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That which you desire to be

When one starts on the road to their fulfillment by spiritual and mental changes, it is a strange and unique journey. I have been through several 'teachers'. I didn't leave their 'teachings' because I disagreed with them. In fact, I am thankful for those teachers and what they taught me. But any good teacher will tell you that what they teach is only there to help you move on to greater learning.

Currently I am working with The Law as taught by Neville Goddard (albeit I do it without most of the jesus/god references).

His teaching that nothing is without, but everything is within makes sense to me. That our entire outer picture is created by what we think, what we focus on, and what we believe.

I am grateful for all the teachers who I had before that prepared me for this journey. In fact, I am in agreeance with the phrase "when the student is ready, the teacher will appear." Neville taught this great Law starting in the late 1930s. And yet, I only found i…

Change of sight can be scary

Change is very difficult overall for the human race. I read once that people were more scared of change than of dying. Which sounds stupid until you realize that death tends to come quickly for most of us. Change? Not so much.

In all actuality, if we would allow it, change can be instantaneous. The problem is, we don't allow it. And even when we do allow it, the new way of seeing things may not seem right-it might be so far different than what we are used to that we cannot handle it. So what do we do? We retreat...turn back...convince ourselves the 'us' previous to change wasn't so bad. Because the momentary fear or discomfort is not something we can look past.

And yes, it is momentary.

As I mentioned in another post, I have been working with Neville Goddard's The Law and I can see the changes. Some of them have been instantaneous, some have taken a few days. Some are still ruminating until my mind releases its resistance to the change required.

But what makes me t…

Finding The Law

All truths are true. The thing you need to realize is that there are levels of truth. And each person focuses on the level of truth they are prepared to believe in, in that moment.

And unless you wish to remain stagnant, you need to continue to keep growing, keep learning, and keep reaching for more knowledge.

A month ago, through a friend, I came across knowledge that has been around for decades. And I never knew it. I can only assume that I was not ready for this particular knowledge until that point. But now that I have it, my mind is expanding at an incredible rate. If you read my past post about what spiders taught me about parallel dimensions, that event happened a couple weeks after I began studying "The Law".

What is The Law? To say it sounds simple, but the depths of which this law goes are incredible. The law basically states that that which we focus on becomes our reality. Sounds like the law of attraction, doesn't it? And is so much more. It will tur…