We can overcome

Have you listened to the airwaves lately? Hatred. Anger. Spite. It's everywhere, especially since the 2016 Presidential Election. And each day since, those negative emotions have intensified. Let me explain that I understand it. I'm one of those groups that the current administration wants to stomp all over. So yes, I get it.

But sending negative emotions does NOT solve anything. In fact, it makes it worse. Remember the axiom of 'What you resist persists'? That's exactly what is happening now. Remember that our thoughts and feelings create our reality? That's happening now.

I'm talking about our health and our Earth.

Neo Naziism/white supremism is on the rise.
Hurricane Harvey hit Houston
Hurricane Irma is heading for Florida at 185 miles per hour
Up in the Pacific Northwest, we have hideous forest fires wherein our air quality has been bad for weeks and we are told not to go outside. The thing is, the smoke gets in, no matter what.

So what am I suggesting? We need to stop the extreme negative emotions circling Mother Earth. She's just responding to what we send out. Yes, I know we have the 'right' to be angry, but anger is only hurting us. Do what you need to, but clear up your feelings. Clear up your hatred. Clear up your anger and spite.

Meditate. Relax. Send out peace and love - yes, even to the man masquerading as the emperor in charge.

Remember, all these negative emotions are caused by one thing: Fear. Don't let fear take you.

Love. Peace. Joy. Hope. Focus on those emotions. Find the things you're thankful for. List them one by one daily. Hug a friend. Turn the conversation to something that brings good feelings rather than bad.

We can overcome, but not by hateful thoughts and social media posts. Send out love - in huge torrents, and let that love fill you up.



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