Intention Cards Supply List

Excited to make your intention cards? Here is a list of items you will need to have on hand.

12 5"x8" or 6"x9" pieces of:

  • medium-weight cardboard
  • clapboard
  • heavy-duty art paper
  • Whatever you use needs to be able to stand up to the weight you will be adding to it and they need to be the same size.

  • Glue sticks + Finish
  • Modge Podge
  • The glue you use needs to affix the images to the background as well as go over the top to create a nice smooth finish. So you can use something like Glue Sticks and finish with a spray OR Modge Podge works well. DO NOT use regular Elmer's glue. Your images will wrinkle hideously.


You will want a box of images, as many as you can find in magazines, newspapers, etc on hand. Next weekend I will post instructions on putting Intention Cards together and you will see why you want a ton already torn out.

See you next week!


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