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Taking offense is a choice - and a sign

As we work at clearing out negative energies and becoming our true selves, we're human and will still find ourselves reacting to certain things. And that is both good and bad. The bad is that it darkens our energy and takes us away from our path and our goals. However, there is a good side - it helps us to look inside and recognize resistance.

For instance - how often do you take offense? I'm not saying that whatever offends you isn't wrong - it might be. However I believe that 90% of what offends us is not intentional. And the 10% that is? If we can choose not to be offended and let it float by, that individual will go find someone else to offend as what they are looking for is a reaction.

So let's talk about the 90%. Someone says something and you instantly bite back. Or at least you want to.

Stop. Think. Why did it send such anger/discomfort coursing through your system? Do you really want to feel that way? No. You don't.

However, that instant offense reaction d…

Don't give your power away

Even when someone has been working on creating the life they want as long as I have, we can slip up. Lately, I've been feeling powerless. I didn't want to feel that way - I didn't recognize that I was feeling that way. But I was.

See, a former set of contracts hasn't paid me for sales since December 2015. Not only have I been floundering due to lack of funds, but the fact is the owner is not a good business person and I didn't want to deal with her. But I did the letter of the law via the contract and as of today, I should be feeling great because technically all 21 books are now mine.

But guess what? I spent last night in a huge amount of stress and I woke up stressed this morning with horrible thoughts in my head.

But then I realized what I had done - I gave her the power. I let her make me feel powerless. And when that happens, yes, folks - she had the power. But guess what? She doesn't anymore. Because I took my power back.

How? By realizing what was happen…

Clear messages from the universe - Live YOUR True Life

I've spent most of my life thinking the universe wasn't speaking to me. It's only been in the last few years that I realized it wasn't that it wasn't speaking to me. It was that I didn't know how to listen.

The universe, God, all that is'ness, whatever you want to call it, doesn't always communicate like we expect it to. I was raised in a conservative Christian religion where I was told that god would answer me when I prayed. And they always shared stories that those answers came in words.


The fact is, the universe communicates in many ways, but those words I was expecting in my head? That isn't how the universe communicates. At least not to me. When I hear that, it's my angels and guides talking to me. And the universe is such a wonderful, giving wonder, that if you don't ask, it won't answer.

And that includes your angels & guides. They don't interfere or answer unless we specifically ask.

But they aren't the only …