Review: Bob Proctor 10-week Intensive Coaching Program

OK, I did it. I completed the Bob Proctor 10-week Intensive Program. And intensive it was!~

This program has its good points and its bad points, all which will be mentioned here. But make no mistake about it - If I had it all to do over again, I would!

The Bob Proctor Intensive was a 10-week program that used "You Were Born Rich", one of Bob's programs, as its base. The first four weeks were spent with reading intently, watching the DVDs intently, and listening to CDs of the DVDs intently. The last four weeks were spent working toward a specific goal.

The basis of the program is the Law of Attraction. That what we focus on expands, but the difference here is that Bob actually explains how this works! He explains the mind and how its our sub-conscious and not our conscious mind that does the attracting. He shows us what we need to do to succeed.

The good of the program:

  • The intensity. You have to jump in with all fours.

  • 10-week timeframe: I love speed and this 10 weeks went by fast.

  • It works: I have changed exponentially in the last 10 weeks. Every one says they are amazed at the changes in me, so it must be so.

  • MasterMind: Through the program, I was connected with 9 other people who wanted to develop into a MasterMind. Many of us have become a cohesive group.

The bad of the program:

  • Not really coaching. I would not consider this a coaching program. I learned what I learned from the You Were Born Rich program. Coaching was only through email, and only when they had a chance to respond. There was a feeling of disconnect with the "coaching" team.

  • Calls: Once a week they would have a call where they would basically go over the same stuff that was in the program. These calls changed. One week it was at one time, one week it was at another time. It was hard to keep track.

  • The cost: $1495 is a huge cost for 10 weeks, but if it had actually been coaching it would have been worth it. The "You Were Born Rich" program itself was probably about $300. That is a huge gap for what we got.

  • Timeframe: This was the first 10-week intensive. As such, I think they treated the first month like the 1st month of the 13-month program, and it needed to be intensified. We needed to figure out our goals before this last month. We needed to figure out what we didn't even know before this last month. Many of us felt as though we wasted part of our 30-day goal push, by trying to figure out the semantics of the goal, action steps, and 6 things.

Now considering the bad points, you might be wondering why I would do it all again. Because it works!

Yes, it wasn't exactly what I expected. Yes, the cost is high. But what I got out of it was of such tremendous worth, I would do it all again! My MasterMind group still meets every Tuesday and they are a tremendous source of strength and positive energy.

There are three Bob Proctor Coaching programs now.
The 13-month program, which has been around for many years.
The 10-week intensive, which I was involved in.
The 12-week Intensive, which starts in June.

If I were you, I would take a look at what Bob Proctor Coaching (I would call it Bob Proctor Learning) can do for you.


  1. Thank you for sharing your experience with us !

  2. Thank you for the review. Not many others out there, except from skeptics and naysayers, so appreciate seeing a positive review. Interesting how you said it isn't really coaching, as that was precisely my concern. I already have the discipline to study, so might just get a personal coach and combine that with self-study of Bob's courses.

  3. Considering the BPC but the cost is $7k. Not sure. I haven't found tangible information about the changes one can expect post the program. Any input is appreciated.

    1. I'm in the same boat. Did you decide to do anything?

    2. To be honest, I've got more out of reading and applying the teachings of Neville Goddard than I did out of the 10-week intensive. I used Neville as a guide, put the metaphysics to work for me, and have had far greater results than I did with everything else.

    3. What did you study by neville?

  4. do it, when you pay for something it becomes valuable


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