I’m free!”
“I’m gay!”
“I’m single again!”
However, that’s the only thing labels are good for – grabbing hold of who we are and accepting it, stating it, and basically taking ownership of who we are as a person.
The problem is that once you stick a label on yourself, you’re kind of stuck with it… not just from other people seeing you with that label, but in how you see yourself.
Trying to label ourselves is a bit like putting a label on water. It dissolves slowly until what's leftover is a sad shade of what it once was. The worst part is we're still clinging to that label, so we are not what we could be, because we are claiming to be what we were. Since our eyes are on the past we CANNOT move forward.
Stop self-identifying with your l…

We can overcome

Have you listened to the airwaves lately? Hatred. Anger. Spite. It's everywhere, especially since the 2016 Presidential Election. And each day since, those negative emotions have intensified. Let me explain that I understand it. I'm one of those groups that the current administration wants to stomp all over. So yes, I get it.

But sending negative emotions does NOT solve anything. In fact, it makes it worse. Remember the axiom of 'What you resist persists'? That's exactly what is happening now. Remember that our thoughts and feelings create our reality? That's happening now.

I'm talking about our health and our Earth.

Neo Naziism/white supremism is on the rise.
Hurricane Harvey hit Houston
Hurricane Irma is heading for Florida at 185 miles per hour
Up in the Pacific Northwest, we have hideous forest fires wherein our air quality has been bad for weeks and we are told not to go outside. The thing is, the smoke gets in, no matter what.

So what am I suggesting?…