Why Twitter won't last.

Everyone goes on and on about Twitter being the best thing since sliced bread. Well, its not. It just appears to be that way due to all the free advertising they are getting on shows like Oprah and Good Morning America.

There are severe issues with Twitter people don't seem to know about.

A. The Terms of Service that they post when you join is not their full TOS. You have to break one of the unwritten rules and get suspended, before they show you the rest.

B. Once suspended, your chances of getting re-instated are practically non-existant. Many Twitter'ers have mentioned someone they know being suspended and no matter how much they wrote, there was no re-instatement coming). I, in fact, had a twitter account suspended, even though I had asked for permission to do a job board on Twitter, which, after they suspended the account, said was against their TOS.

C. Once they suspend your account, you can not delete it. Even if it interferes with your company brand - they have disabled the ability to delete it and will not respond to requests to delete the account except to say "you broke the rules".

D. This last thing should scare the hell out of any person who is even remotely concerned about privacy. There is the ability in Twitter to only allow people you accept to view your tweets. The problem is - if anyone goes to search.twitter.com and puts in your username, they can view anything you have ever posted.

In my opinion - Don't bother with Twitter, its a waste of time. Use LinkedIn for business contacts or Facebook for business and personal contacts. Don't put your words (even if its only 140 characters) in jeopardy.


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