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A new blog, a new beginning

As promised, I have started my new blog. I'm glad I've had these last 9 years and 2 journies to get where I am. And I'm thrilled to start sharing with you thoughts from a new level of enlightenment.

I hope you'll join me over at Thia ~ She Wolf.

I am definitely excited to share my new journey with you. Come join me for my weekly posts, which will be on topics such as Being Fearless, Levels of Enlightenment, Universal Language, and more.

End of one Journey, beginning of a new one

When I started this blog in August 2008, I had no idea where my journey would take me. I only knew it had started the winter before with the watching of What the Bleep Do We Know? And reading The Secret2 months later. I could see how I attracted what I didn’t want. When the Boundless Living Challenge (went defunct in 2013) came up – 45 days to a goal – I jumped in. If you’ve read my first 2-3 months of blog posts, you’ll see how much that changed me.

I mean, I went from mostly negative with a small percentage of blah to being positive at least 50% of the time. That’s tremendous! While I haven’t blogged as much as I did then, I have kept up my journey. I’ve had amazing moments. I’ve had disheartened moments. And I’ve let you travel it along with me because I thought people needed to see that they were okay, that having ups and downs was normal.

The journey that started Winter 2008 ended in Summer 2013. In late Summer/early Fall 2013, I started a new journey – a higher journey expandin…

I was visited by a wolf last night

Ever since my experience with spiders 4 years ago, I've become increasingly aware of all the signs the universe sends us -it's unique form of communication. There are always several meanings that go along with any creature who crosses your path and the one that is the right is the one that instinctively grabs you.

A month or so ago, I had to expand the language I had associated with spiders when they appeared when I was in a very positive frame of mind.

The fact is, when the universe sees that you are listening, it will expand its vocabulary. Not that it doesn't sometimes talk to you. It does. But for one such as me, unless I'm in a focused conversation where I'm speaking with a universal presence, I tend to think those voices in my head are me having a joke.

When I first started looking into the meanings behind the insects, animals, and signs that crossed my path, they were instant. Now that I'm paying attention, finding the meanings behind them have taken a …

Stop letting labels define who you are. There's a better idea

Let’s discuss labels. If you know me, I’m a big fan of dumping labels wholeheartedly, but they are not altogether bad.
For instance, if you get to a place in your life where you feel free or need to proclaim who/what you are, labels are needed for that.
“I’m free!”
“I’m gay!”
“I’m single again!”
However, that’s the only thing labels are good for – grabbing hold of who we are and accepting it, stating it, and basically taking ownership of who we are as a person.
The problem is that once you stick a label on yourself, you’re kind of stuck with it… not just from other people seeing you with that label, but in how you see yourself.
Trying to label ourselves is a bit like putting a label on water. It dissolves slowly until what's leftover is a sad shade of what it once was. The worst part is we're still clinging to that label, so we are not what we could be, because we are claiming to be what we were. Since our eyes are on the past we CANNOT move forward.
Stop self-identifying with your l…

We can overcome

Have you listened to the airwaves lately? Hatred. Anger. Spite. It's everywhere, especially since the 2016 Presidential Election. And each day since, those negative emotions have intensified. Let me explain that I understand it. I'm one of those groups that the current administration wants to stomp all over. So yes, I get it.

But sending negative emotions does NOT solve anything. In fact, it makes it worse. Remember the axiom of 'What you resist persists'? That's exactly what is happening now. Remember that our thoughts and feelings create our reality? That's happening now.

I'm talking about our health and our Earth.

Neo Naziism/white supremism is on the rise.
Hurricane Harvey hit Houston
Hurricane Irma is heading for Florida at 185 miles per hour
Up in the Pacific Northwest, we have hideous forest fires wherein our air quality has been bad for weeks and we are told not to go outside. The thing is, the smoke gets in, no matter what.

So what am I suggesting?…

Psychic Attack is real--and not fun--but you can protect against it

What is a Psychic Attack?

If a person is empathic in any way or has psychic abilities, you will feel the emotions, both positive and negative, from people. That is NOT psychic attack. It is you pulling in the energy around you. You can protect yourself from external energies and learn to recognize them. But again, it is NOT a psychic attack.

A psychic attack is not just feeling negative energy. It is having negative energy sent AT us by someone else. It's a purposeful attack, even if the person didn't mean do it on purpose. A 'on purpose' psychic attack would be someone who purposefully deals with dark energy, dark spell casting, etc. They produce a psychic spell to attack you. Again - very 'on purpose'. "Off purpose" psychic attacks are from people who might be jealous of you or hold a grudge against you for some reason. They may mentally send you hateful thoughts, but they most likely do not have any idea that those hateful thoughts are a psychic at…

You #poetry #metaphysics #beauty #love #joy

I had an epiphany the other night, along with a huge increase in knowledge. This came from that moment.

Reaching a Baseline #metaphysics #LifeImprovement

In my path to knowing myself, I have had a few occurrences of what I would call reaching a new level of complete understanding. It's reaching a new ledge where my baseline is much higher than it was. It's always an incredibly affirming moment.

So, what is a baseline?

We all have emotional upheavals, left turns, right turns, and sometimes we feel like we're upside down. Baselines are where our 'normal' is. So if we are at the lowest rung, our baseline could possibly be pretty negative. Or numb. Or not understanding anything. We might start feeling good, but then something dislodges us and we go under the baseline and after we get out of it, are back to how we felt before.

At the beginning, that baseline doesn't necessarily feel 'good', but it's better than the horrible feelings we had.

However, if we are on a path of becoming a better 'me', at some point we will transition to a new baseline. With me, I've known it each time it happened. I…

Slight change of course ~ Living in the #Now

This year, I decided to challenge myself and release 1 novel per month. I've done so. This summer I've seen a few things and with some of the knowledge my guides have brought me, my life is changing.

For instance, I won't be releasing anything after the trilogy I'm re-releasing on Sept 14th. I need the time to write, get caught up, and work on the biggest change I'm focused on. (Plus, releasing one book a month is insane. I couldn't focus on marketing any of my books because I was too busy getting the next book ready for release. I became so burnt out that I can barely write, let alone anything else.)

Neville Goddard spoke oft about living in the present. Living in the Now. Not in the future, not in the past, because the only time we truly have is Now.

It wasn't until recently that I recognized and admitted to my fear of living in said "Now". Not that I didn't want to - and consciously I didn't realize what I was doing. Or perhaps, I just …

Sometimes it's hard to look on the bright side

After 5 years of working 8-20 hours a day every day on my writing, I'm finally at the point of accepting that "Do what you love and the money will follow" isn't working for me.

I have to believe there's got to be another reason that all my hard work hasn't paid off. I figure, over the 5 year span of time, I made about $5/day. Which comes out to about what? $0.30 an hour?

And I haven't just been working on my writing. I've been working hard on me. I've done so much and changed so much, so why isn't my external world reflecting my internal world?

I'm a writer - it's WHO I am. But since I can't make a living on it, it looks like I'm going to have to go out and get a job - I HATE JOBS. They don't work for me. They're awful, and constrictive, and squash me until I'm a writhing mess on the floor. The last JOB I had made me suicidal.

I'm bummed and feel like crying, but am desperately scrambling to figure out what went…

That moment when... you realize you're on the wrong track

Life is good. And I've felt empowered for awhile now. I've got all the indicators that my goals are in the bag and I need to 'stay the course.'

That's the hard part for me. And probably not for the reason you think.

I have some bad experiences with man-made religion and one of it's tenants is always "no matter what, keep doing what we tell you to do. Even if life throws hell at you, just keep going."

My reaction? An emphatic 'F*ck that."

The differences in religion's look at the concept and the universal look at the concept is both similar and different, but when I'm in that spot, it is difficult to keep on, keeping on.

Emotional wise, I've got it going on. I'm a happy person and love life.

However, when you work on your passion 16-20 hours a day and it feels good and it flows - and while it isn't always easy, it is something I find fulfilling to do - and YET - I'm supposed to keep on, keeping on. I'm supposed to s…

It's time to banish fear

Fear originally was a very good thing.
There’s a mountain falling down. Run!
There’s a saber-tooth tiger coming your way. Run faster than the guy next to you!
Unfortunately, over the centuries and millennia, fear has become something else.
Fear is a tool. It’s a tool of control. The easiest way for someone to control you is to get you to fear something and tell you that they are the only one who can save you from it.
Politicians use it. “If you vote for X, the world will be destroyed. You’d best vote for me because I can protect your interests.” Usually combined with a smarmy smile.
Religious leaders use it. “If you don’t follow our rules and pay us tithing, you’re going to hell. If you don’t obey our god, our way, you’re going to hell.”
Corporations, advertising companies, and doctors use it. “Use our product or nobody will ever want anything to do with you. Follow us on Facebook because only ‘we’ tell the truth. Use our product or you’ll die.”
Fear has become the most powerful t…

What is your relationship with time?

Special Relativity
E=MC2 - Energy = mass x the speed of light squared

Creating My own life

In special relativity (I used to think the way people talked about it that it was called Spatial Relativity), Einstein found that mass is formed by kinetic energy divided by twice the speed of light.

What Einstein may or may not have realized is this wasn't a formula just for science. It's the formula for life.
E (Energy) is the rate at which something vibrates - its V (Vibration)
M (Mass) is the end result of what we wish for G (Goal)
C (Speed of light), which at the time was the fastest speed he could imagine and he squared it, making it infinity - it's T (Time it takes for said goal to arrive)

So E=MC2 can be written as M=E/C2 = the mass is the end result of the energy expunged divided by the time required to create said energy.

Or V=GT2 can be written as G=V/T2 = the end result becomes physically present when the vibration is suitably achieved, divided by the time it takes …

What does an angel really look like?

Every day it seems like I come across a spiritual individual who tells me what an angel looks like. Or a fairy. Or a dragon. Or a unicorn. I listen to their description and then go on with the knowledge that it's a wonderful thing in our giving universe that every single person can see energy beings in a different way.

So what do they look like? Whatever you think they should look like. It's that simple. Energy beings are just that - energy. Energy has no form. It's just light. The human mind, unable to handle something it doesn't understand, does what it can to shape the energy form into something it understands.

It's why so many people describe angels as being pale skinned with golden hair and white fluffy wings - they were raised with that concept so when they 'see' an angel, that is what they see. And don't for one moment think that's wrong. It's not. It's very right because they see what they recognize as a loving angel. And they put a…

Who's Reality are you Buying Into?

Before we are aware that we are the masters of our own universe and that we control our own vibration, we are but a leaf in a storm, being flicked about at its whim. Without the strength to find out own way, we are ripped from our  branch and sent out into the world without anything to hold onto except for the fact we have no control.

In some ways, I think people cling to that concept - after all, it is easier to blame others than to recognize that you are at fault for what comes to you.

The opposite is in fact true - when you recognize just how much of what happens to or comes to you is from you, it gives you a better bargaining chip. Because if something comes your way you don't want, you change the vibration you put out so you get a different response instead.

However, that doesn't mean we don't have knee-jerk reactions. Right now, there are tons of those going on in Washington DC. I keep away from the news because quite frankly, it's sole purpose is to drag the lo…

Dumping Energy Blocks

There are a lot of gurus out there. Tons. Possibly millions. And guess what? They are all probably right. For them. And possibly a few of them have the right path for you to follow.

However, there is something that may be holding you back.

It doesn't matter which of the paths you take. Whether its following Neville Goddard or Abraham-Hicks, the masters of The Secret or the spiritualist down at your local New Age store. If this one thing is holding you back, none of their work will get you where you want to be.

Now, don't screech and fall over. Let me explain.

We're all energy, right? And everything we're talking about deals with energy. So if you have an energy block against whatever it is you're going for and you don't take care of it? You can try and try and try and try and try as much as you can. You can even succeed. However, if you haven't cleared that energy block, your success is likely to turn on its head and leave you wondering what happened.

Case …