Goal achieved!

Okay, I am here to share with you something big that I achieved!

Weight loss. Yep. How many people keep trying to lose weight and can't make it? I've been there, a lot. When I was in my mid-20s, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor and took medication that made me gain a tremendous amount of weight. I have fought for 20 years trying to get rid of it.

But what do we say? What we fight fights back, right?

So I have been a size 16 for years, no matter how much I went to the gym. Sometimes I would drop to a 14 or a 12, but not for long. When I started studying Neville Goddard's teachings in September, I made three huge goals, but I also had several smaller ones. One of my smaller ones was to be a size 7 like I was when I was 21. I affirmed it and then let it go. My focus was on my three larger goals for several months so except for noting that my clothes were becoming awful loose, I didn't really pay attention.

Until I went to the store to buy new sweats and came home with size medium Women's. I looked at the tags and squealed. A size medium is the equivalent of a size 7-9.

Now let me make this blunt. I NEVER truly concentrated on this goal. I affirmed it, put it out to the universe and then let it go. I did not go on a diet. Did I exercise? Yes, but I've been doing that for years. I did not increase my exercise. In fact, I've gone to the gym less over the last month due to other things than I have for several years.

And look at me now! I'm a size 7 :D

Now, as to how many pounds I've lost? No idea. I elected months ago to toss out the scale and never look at it again because the thing tricks us. If we focus on the scale, we trust in the physical rather than the power within.

I'm saying - trust the power within, because DAMN! I look good...even if I say so myself :D


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