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Summer of Change #19: Do something nice for a friend

Let’s step out of ego today and do something for another. It’s always easier to do so for someone you know. So give a friend a ride to the doctor’s office. Send a neighbor a carnation just because. Help someone you know move into their new apartment.
Only you can know what your friend, co-workers, neighbors, or family need. Step out and make someone’s day today. And don’t expect anything back. Just do it because you want to.

Many times the things we do for the least selfish reasons make us feel the best.

Summer of Change #18: Pet a puppy/kitten

Need some unconditional love? Find an animal. They give it back in huge amounts. I find puppies and kittens are the most receptive. They just want to be held and loved. And instantly give that love back.

Don’t have one? Check out the local pet shelter. Spend a few minutes with a new friend. Who knows? Maybe you’ve found a lifetime friend.

Summer of Change, Extra #5: Don't plan the how

Today’s extra is all about the “how”.

So, you have a dream, a goal, and you’ve read and studied from several gurus and you know you are on the right path. You have visualized the attained goal and you're there enjoying it.

But then, your mind whispers, “how’s it gonna happen?”

You don’t mean to think about it, but you can’t quite help it. You imagine how that goal may be achieved. And that isn’t a bad thing. If you do it once.

The problem is, once you start to concentrate on the how, you not only can’t NOT concentrate on it, you began to fill in the details until you’ve mapped out the how in your head. Bad move.

By mapping out the how, by concentrating on it, you have just taken from the universe its plan. You’ve taken control – whether or not you intended to – and have basically said “This is how I see it happening”.

Which has ground everything to a halt.

Now, it may happen like that, or it may not. The universe has ways in which we know not. Better ways. Quicker ways. The main …

Summer of Change #17: It’s Periwinkle-Blue Day

Okay, you’re probably thinking, 'It’s what?' Today is the day to do something you wouldn’t do, or wear something you’ve always wanted to but was ‘out of your comfort zone’. No, I’m not talking about wearing a color will make you look dreadful (for example, I cannot wear yellow. Ugh.). I’m talking about wearing or putting on something you have always wanted to but were afraid of other people’s reaction.

Today’s your day! Wear a hat you like, the bright red blouse your mother would call ‘too ostentatious’, the boots that would make your friend’s mouth drop open. Or how about trying a drink you’ve always wondered about, or a meal that sounds exotic but you’ve been afraid to try.

Time to get out of that comfort zone and do something a little fun and crazy. For me? I think today I will wear my three-inch bright red heels. Yep, pray for my feet ;)

Summer of Change #16: Get to know intuition

For me this was the hardest part. I didn't trust myself. After years of being told my decisions were always wrong, I believed that about myself.

And I kept saying "I don't know if this is intuition or just my brain spewing off whatever..."

Of course, I realized after a certain amount of time that I was writing myself another self-fulfilling prophecy. "I don't understand intuition" so of course, "I didn't understand intuition."

And then one day, I came across a unique point of view. It said there are two ways to deal with intuition in trying to learn and trust it. The first was to meditate about the idea and ask for a strong lead. And believe me, if you do that, the universe/god/I AM/all that is'ness will give you a definitive lead. The second is to follow the feeling you got. It may turn out to just be a strand, a message you were meant to follow for another reason. Or it may lead you to exactly what you were looking for.

Each person …

Summer of Change #15: Stretch your thought

Find yourself stuck? Maybe it’s time to stretch your thoughts. Push those boundaries. See what you are made of.

I’ve been doing that a lot over the last 10 months and the difference it has made has been amazing.

I’ve studied new philosophies and meditation techniques, tried out new writing genres, learned to channel, and went from a size 18 to a size 7 in that time. (With no dieting.)

I’ve communed with people I never would have given notice to before and have learned much from them. I’ve run a project from start to finish and am seeing the fruits of that labor.

And it started with a stretching of my thought process. I was already a student of the Law of Attraction and last summer I bought the book E-Squared. Some of those experiments worked, others didn’t. But I had stretched my mind again. And as it stretched, I found Neville Goddard and I stretched my thought processes even more. Found new ways to make my dreams a reality, some that worked for me, others that didn’t. And then I fo…

Summer of Change #14: Learn something new

When was the last time you learned something new? No, I’m not talking about the new computer program at work that you swear at every three seconds because it doesn’t work like you think it should. I’m talking about learning something for you.

A spiritual path.

Learn to meditate. Do Yoga. Something that helps to calm the soul and opens you up to the divine.

In a very short amount of time, you can learn so much. And there are so many things to learn. More than we could ever take on in our life time.

So what are you waiting for? Choose something you’ve always been interested in and dig in.

Summer of Change, Extra #4: Divine Design

When you hear the term ‘divine design’ what does it bring to mind? Foreordination? Strict lines? No choice because the choice was already made for you?

What if it was something different? I believe divine design is simply this: that we are all meant to have everything there is to offer. We are meant to have health, wealth, happiness, and love. Consider them the four corners of your world.

And each one of us can have that.

There is no lack in the universe. Lack is a human invention. We keep thinking there isn’t enough: Not enough time. Not enough money. Not enough food. Not enough drugs. Not enough…

Get my point?

Much of that is a control issue. Either us trying to control our environment or someone trying to control us.

When the fact is, there has always been and will always be enough. For every human on earth. Every single one of us. Not everyone wants the same thing, true, but our divine design, the plan to bring us those four corners, has already been laid out. The things that wil…