End of one Journey, beginning of a new one

When I started this blog in August 2008, I had no idea where my journey would take me. I only knew it had started the winter before with the watching of What the Bleep Do We Know? And reading The Secret 2 months later. I could see how I attracted what I didn’t want. When the Boundless Living Challenge (went defunct in 2013) came up – 45 days to a goal – I jumped in. If you’ve read my first 2-3 months of blog posts, you’ll see how much that changed me.

I mean, I went from mostly negative with a small percentage of blah to being positive at least 50% of the time. That’s tremendous! While I haven’t blogged as much as I did then, I have kept up my journey. I’ve had amazing moments. I’ve had disheartened moments. And I’ve let you travel it along with me because I thought people needed to see that they were okay, that having ups and downs was normal.

The journey that started Winter 2008 ended in Summer 2013. In late Summer/early Fall 2013, I started a new journey – a higher journey expanding on the basic law of attraction into something far greature, listening to the words of Neville Goddard and Florence Scovel Shinn. Of taking what served me and leaving the rest. Of trying my own things. Of growing. Of expanding. Of taking part in things I had never dreamed were possible.

The 45-day meditation challenge I created for myself in spring 2016. (It shocks me this was only just over a year ago. So much has happened in that time that it feels like it should be 2 or 3 years ago.) Not only did I learn how wonderful meditation was for me, it helped me to figure out things. Like what the constant buzz in my ear was (my guides trying to contact me and not able to get through.) I felt, for the first time in my life what love actually was during that challenge. A couple weeks later, I met my first angel.

In the last year, the sheer amount of changes I’ve gone through, the growth I’ve attained, the guides and angels I’ve met, and the places I’ve been taken by an amazing Wolf guardian are amazing. I’ve reached new levels of enlightenment, gone through psychic attack, and learned to trust in me and my guides better.

To put it bluntly, I’m not the same person I was 4 years ago when I started studying Neville Goddard’s works, let alone 9 years ago when I started this blog.

It’s time for a change. I’ll leave this blog up and link to it. But this journey is complete and a new one has arrived. I’ll be creating a new website soon to document this amazing expanded path I’m on.

I hope you’ll join me there. Amazing things ahead… So many opportunities. So much joy. I’m in awe. And so excited ;)

(I’ll post a link here as a post when it goes live.)


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